It’s Baby Posh! (Wordless Wednesday)

I’ve got a future Spice Girl right here.


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24 thoughts on “It’s Baby Posh! (Wordless Wednesday)

  1. Let’s just hope she isn’t a one hit wonder. LOL My WW is up also..but you have to scroll down some.

  2. Love that hair color! I might of had hair that color once. Actually I might be going back to it again. I seem to be getting more and more platinum blonde hairs (read white here) every day.

  3. Oh, she has the most beautiful hair! And a great cut, too. {sigh} Okay, if kids are sporting such great looks, then I have no excuse as a fully grown woman!

  4. Oh, cute! She is so, so precious!! And the natural highlights?! Remind her of this when she’s 18 and wants to start coloring her hair…

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