Look What I’ve Been Up To!

I took a break from design work over the holidays, but I’ve been back in full swing since January 2nd.  Look what I’ve done so far! DCR Design is just a-rockin’ and a-rollin’. And there are plenty more coming.  I think I need an extra hour or two in my day.  Anyone know where I can get that?

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  1. THey look awesome! I wish I knew all that you knew I have playing around in Photoshop and Illustrator since December but the actual installation of the designs is tough!

    Extra hours? I think I would just like 24 of them with no children so I can catch up on my life!

  2. I know someone who might be in the market for a new design soon 🙂 Maybe in February…

    If you find those extra hours – please let me know where! I have been cutting back on sleep lately to try to fit everything in and 5 hours per night just isn’t cutting it!

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