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Hi friends! I’m having an extra busy week over here, so I decided to take it easy on myself today and post a roundup of things I’m loving lately. These are all items I own and have found myself reaching for a lot recently. It’s a mix of fashion, beauty, travel, and home-related products.

Things I’m Loving Lately

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18 Responses

  1. I love both bags on your list. I noticed the Coach bag on yesterday’s post. So beautiful! Having just bought a couple of bags in the last week, I probably won’t be splurging, but haven’t you mentioned some organizational pouches that you use to switch out handbags easily?

    I also like the Gap factory sweater tank, but it looks like the armholes are really deep…and unfortunately, I just can’t do that. I’d have to do another tank underneath.

  2. As an insomniac I saw the beginning of this post before you revised it… sounds like you’re feeling more positive now, I’m glad! I love your roundup. I already had bought the Coach bag, cable vest, and trucker jacket you feature here. I keep looking at that cranberry Hobo bag… one of a handful of items I like but haven’t yet pulled the trigger on, we shall see!

    1. LOL, I wrote that at the end of the day yesterday, and I got up this morning and saw it and thought it sounded rather melodramatic. Haha! Everything feels more positive in the morning, right?

      The cranberry bag is one I almost didn’t buy b/c I have my old taupe one that is still perfectly fine. I more or less ordered it to compare, and share here on the blog as an option since mine is sold out, but I liked it so much, I decided to keep it. I really enjoy the color and how it pops my neutral outfits.

  3. I also have bras that can be adjusted from the front, and I love that. Why isn’t that more widespread?? Adjusting bra straps is so annoying!

  4. I’ve had my eye on the magnetic Cadence containers for a while but they’re so expensive that I’ve been hesitant to order them. I think I’ll give the stacker containers a trial run in my swim bag. When I took my 3+ week trip to Europe, even with my small containers labeled, they were a pain. I want something more streamlined. Thanks Jo-Lynne!

    1. They are the only pair that I have seen that have jumped at me, so I’m not sure they’re actually trending, but I also love them so I’m going with it.

  5. I own the brush cleaner. I really like it a lot. I’m going to check out the bra. I buy my bras at my local Dillard’s. They carry a 32 in all cup sizes. Most stores only carry a 32 in a cup A like they think 32 doesn’t come in bigger cups. I want to order bras on line but the hassle of returning keeps me from it.

  6. Thank you for your thoughtful recommendations! Such a time saver. I purchased the Rosalyn Trucker Jacket and absolutely love it! It is thin to medium weight and the material is so soft and moves with you perfectly! Love it!

  7. Did you get the Tumi in plum? Will it replace your Truffle bags? I can’t decide which I like better. I like that the Tumi zips flat but the Truffle bags are so cute.

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