Maine Vacation: Green Lake

Every year our family vacations at Green Lake in Maine. We’re fortunate that our family has a place up there, but there are homes for rent. This is a lovely, quiet lake for those who want to get off the beaten path. The towns of Ellsworth (to the south) and Bangor (to the north) are an easy 45 minute drive so you have all the amenities you need close by. You can find homes to rent on Homeaway, and at Jenkin’s Beach you can rent various types of boats.

We spent today here at camp — in Maine, that is what they call their lake homes. Trust me, this is not rustic living. It’s a lovely vacation home situated with a view of the lake from three sides of walled windows. It’s gorgeous.

Here’s a picture of our camp. My grandfather bought this camp seventeen years ago. Back then the house was small and dark inside and out, and the decor was quite dated. There are strict restrictions on any new building on the lake, so he wasn’t able to tear it down and rebuild as he wanted to do. Instead, he gutted the inside and totally re-modeled it and then re-sided the outside. It was like a new place, and the end result is this.

maine camp

There are many hones on the lake and they vary in size and accommodation. Some are more rustic than others, but most are weathered for year-round living.

Early this morning, C went with Daddy for a kayak ride. They crossed the lake and did some geocaching.

kayak in maine

Later on, we all took a boat ride.

boat ride


Paul and D got a ride on the tube.

tubing in maine

And a loon we spotted in a quiet cove.

loon on the lake

The best part about this lake, besides the sheer beauty, is that it is so quiet. We were out riding around for about an hour, and we only saw about 4 other people the whole time.

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  1. I LOVE your blog, I have been lurking for some time but today I read that you geocache too. I have not met many other geocaching blogging moms or families.

    I just want to say Hello and that I love reading your blog.

    Have fun in Maine. My dh went to prep school in Bridgton. I am not sure if you are near there?

    Nice meetin’ you.

    50 toes


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