{Gluten Free} Meal Plan 11.29.10

I’ve to say, going gluten/grain free has been truly liberating.

That whole moderation thing?  It’s a hoax.

You wanna know why?  Carbs are addicting.  You have a bite, and you want more and more and more.  And thus ensues the battle of wills.  How many slices of pizza is, in fact, moderate consumption?  And why, after eating one and feeling full, do I want another slice and then another and then another?  Until I feel like my stomach is going to burst wide open and spew pizza chunks?  (My apologies to you early morning visitors trying to enjoy a cup of coffee.)

When it’s off limits, it is simply that — OFF LIMITS.  Done.  No inner battle to contend with, no demon on one shoulder trying to coerce the angel on the other to have “just another half a slice.”  If you can’t relate, then you probably don’t have a problem.  Obviously I did.

Now, I leave the table after every meal feeling satisfied but never stuffed or bloated.  I don’t crave sweets or carbs unless I don’t get enough good fats.  That, I’m learning, is key to making this work — butter and coconut oil are my new BFFs.

So I’m getting ready to face Week 3 Gluten Free (I’ve pretty much eliminated grains too, but some of my meals may have a grain component for the family.)  I went through my recipe book and made an entire Gluten Free Dinners section to simplify my meal planning.  I do need to find some more recipes, that’s the only thing.  I’m getting tired of the same 5 meals.  And eggs.  I need some new breakfast ideas!!  But this is what I’ve got in the works for the upcoming week:

MONDAY: leftover Chicken Chili

TUESDAY: Broccoli Cheese Soup (with homemade bread and butter for the kids)

WEDNESDAY: Steak with Bernaise, mashed rutabaga, steamed broccoli

THURSDAY: Navy Beans with Italian Sausage, collard greens

FRIDAY: Salmon Cakes (provided I can find gluten-free breadcrumbs) and brussels sprouts with caramelized onions

And that’s a wrap! What’s on your menu plan for this week?

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