My Christmas Baby Turned 12

Twelve years ago, we got a Christmas surprise. My middle child decided to make her appearance into the world exactly four weeks before her due date, which just so happened to be on Christmas Eve. After a few days in the NICU and a nasty bout with jaundice, she was able to come home.

C, Easter 2003
Easter 2003

This kid has always marched to the beat of her own drum. She loves to laugh and dance and sing. The child can’t walk; she runs everywhere. Always has. She lives life out loud, that is for sure.

Schoodic Point, Maine, August 2010

I can’t express how surreal it is to watch my little girl grow into a young lady.

C, summer 2006
summer 2006
First Day of School 2010
First Day of School 2010
Savannah Adoption Day, August 2012
Savannah Adoption Day, August 2012

Lately she’s traded in her dolls for mascara and lipgloss, her violin for vocal lessons, and her rollerblades for a RipStik. She spends more time straightening her hair than playing with Barbies, but she’s still a little girl in so many ways. She scoffs at the legend of Santa Claus but fancies herself a mermaid.

It’s hard to believe this woman-child was once the baby with tousled curls that I would bounce to sleep at naptime while singing all six verses of Amazing Grace over and over again until she finally gave herself over to dreamland.

C's Birthday, 2014
C’s Birthday, 2014
Happy Birthday, C!
Happy Birthday!

I cannot wait to see the woman she becomes.

Happy birthday, C!

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  1. Hi Jolynne,
    I also had a Christmas baby. My daughter Ashleigh was born Christmas Day 2002 and just turned 12 – the best Christmas gift ever! The nurses cleaned her up and brought her to me in a huge Christmas stocking. I will never forget it. You lovely post brought back happy memories. Cheers, Deborah

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