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Friends, it’s time to start talking holiday gifting! I know, it seems early to me too, but I started holiday gift guides in October last year and got a lot of positive feedback. I’m nothing if not a people pleaser, so here we are!

I’m kicking off my holiday gift guides again this year with a roundup of my favorite things. These are items I have and love and use all the time, and many I’ve had for years. Some are repeats from previous Favorite Things lists because I tend to be very loyal to products I love, but I’ve got some newer finds in here as well. Any of these would make great gifts for the right person, or perhaps you’re looking for things to add to your holiday wish list!

I tried to include a range of price points, but as with most things that stand the test of time, you get what you pay for in terms of quality and durability. Whatever the ticket price is, my cost per wear (or per use) on most of these items is very low.

Hover over the pictures and click the SHOP button to purchase any of these items online. Also, let me know if you like this format or prefer the old one?

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  1. Honestly, this post and yesterday’s post are exactly why I’m here everyday. Super helpful, usable info to make my life easier. You’re really killing it lately.

  2. Thank you for this helpful post! I like to do my Christmas shopping done early so this is timely. I love those Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups! Not too sweet and satisfies a sweet tooth with small portion. Wish we had TJ in Canada.

  3. I like so many of these. I just made a wish list for myself from them. I like recommendations from others for new products to buy. Especially from you because I know how honest you are!

  4. Honestly Jo-Lynne never mind gifting to others I would happily receive all of the above! Love your posts , super helpful even though I’m in the UK! Thanks so much x

  5. That Glamour Wash is unbelievable! All you need is a little to make your clothes smell divine. When I use it even strangers will comment on how good I smell-which could be good or bad depending on how much attention you want!!

  6. I love this list! I think I’ll add the shower gel and laundry detergent to my own wish list. 😊
    As for the format, I prefer the old one for one main reason: I can pinch and zoom in on the products. I can’t on today’s list. I use my phone 100% of the time to view your blog daily, and the old format works better for that. Thanks again for the great post!

  7. YES, for Loopy phone cases! I have used one for years, and I can’t live without it!! And the Tyler Laundry detergent. I use a tiny bit in each load. It’s strong, so it can be adjusted to your own preference. I still use an unscented TIDE Pod, then pour in a teeny bit of the Tyler, mostly for scent! I also have a felt purse organizer for a favorite tote. Great list, Jo-Lynne!!

  8. Thanks for the great gift ideas! And I like this format much better than last year’s. It’s much easier to use.

  9. So many great items – I am interested in the EBY tank but not sure on size. Jo-Lynne, what size do you wear? I usually wear the same size.

  10. Thank you JoLynne! I appreciate you sharing your gift lists early again. I like your attention to detail and your explanations for the items. My personal wish list has just grown as well.

  11. Thank you for the heads up on the AirPods. I lost mine a few months ago and have been waiting for a decent price. Should be here between 2-6 pm 😁

  12. Great post! I also
    Own and love a couple of these things:) the TJ’s peanut butter cups made me laugh because those are a staple in our house Love them!! ❤️

  13. Wow!!!! I didn’t know I had a wish list until now. LOL Thank you so much for all the hard work and detail you put into your post day in and day out. I know I really appreciate it. I love that you are doing your Christmas lists early again this year. I have already started on my Christmas shopping. As I was looking at your list, I was thinking of me, not others. LOL What stood out to me was the suitcase, drinking mug, Loopy phone case…never heard of these, but great idea, the shower gel oil…….I listened to the video and her alone explaining it could make you want to buy it. 🙂 I had no idea it turned into a creamy soap like consistency, not just oil, and its about time I buy the CDN cuticle oil, you’ve shared it many times and I just need to buy it. If you have any ideas for gifts for guys 30-40 yrs. old, I’m really needing ideas for my son and son-in-laws. Seems they have everything and if they don’t, they have been buying it. I have daughters and daughter-in-law the same ages, so always fun to see your young woman ideas too. Thanks again Jo-Lynne, you are the best. PS Could you please post all your Christmas list in one spot, so we have easy access when shopping and its not so hard to find later?

  14. Great list, I see a couple old faves plus a few new things I need to try. I like this format, very clean and easy to read/browse. But honestly as long as you have the pics in the actual list at not just at the top I’m fine. Nothing is worse than having to scroll back up and down between pics and item descriptions! (Tbh I sometimes skip those posts bc they are too much trouble!)

  15. Your gift guides are some of my most favorite posts of yours. I tend to start holiday shopping now and appreciate the early release!
    I also love this new format. So much easier to use and reference.
    I have tried the CND cuticle oil and while I do like it, I like the one below better. It has made a crazy difference in my dry, brittle nails.

  16. I like the graphic at the beginning of the old way, but I like the description and link for the new way. Super useful, thanks!

  17. My Vuoris (often) double as Fall pajamas, lol! LOVE the fabric of them (their stretch content is more like conforming to your curves, hand-in-glove; rather than the way other athleisure can feel like it’s got that “painted on”-look and too tight).

  18. Love this list! I found myself adding several items to my own wish list, lol! My husband recently got me the Echo Dot Alarm Clock and we really like it! We ended up putting it on our dresser next to our tv and that way we have the time displayed from anywhere in our room. I also use and love the Tyler Diva Wash! It is divine! I’m going to have to try the cuticle oil that you always recommend. I’m going to stop getting my acrylic (solar) nails done and hope to just do shellac/gel. But my poor nails suffer so when I’m not getting them done. Anyway, loved this post and the one yesterday! My sweet little 8 year old daughter and I have had a stomach virus, and she’s had a horrible UTI, so I am just not catching up on everything. Glad y’all had sunshine again!

  19. Great post! I’ve added items to MY list! Thank you as always for your honest approach and attention to detail. It sets you apart from all the others. I’ve been following you for years and continue to do so, even while I have stopped following others who have changed so much over the years.

  20. Great post as always. Do you have an updated post on bras? Yup, it’s time to get more and my old favorites seem not to last as long…blah, help!

  21. I have seen you wear the Veja sneakers numerous times and I’m wondering how much cushion and support they have? I will be wearing them all day while standing at work. I have tried many sneakers including my Ecco brand sneaker from Nordstrom. I’m running out of options as far as having something to wear that’s functional and fashionable. I also have some holiday parties coming up to look forward to, don’t we just love a good party! 🙂
    Thanks Jo-Lynne!

    1. I wouldn’t call them super supportive or cushy, but I feel like they break in quickly and are comfortable. I’ve also heard some say they remove the insole and put in their own arch support.

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