Okay, I’ll Dish!

The reason Colleen and I were being coy yesterday is because we didn’t have the official "go ahead" from the PR company to talk about our event.  But now we do.  So…..  Here’s a hint.

I’m a longtime fan of Kyra Sedgwick’s, so imagine my shock and delight to get an email from my new blogging buddy Colleen, asking if I was interested in attending a pre-screening party for the hit TNT TV show, The Closer, starring none other than Kyra herself!

AND Kyra will be at the party.  Supposedly there will be a Q&A session after the show.  So.  If you could ask Kyra Sedgwick anything, what would it be?  I’ll make a list of your questions, and if I get a chance to ask anything, I’ll pick one!

With the help of my new BFF, Teresa at Wardrobe 911, I have finally narrowed my wardrobe choices down to two very viable options.  Actually, I think I’ve decided on one.  I would post a poll, but I fear it would get me all discombobulated again.  If I stick with the plan, I have everything I need for the event.  Except for the perfect handbag, which is so totally ironic, considering the title of my blog.  I should have a handbag for every occasion, should I not?  Hmm…  I might need to remedy that with a quick trip to Macy’s today.  I’m sure my kids will be THRILLED to accompany me on a purse hunt at the mall.