Saturday Morning Coffee Talk

Well, look at that! We finally got a decent snowfall. I woke up this morning to a winter wonderland outside my windows.

snow day

Everything has been cancelled for this morning in our area, which suits me just fine. I have no problem staying inside all day, drinking hot cocoa, and playing board games. Sounds like the perfect Saturday to me!

I’ve been trying to get myself out and about to help improve my spirits. I made a long overdue hair appointment on Wednesday, which I had to promptly cancel when both of my girls stayed home from school due to a bad cold. But on Thursday, I managed to get them both on the bus (VICTORY!) and I went and had a facial.

It has been YEARS since I had a facial, and I forgot how glorious they are. I was having so much fun at the spa, I decided to stay and have my nails done, so now I am sporting cheery blue fingernails. Sometimes that’s all it takes to brighten up a dreary winter day.


And as if that wasn’t enough excitement, my organizer-friend Darla came over yesterday to help me whip my kitchen into shape. We even labeled my cabinet and pantry shelves so HOPEFULLY my kids and husband can help me keep our new system in tact.



Organizing spaces is such drudgery to me. I will put it off interminably unless I have an appointment I have to keep. Thus, my friend Darla to the rescue!

In a house with 3 kids who are at the ages where they need to learn to contribute to household chores, keeping things orderly is an uphill battle. The key is having systems that work with your lifestyle and then taking the time to teach everyone the systems so you’re all on the same page.

So many times I start yelling because I can’t find something, and then I am told that I never informed anyone where I wanted those things.

What? Y’all can’t read my mind!??? Sheesh. What good are ya?

I’m not a terribly organized person, but I do like to keep the functional areas, like the kitchen and my office, conducive to accomplishing the tasks for which they are used. When I can’t grab something when I need it, I go ballistic. And that, my friends, ain’t a pretty sight. So I’m turning over a new leaf this year, and I’m committed to getting everyone on board so we can keep some semblance of order in the kitchen.

As for the rest of the house . . . that’s for next month. I am planning to have Darla come back and help the kids overhaul their rooms. THAT will be a blog post unto itself. If she can whip them into shape, she’s a miracle worker, I’m telling you.

* * *

In bloggity news, I am finally getting my email subscriptions moved over to Mad Mimi. If you are getting emails you don’t think you signed up for, or missing some that you did, you can adjust your email preferences here.

And this page explains them all in greater detail, if you’re unsure what you’re signing up for.

In this whole process, I discovered that a few of my subscription options were NEVER set up correctly on Feedblitz. HOW did I not know this? I really need a assistant to keep me in check. Anyway, I’ve consolidated a few of the mailing options and eliminated some that weren’t as popular. I hope I’ve made it easy for everyone to get what they want, but as always, I’m open to feedback.

Now, go on and get a second cup of coffee and get on with your day. Whatever you do, stay safe and warm!

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  1. I need a friend who wants to help me organize! With a toddler I need something easy, for hubby and I, and in some places for her. Hubby said the roads weren’t too bad when he came home this morning, so we might venture out after naptime. Mama and baby are much happier when they aren’t stuck inside all day!

  2. Organizing is one of my favorite things! I find it so relaxing. Especially overhauling the kitchen every few months. But whenever I do, with in a week or 2 my mom and brother just destroy my work, haha! (Mostly my mom). The kitchen was a MESS when I came home for winter break….at least it gave me something to do!

  3. Wow! How beautiful is that snow picture? Thanks for sharing. I think we are hitting 70 out here in TX today. Nice, can’t complain, but I do love that beautiful snowy picture. 🙂

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