Saturday Morning Coffee Talk


I’d say “good morning,”, but it’s been raining all night, and today is supposed to be a wash out. It’s chilly and gloomy, and pretty much a quintessential March day.

I hate March. Have I ever told you that?

I know, hate is strong word, but honestly, is there a more hideous month of the year? I think not.

On the other hand, my husband was traveling all week, and he arrived home safely sometime after midnight last night, so that alone makes it a good day.

When the kids were smaller, I didn’t mind when he traveled. I just hunkered down and did it all myself, and that was fine. We pretty much just stayed home except for preschool drop off and pick up. I could feed them, put them all to bed early, clean up, and have some time to myself in the evenings. It wasn’t so bad.

But with older kids, they have to be carted to and fro, their bedtime is the same as mine, and they make so many messes. They really should be helping me clean up, but it’s just easier to do it myself, so I do, and I just don’t get a break.

You see, my husband is usually the one who oversees cleanup and takes responsibility for the late night runs to the high school. I’m kind of spoiled that way. With older kids, there is no down time, and they require so much more mental energy. So, basically, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends all week. Put a fork in me. I. Am. Done.

I’d love to say that I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend, but I have a ton of work stuff to catch up on that I didn’t finish this week, and I was hoping to take our spring clothes down from the attic and start changing things over. Plus, I promised to take my girls to the mall to update their summer wardrobes before we go to Arizona in a few weeks. Normally I wouldn’t mind that little outing, but did I mention that today is a total wash out? So I get to run around in the cold March rain. Good times!

Add to all that, the sugar detox isn’t going as well as I’d hoped. My strategy to be more relaxed this time is NOT working for me. Instead, it’s like two steps forward, one step back, wash, rinse repeat. But it’s not even that good. It’s more like one step forward, two steps back…

But I am DETERMINED to take the bull by the horns. I am not giving up. I have to put on a bathing suit in less than three weeks, and I don’t want to feel self-conscious the whole time, so it’s time to tighten up the reigns and git ‘er done.

I know I sound all whiny pants, and I am, but I’m not feeling depressed. My rant is over, and now I’m going to pour a 3rd cup of coffee, get showered and cleaned up, and then tackle my to-do list. If I accomplish even half of what I just wrote down, I will call the day a success.

How about you? What’s on your agenda today?