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It feels like it’s been a while since I wrote one of these!


This week has been all about preparation to go out of town for Spring Break. It’s always a race to the finish when I’m leaving town because I have to prepare a week’s worth of blog posts ahead, plus get the house ready to go, plus pack. For this trip, since we are all going, it’s less about getting the house ready and more about the packing.

Packing five people for two different types of weather is stressful enough (we will be in Scottsdale for half of the trip and Sedona for the other half, and it’s about 20 degrees cooler in Sedona.) In addition to that, I am not at all in summer mode yet. As of yesterday afternoon, all of our spring and summer clothes were still tucked away in the attic.

I kept putting off getting that stuff down because I was so overwhelmed by all the winter clutter in our closets. I finally bit the bullet this week, took a day off, and purged our closets. Yesterday I dropped off an armful of winter sweaters and dresses at the dry cleaner’s, and I now have 2 large boxes of my own clothes and accessories ready to go to the local thrift store and 3 or 4 bags of kids’ clothes designated for family or friends who appreciate our hand-me-downs. It feels GREAT. I organized what was left in our closets and drawers, and everything feels so minimal and spacious. Or, it FELT minimal and spacious for about three hours… until I brought down 6 or 7 bins of spring and summer clothes from the attic last night.

Today I get to sort through it all and decide what to pack. Good times! (I believe this is what they call first world problems, yes??)

I’ve been doing better this week on my “sugar detox,” or at least I was until we ended up hosting a spontaneous get together with friends on Thursday night that included wine. But that’s okay. I didn’t set out to do the diet too strictly this time. I’m not looking at this as a 21-day thing, but rather what I hope to be a permanent lifestyle change, so I knew there would be exceptions to “the rules.”

Then last night, we decided to go out to eat rather than cook at home, and I had one of these. 


Don’t judge. The only wine they had was Barefoot (no thank you!) and I thought a Friday night called for something festive. Otherwise, I’ve been pretty good… no desserts, and most of my meals have been paleo-friendly, with the exception of the french fries last night.

Let’s see, what else…

PT is going well. My foot is slowwwwwly feeling more normal. I am still babying it and trying to increase my activity gradually. I’m a little bit nervous about all the walking that will be required next week, but I’ll just wear my most sensible shoes, take breaks when I need to, and pray that nothing breaks or tears. It shouldn’t, but then, we don’t know what caused my injuries thus far, so I’m feeling a bit fragile at the moment… a feeling I detest, by the way. I loved feeling active and strong, but I guess this is 40! Gotta love getting old.

I wish I could tell you it’s feeling more like spring around here, but so far, no dice. At least my head cold from hell is gone. That was miserable. Everyone in our family seems to be on the mend, just in time to leave for Arizona on Tuesday, so hooray for that!

Okay, now I’m off to organize MY closet and make MY spring wardrobe shopping list. Have a great weekend!

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  1. It may be too late to have them do it for this trip, but I feel like your kids are old enough they could pack for themselves. I remember my mom always having me pack and then just counting to make sure I had enough of things like underwear and making sure I had a jacket, etc.

  2. Jolynne, live by lists…..on my iPad i have lists for packing for the various type trips we do, i.e. Camping, motorcycle, car trips, flying trips, hiking trips. That way you just check items off as you pack…..nothing forgotten. Have fun in Arizona, it’s a beautiful area you are visiting.

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