Summer Theme Park Outfit

Happy Friday, friends! I get asked all the time about outfit advice for Disney World and other theme parks. In fact, What to Wear to Disney was one of my most popular posts for years running. I updated it annually for a long time.

That post still has a lot of good advice, but rather than another update, I thought I’d share this theme park outfit from when I was in Florida last month.

Sundry hoodie c/o (size 1; budget options here & here) // Michael Stars tank in Flame c/o (S; budget option) // 7 For All Mankind Midroll Short Destroy (28; budget option) // Veja Esplar (39) // similar HOBO crossbody // Evereve necklace // Yurman bracelet // YSL sunnies (option)

This is what I planned to wear the day we spent at Magic Kingdom and Epcot, but I got some sunburn at the pool and didn’t want to wear a tank top that day, so I wore a short-sleeve t-shirt instead.

I did wear these shorts, though, and I was comfortable all day long. One of the reviewers on the Evereve website calls these “pajama jean shorts” and I would say that’s an appropriate title. They are so soft and comfortable and have a great lived-in vibe.

They have a 4″ inseam, and they run true to size. If you want a less expensive option, this Caslon pair is a good one.

On top, I wore this Michael Stars tank in the Flame color. I know it looks red here, but it’s more of an orange.

It’s pricey for a tank top, but I love the thick, stretchy knit fabric and the trim at the v-neck and armholes. If you like it but it’s out of budget, LOFT has a similar version for less.

I also have it in white, and it isn’t see-through at all. This tank is regular bra-friendly, and it runs true to size. I have the small.

It was so hot when we were there that I didn’t bring a layering piece, but it’s usually wise to have one.

This Sundry zip-up hoodie in the white hoodie is made of a soft terry fabric, and I love the colorful tabs on the strings. I have the size 1, for reference. It’s spendy for a sweatshirt, but it’s a really nice quality, and it’s currently on sale.

There’s a similar one at Kohl’s without the colorful tabs, if you want a more budget-friendly option.

A lightweight crossbody bag is a necessity for a day at Disney, unless you have young kids, in which case you might need a backpack.

This HOBO brand crossbody is my bag of choice for any theme park or sightseeing excursion. The glazed leather is lightweight, yet durable, and it has lots of compartments for organization. It sold out, but I found a similar style at Zappos.

I wore my Veja sneakers for our day at the parks, and I did okay, but next time I’ll wear something with more support. I have these On Cloud trainers in the white, and they would have been a much better choice. Next time, I’ll remember that!

For accessories, I wore simple diamond studs along with a silver tone layer necklace and my Yurman silver link bracelet, and of course my favorite oversized shades.

This simple outfit is perfect for just about any casual summertime activity, and each component is a high quality piece that can be easily mixed and matched with other spring and summer wardrobe items for a variety of outfits.

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photos: Live To Adore Photography

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27 thoughts on “Summer Theme Park Outfit

  1. I love this outfit and the colors, I did order the “Hanes version” of the white hoodie you featured when you paired this with jeans and the flame tank awhile back but really did want the one you’re wearing. Also, I did find the Hobo Cassie bag you’re wearing at Amazon; however, there were only a few available, have wanted that particular bag for so long. I really love the leather on this piece, it’s not the shiny leather.
    You mentioned the “Cloud” sneakers, I’ve looked at these for awhile, do they run true to size? I normally have to size up on sneakers.
    Hope you’re having a good day today and continuing to improve!

    1. Glad the Hanes alternative worked out. I thought it looked good. Love that it’s the slub material.

      I wear an 8.5 in Cloud and 9 in most running shoes, but 8 in most other closed shoes. Does that help? LOL!

  2. I’m going to order the hoodie because I’ve been looking for a lightweight white one. Yes, it’s spendy for a zip hoodie, but when I think about how often I would use it, the per-wear cost is reasonable. J Crew makes a great zip hoodie, but it’s too heavy for summer for me.

  3. I’m sure you are getting bored, as you usually have a pretty full schedule. If you feel well enough to type and put out post, then do what you can. Did they give you a time frame of recovery for most people? It always sounds good to be able to sit and watch TV and read for long periods of time, but yes, you can only do that so long. Sometimes its harder to sit still when the weather is nice out and you can’t go anywhere, so settle in with the rain. Your weather is so similar to mine. I live on the NW Oregon Coast and we have such a cool, rainy Spring. Its really rainy, foggy and dreary today and I don’t see any end in sight for awhile. I just looked at my Phone weather Ap and looks like this for the next 9 days with temps only in the 50’s. After a few years of less rainy Springs, this is hard to go back to. Things sure are green though and with a Fire Chief husband, he loves to see rain before Summer comes. We’ve had such dry Summers and Falls and wild land fires everywhere, as you know. You look so cute in this post and such a comfortable outfit for doing a theme park. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. The doc said most go back to work after a week and I can resume most normal activities after two (with the exception of strenuous exercise). But I’m in some BR support groups, and it seems to vary widely. It takes some women a lot more time than that. I think I’ll be able to work in my office next week but I won’t be doing try-on hauls or photo shoots. 🙂

  4. PS A couple flowers you might think about for your front is Purple lavender(it actually is a perennial, so you will have year after year) and another I like is the yellow Butterfly daisy. I think there might be a more technical name for the daisy but I’ve know it as Butterfly daisy. It last well into the Fall. I plant them in the ground by my front porch and so when its time to put pumpkins out, I set the pumpkins by the daisies as well on on my porch and it looks nice. I don’t really plant too many annuals in the ground(do pots), as I don’t like dealing with the slugs we have and also we have so many deer, I end up with no flowers, as they come to eat daily. LOL They don’t like Lavender and the daisies are close enough to the house they don’t come that close.

  5. I’d also recommend a pair of cheap-o sunglasses for the rides. I adore my Celine sunnies but do not wear them in theme parks. I found perfect replicas on Amazon. For a mom who goes on roller coasters, tea cups, etc… you do NOT want to have your designer sunnies fly off of you mid ride!

  6. Annuals that I like and plant for our front porch area: geraniums, marigolds, dahlias, wave petunias. We plant a lot of flowers because we love to sit on our front porch and enjoy the view. Also, we love the homey feel flowers give to our house. Since we just built the house and moved in this past January, we are working on landscaping (well, my husband is doing that work) and perennials, but I always have pots of annuals. I also always have a pot of rosemary (which I bring in for the winter.)
    The link to the Kohl’s option sweatshirt takes me to the Evereve one.
    Sending positive, healing thoughts. Hope you are able to move around a little more each day.

  7. My favorite sun loving annual is lantana. It tolerates the heat well and has continuous blooms that don’t require deadheading. It will grow into a mounded shape and can cover a one to two foot area. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this annual! I hope you are feeling better each day.

        1. I love Lantana as well, low maintenance and so pretty in the yellow and pink. One of my top favorite perrenials are the Gerber Daisy’s, I have some that just came back again and they are 3-4 yrs old I think, love the yellow and red ones.

          1. Nancy…….I LOVE Gerber Daisies but haven’t had luck with them. Once the big initial blooms got old, I couldn’t get anymore to come in. Could you give any tips for them? I didn’t know they were a perennials. I thought annual. I too love the yellow and red together.

    1. Lantanas are a favorite as are vinca. Both do well in sun & dry conditions when the heat of summer comes. If you can find calliope geraniums, buy them. They’ll last until a hard frost & get large beautiful blooms. Not fussy about too much sun or rain.
      Little Limelight Hydrangeas are awesome in large pots & since they’re a perennial, they bloom every year. I have them by our pool & they’re the most commented on pot. I’m a master Gardner, so if you have any specific questions just email me. Being outside in my large yard & gardens are one of my favorite things! Looking current & fashionable is next! Thank you for helping me!

      1. KATHY, you know I’m not quite sure that the Gerber’s are really a perennial either; I just plant them and deadhead them and mulch well in the fall and use pine straw and they keep coming back so I am delighted with them. We live in northeastern NC which is a mild-moderate climate, maybe that has something to do with it, dunno. I have them planted in beds around my house along with knockout roses.

  8. That is a nice crossbody handbag and the whole outfit is perfect for so many casual activities. I hope that the pain has subsided some and that with each day you are feeling better.

  9. I’m in the Midwest and we have had terrible cold and rainy days. It is supposed to be nice for our weekend, 70’s and sunny. Next week we will be in upper 80’s. Our weather usually hits you it seems a couple days later, so good things to come hopefully! As far as annuals, I like another commented, usually pot all of my annuals. I love petunias for color but they require a lot of deadheading. I love Pentas for color and no maintenance. If you are planting in the ground, I would look for perennials that bloom with color. It’s nice to have a variety that bloom at different times so you always have some sort of color.

    1. Yeah, maybe I should look into some perennials. I have a few, but not enough. I was hoping to get some that bloom all through the summer to sprinkle throughout.

      1. Heather is nice too and comes in a few different colors and is a perennial and different varieties bloom at different times. I have white but there is pink and light purple.

    1. I think so. It’s a little soon to tell because it takes a few months for everything to settle in, but definitely happy with my experience so far and with the surgeon I chose.

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