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Good morning and Happy Mother’s Day! I wasn’t planning to post today, but I’m feeling really good this morning, and I’m just milling around here at home so I thought I’d go ahead and give you all an update.

For anyone just tuning in, I had breast reduction surgery on Monday. I was tempted not to mention it publicly, but I talk so much about dressing for your body type and give so much information on fit and sizing that I knew I’d eventually have to come clean. I figured I might as well share the journey so I can be a resource for anyone who might be considering it.

As I mentioned in this post, I first considered having this surgery when I was in college, but I wanted to wait until after I had kids. I didn’t really think seriously about it again until about five years ago. I had a consultation, but I chickened out, and I thought I was “over it” until a few months ago when a friend had it done.

I saw how easily it went for her, and I was growing increasingly uncomfortable with my own situation, so I made an appointment with her plastic surgeon. I thought about it for less than 24 hours and called the next day to schedule my surgery. That was exactly two months ago, and I never wavered in my resolve from that point on.

I arrived at the surgery center at 6:10 AM on Monday morning and was on my way home by 12:30 PM. Seriously, that was it! I was told to expect a week of downtime, and in two weeks I should be able to resume most everyday activities. Strenuous exercise is still a few weeks off, but I can go on outdoor walks as I feel able.

Recovery was a little rough at first, but the pain was manageable with prescription meds. I haven’t needed anything stronger than Tylenol since Thursday, and I think I’m pretty much done with that at this point. I’ve been doing a lot of resting, but also trying to get up and around as I feel up to it, and I’ve felt exponentially better each day. I plan to start taking short walks outside today.

Paul took me to the salon on Friday morning so I could get my hair washed and dried, and that felt wonderful. I can shower, but I haven’t wanted to wash my hair just yet. And then a few of my close friends came over last night, and we ordered takeout and hung out for a few hours, which was really nice. I could probably have gone to church today, but I’m not quite ready to be in public yet, so I’m just laying low for another day or two.

I’ve been doing everything I can to ensure an optimal recovery. I’m limiting caffeine and sugar, staying away from alcohol, and drinking lots of water. I’m trying to eat lots of protein and quality fruits and vegetables, and I’m taking vitamin C, D, and Zinc. I’m using this time to reset my diet and hoping to get back to healthier eating habits. It will be really nice if I can make it stick.

I go back to my plastic surgeon on Tuesday for my first follow-up visit, and I can’t wait to ask him a bunch of questions and see what he says about my recovery so far. I went into surgery wearing a 32G/34DDD bra, and I think I’m going to end up a C or D cup when all is said and done. It takes a few months or up to a year for everything to settle in. I have absolutely no regrets, except that I wish I’d done this 10 years ago. If you have questions about anything I didn’t cover, I’m happy to answer in the comments!

In other news, our daughter is coming home from college tomorrow for the summer. That should be interesting! I’m so happy to have her home for a bit, but I know there will be an adjustment period for all of us. Isn’t it funny how the family dynamic changes every time someone is added or subtracted from the equation? She has some babysitting jobs lined up that she’s excited about, and of course lots of sewing and baking projects.

Our son has pretty much finished up his fourth year of college, but he has one more year to finish up his bachelor’s degree. He’s still living at home and commuting, and he’s working on lining up work for the summer. And my high schooler only has a few weeks of school left. Her band activities are wrapping up, and she’s looking forward to a day trip with the jazz band in a few weeks.

We’re all excited to spend a week at the shore with some of Paul’s family in June, and we’ll be staying with my parents at their lake house in Maine at the end of July. Summer will fly by, I’m sure, but right now we’re still waiting for spring.

I think this is one of those years it’s going to go right from being cold and dreary to hot and humid without much of a spring at all. It’s been cold and rainy here for a few days, but this weather system is moving out this afternoon, and this week looks really nice. I can’t wait to get outside and walk and start resuming my normal activities.

So that’s about it! I should be back to my regular posting schedule this week. I hope you are all having a lovely Mother’s Day with family and friends.

Oh, and don’t forget that Nordstrom Triple Points ends at midnight tonight. If you missed it, I have a post with a try-on haul and some of my top product picks. Enjoy what’s left of the weekend!

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  1. So glad it’s going well for you. Wishing you a continued rapid recovery.

    Happy Mother’s Day! 💐

  2. Happy Mother’s Day! So glad to hear you’re recovery is going well. Can’t wait to see the “new you”!

  3. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! I’m glad that your recovery seems to be going so well. How awesome of Paul to take you to the salon on Friday so that you could have your hair shampooed and styled. I bet that felt so good to you! I know that y’all are looking forward to the trip in June and July. We are looking forward to our beach trip on the 18th, but both of us have to get well so that we can start getting our clothes together. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  4. Good for you for having the surgery to make you more comfortable in your days ahead. Glad you are over the recovery hump!

  5. Happy Mother’s Day! Glad to hear you are feeling good and recovery is going well! This is something I’ve often thought about myself but have never taken the first steps. Can’t wait to see pics! 🙂

  6. So happy to hear you are recovering well from your surgery. I admire your courage in going through with this type of surgery and sharing it with us! Wishing you a continued rapid recovery.

  7. I’m so glad to hear that your recovery has been OK and that you are getting lots of rest!! It sounds like you have some fun Summer plans to look forward to!

    I’ve thought about having the surgery too. I’m a similar size, so this is very helpful for you to be so open and honest about your journey! If it’s not too personal, do they just reduce the size or do they lift the “girls” at the same time? I don’t want to end up with smaller and still droopy! Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. All reductions include a lift, but results vary depending on how dense the breast tissue is, and of course age plays a roll as well. I’m definitely going to do all I can to preserve my new shape. 🙂

      1. Jolynne, thank you so much. I’m almost 50, so I hear you on the age thing and that make perfect sense. I don’t need to look 20, but don’t want to look my age either! lol!

  8. Good for you for having this surgery, I’ve wanted to for years but have always thought it sounded scary. Maybe I’ll look into it again. What do they say about scarring? Should you have much? (If that’s to personal I understand)
    Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. They typically do an anchor incision, although there are a few other methods. (You can google it. Most plastic surgery websites have before and after pictures, too.) All the scarring is underneath, and it should fade in time. There are scar creams and other treatments you can do to help them fade faster. I figure, there’s only one person who will ever see them, and over time they should be hardly noticeable, so I’m not too concerned about them.

  9. Happy Mother’s Day to you! Glad that you are on the road to recovery. Thanks for letting us know how you are doing and feeling. Take your time to heal up, don’t rush back to regular life even though you may want to. It is easy to over do it and then have a set back. Paul gets a round of applause for taking you to the salon to get your hair washed and feeling so much better. He is a great guy. If you are looking for something else to stream and watch, “The Chosen” is a wonderful docudrama based on Christ’s life and ministry. You can download the free app from the Apple Store. There are 2 seasons; more being made.

  10. Jo-Lynne, I am so glad to hear that your recovery is going well. Happy Mother’s Day to you and to all of your readers who are mothers.

  11. I’m so glad that you are having a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself! Having your hair done was a great idea. I should have had my husband or children take me to the salon last summer when I broke my foot. You are so brave for sharing all this. I think it will help out so many people. Be well!

  12. Jo-Lynne, thank you for sharing your journey with us, I am sure it will be very encouraging to many! Glad you are feeling better and starting to walk and work again. It’s good to keep your body and mind active as you are able! Have a great Mother’s Day celebration when Caroline gets home. I am sure they (along with Paul) are taking good care of you ♥️

  13. Happy Mother’s Day! Good to hear that you’re doing well and feeling healthy. 😊❤️ I’m so glad you included those links in the email to the newer SE sandals. I had/still have several pairs of the old style Gigi sandals that I absolutely love and was sad to see them discontinued after wearing them for 4+ years. But these new Naomi look similar but with that trendy “comfort style” that all designers are doing now. I ordered them in the mahogany color to try.

  14. Hi Jo Lynn,
    I’ve just seen your website and l love it. I am not a shopper but always lucked out at steinmart which is now closed. I would like to know a a source for cute cotton skirts for casual use. I have been very disappointed with Amazon clothing purchases due to poor quality. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

  15. Happy Mother’s Day, Jo Lynne! Glad to hear your recovery is going smoothly! Not to be too nosy, but did you pay for the surgery out of pocket or did insurance cover the cost (and if so, what steps did you have to take to get it approved)? Also, were drains involved?

    1. Hey Kory. I did pay out of pocket because my PS said he’d have to take 400 grams out of each side to get it covered. We agreed that was too much. I did not need drains, which made me very happy!

  16. I’ve wanted to email you since you first mentioned having breast reduction surgery, I had this same surgery a year ago in February. I’m 5 ft tall & weigh 108 lbs. I was in a 32 DD & at age 69 then, things had really gone south! I feared that I was too old for this surgery, but my plastic surgeon assured me that I was in great physical condition. This was the best thing that I ever did! And I can’t believe that I waited so long to have it done. I had a reduction & lift & am so happy with the results! I’m now a32 C & look in proportion to my petit frame. I was out of work one week & like you only took pain pills a couple of day. You will continue to improve with time. I wish you the best of luck & very much enjoy reading your blog. Take care!

  17. Jo Lynne it’s wonderful that you are feeling so well and recuperating with no side effects much That’s terrific. I hope you are having a wonderful Mother’s Day. Sound s as if it’s going to be a busy summer for you and family. Happy Mother’s Day!

  18. Happy Mother’s Day! I’m so glad you’re progressively improving and sounds like you’re doing great in such a short period of time. You’ll feel so much better in no time!

  19. I wanted to ask how you were feeling after your surgery. Glad you are starting to get back to normal. Happy Mother’s Day too you! 🌸🌸🌸🌸

  20. Happy Mother’s Day Jo Lynne. It s terrific that you are feeling so well now and recuperating in a timely manner Sounds like you have a very busy summer planned and filling up fast too. Enjoy your Mother’s Day !

  21. Happy Mother’s Day and I’m inspired by your surgery and recovery experience! Best wishes.

  22. Glad you are recuperating well. Don’t hurry the process. I appreciate all your blogs. I’m coming to Philly ( from FL) this weekend for my niece’s graduation from University of Penn and I’m really hoping your weather warms up.

  23. Happy Mother’s Day! Thanks for sharing your news…I’m so excited for you and wish you the speediest recovery of all.

  24. Hi, Jo-Lynne!

    I am so glad your surgery went well. I’ve been worried about you all week! I decided to take a break from social media during the month of May, but I’ve been checking Instagram to see if you had posted. I’m sure you’re relieved to have the surgery behind you and excited for the future! Thanks for updating us and I hope you continue to have a rapid recovery!

    1. Thank you for thinking of me! The reason I haven’t mentioned on Instagram or Facebook is because a lot of my friends’ kids and men in my “real life” follow those accounts, so I felt awkward sharing about this there. ☺️

  25. Happy Mother’s Day! I’m happy you’ve decided to share this journey since it’s something I’ve considered for many years! I’m encouraged about the process and recovery so I will be re-thinking the idea. Enjoy the week ahead ☀️

  26. Thank you for sharing your very personal surgery journey. You are on the right track by listening to your doctor and your body so you can heal quickly. Don’t beat yourself up too much for not getting this done sooner, surgeries have improved so much compared to years passed. 🙂
    Take care and rest up!!!

    1. That is definitely the silver lining in waiting this long. My PS even told me that it would have been a very different surgery 30 years ago. I’m just glad I finally did it!

  27. Happy Mother’s Day Jo-Lynne!!
    Congratulations on your breast reduction procedure. If it makes you feel good that’s all that matters.
    Gosh where has the time gone? I remember when your son graduated from high school..

    Life is moving along!!

    God bless you and your family 👪 ❤️

  28. Happy mothers day ! So happy to hear everything is going well with your recovery…

  29. Happy Mother’s Day Jo-Lynne!! Hope you’ve had a nice day. So glad you’re recovering nicely from your surgery. Hope you have a great week! Look forward to your blog every day. Can’t wait to see your new try on haul. Love your style!!🌹❤️

  30. So happy to read your update. You are such a good writer. Glad your recovery is going well. It’s nice you have a couple trips with family to look forward to. Nice you will have Caroline home tomorrow. I know just what you mean about the dynamics of the coming and going. Went through it 3 times. It was all good and they all got their degrees, now married and each has 1 child so far. Each stage is a fun adventure. Enjoy the rest of your Mother’s Day and I plan to get a restart tomorrow on my walking. Got lazy and non motivated in this terrible Spring weather but need to just pull on my big girl panties and get moving. Lol.

  31. So glad your surgery went well and it sounds like your recovery is going pretty smoothly! Make sure to continue to rest, take it slow and let everyone take care of you! It’s been cold and dreary here too (Maryland) the past few days but hoping we have some nice springtime weather this week. Hope you can get out for a few walks this week. Sending prayers and hugs!

  32. Jolynne will you not regret it. I had my mine done about 7 years ago. They took me from a 36DDD to 36C and now Iam a 36D/38C. I gain a few lbs. But still one of the best choices I made. its hard finding Bras in those sizing and dont even get me started on how ugly they are. feel better soon. Enjoy Bra shopping!

  33. I had the same surgery about 6 years ago and have no regrets! I waited my whole life to have it and like you wish I had been able to have it done sooner. It’s been the BEST decision. I had a small hiccup in recovery with one side developing a pocket of fluid that got infected but that was a pretty easy fix and from then on my recovery was smooth and I have been one happy gal! So so happy for you!

    1. Oh, no. I hear those are pretty common, or at least, not uncommon. I am hoping for smooth sailing, but I’m sure I’ll manage however it works out. Glad to know you’re happy with yours.

  34. Thanks so much for sharing.
    I hope you realize how much your information, and experience will help so many women.
    It means so much woman to woman to hear about procedure/recovery from someone other than a doctor, and someone who most of us consider a friend.
    Truly a kindness to all, a selfless act.

  35. I have considered having a similar surgery. Do you mind sharing about the overall cost? Did insurance cover any of it? Thanks!

    1. It varies pretty widely, so it’s best to call around and see the “going rate” in your area. It is often covered by insurance, but they will dictate how much you have to have removed.

  36. I had that done about 12years ago and they still look great, I only wished I had done it years before. You will be so happy when you are fully recovered. Just take it easy until you are healed fully.

  37. Once you have recovered more fully, would you be willing to share your thoughts on what you think a person considering this surgery should know before doing it? Any tops / suggestions would be very helpful.

  38. I have been considering having this surgery as well! I believe that I live not too far from your area. We are in Chester County. I am wondering if you would share which surgeon you chose?

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