The Evolution of the Blog

I’m facing a conundrum that haunts mom bloggers as their babies age, and that is what to write about when the kids get old enough to care what is said about them in a public forum.

More and more, the things I would like to say and the things that weigh heavy on my heart are not matters for public discussion, and I’m afraid that renders my blog a rather empty and superficial place.  While the smiling vacation photos and pots of herbs growing on the deck are certainly authentic, they only tell part of the story.

I don’t want to give up the heart and soul of my blog, and yet I cannot sacrifice my children’s right to privacy.  As it is, my 6-year-old daughter said to me recently, “Mom, don’t put this on your blog.”  I forget what she was referring to, but I managed to gulp back the snort of laughter that threatened to erupt, and I assured her that whatever it was would most certainly NOT go on my blog.

And I hate it when people are purposefully vague, so I find myself annoyed even with this post.

Moms of older children, how do YOU handle this quandry?  Do you feel that you have given up some of what made your blog personal and interesting as your kids got older?  How do you keep it real?