The Mystery of the Missing iPod

I absolutely adore my iPod Nano.  I love music, so having a device that puts all my favorite tunes LITERALLY right at my fingertips is pure bliss!  Plus it is so teeny and light that it fits anywhere.  But for the last few weeks, I haven’t been able to FIND it.  Makes it rather difficult to enjoy my favorite tunes.  And lately I’ve been jogging in the early mornings, and I’ve desperately wanted my iPod to carry with me and help pass the time.

Plus, it makes for a sweet memory.  My husband bought it for me and surprised me on Valentine’s Day a few years ago.  He had been wanting one, and instead of getting a new one for himself, he bought me this adorable little pink Nano and took my old clunky white iPod Classic for his own.

I remember the last time I had it.  It was one Friday night a few weeks ago when we were hanging out in a neighborhood driveway sipping wine, chit-chatting, and making fun of my neighbor’s taste in music.  (We’re nice like that.)  We all agreed we needed some livelier tunes so I ran home to grab my iPod, and we hooked it up.  When it was time to go home, I remember grabbing my iPod before I left, and that is the last memory I have of it.

I’ve looked high and low and finally decided it was a lost cause until this morning when I saw this:


Anyone wanna make a guess where I found it?

Suffice it to say, it has played its last tune.

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34 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Missing iPod

  1. You drowned your iPod??
    So sad. Yet so funny for us. Teehee.

    I hear the new Zune rocks!

    I still have my 20gig iRiver brick, that will probably die in it’s sleep as opposed to drowning.

    Have a nice day! 🙂

  2. Oh it makes my stomach turn just looking at that picture because with my luck I would end up doing the same thing. . . I actually went to make sure I knew where mine was to be able to breathe a sigh of relief. The darn thing is so little I am always afraid I am going to lose it.

  3. Oh man!!!! Our son’s Nano went thru a full wash AND dryer cycle and actually still works. He has trouble with it on his alarm clock docking station and he says it doesn’t hold a long battery charge anymore, but it does work.

    I’d say give it a day or two to really dry out and then try charging/syncing it. I’ve even heard putting in a bag of rice helps to pull any extra moisture out from the innards. Good luck!!!

  4. Oh no! I agree with the others though, I’ve had more than one friend say that theirs survived the wash after drying out. Hang on to it for a few days at least and try again before tossing.

    I have that same cute pink bday gift nano. 🙂

  5. Ohh no… the washer or dryer, I’m guessing?

    I have been wanting to upgrade my iPod nano to an iTouch mostly because I can’t afford an iPhone… and that would definitely be the incentive I need to get one. Hmm, but washing my nano doesn’t sound that enticing, now that I think about it.

  6. Awwwww Dang!

    That’s sick!

    If it’s any consolation…..I have washed blue-tooth headsets (multiple times) and they still work.

    Give this a bit of drying time….pray over it (I ain’t kiddin) God really does care about everything in our lives!
    It may LIVE again!

    🙂 So sorry….I hate these sorts if mistakes. Ya know..the costly ones! Grrr

  7. I consider my iPod a member of the family. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    Maybe the others are right and it will truly live again!

  8. I have never owned a Ipod… have always wanted one, I always have other priorities.. Someday. I feel your pain. I can’t imagine what it was like opening the dryer(it is the dryer isn’t it) and finding your Ipod. Especially knowing it had probably also been thru the washing machine.
    Hopefully a new one will show up. Hey you can dream!

  9. A friend of mine on FaceBook washed her cell phone and someone said to put it in a bowl of rice overnight because the rice would soak up the water. No idea if that works….

    So sorry!!!

  10. I know a few that have done the same with their iPods. Try the rice in abaggie trick and see if that brings it back to life.

  11. Yeah, you’d be surprised at how sometimes water-logged electronics can come back to life after fully drying out. It’s happened to me a few times. Can’t remember what the last time was, but after drying out a few days I was SHOCKED to find it turned on and still worked. Worth a try!!!

  12. Oh no! That is horrible! The very same thing happened to me last week with my cell phone. Oh cell phone, how I miss thee…


  13. Oh dude! That is so not cool. I would be totally lost without my iPod. It has my life on it. LOL

    I’m guessing it went through the washer and/or dryer? I’ve not done that with an iPod but we’ve done it with a cell phone. Turned out, the phone still worked after we let it thoroughly dry out. Hope that works for your iPod too.

  14. Oh, that is not something that makes you happy when you find stuff like that in your washer or dryer. I have heard the rice thing works too. Good luck!

  15. Oh no! I have washed wallets (well, the same one over and over again… I keep telling my hubby to empty his pockets), money, and even a cell phone… but never an ipod. Did you try to see if it still worked?

  16. Oh no!! I am so sorry – let me know if the rice works for you! I am curious since it was turned on how it’ll work for you! I am hoping it’ll be good as new for you!! 🙂

  17. I’m so sorry to hear of your iPod troubles. I too lost my iPod shuffle for a couple of weeks. I thought it was lost, lost, lost. Then I checked the car again, and it was in the back seat, next to one of the carseats, just about to head down the slot where the seatbelt buckle comes out. Yay! Good luck with the drying out of your friend, let us know how it turns out! Now if you’ll excuse me, my two and a half year old just asked for a cheeseburger for breakfast. 🙂

  18. and it really is breakfast time, as we’re in Australia. We don’t eat breakfast at 5pm, despite the time stamp on my comment!

  19. Don’t give up hope. A friend’s husband washed his and after giving it time to dry out, he left it in his hot car for a few days, it came right back to life. I hope you have the same luck!

  20. I would probably have no clue except that I *just* washed my phone a couple weeks ago and had to replace it. They really should make insurance for iPods.

  21. Oh no! I consider myself warned… I wash all sorts of things I’m not supposed to, like my husband’s flash drives. From work. Oops!

  22. Oh, I am all too familiar with that sight.

    I washed my husband’s iPod nano two and a half years ago, just a week or two after he received it as a gift. My husband was devastated, and so was I as his wife of just a few months at the time.

    We let it dry out for nearly a month before we tried to do anything with it. Lo and behold, it worked when we finally turned it on. Two and a half years later, it still works, though it has never held its charge quite as well since the incident.

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