“There’s No Place Like Home”

She says as she clicks her heels together three times.

If only it had been that easy.  Sigh.

But we are home, safe and sound, despite the traffic backup on the NJ Turnpike and the screaming baby and the nasty public potties and…  Well, you get the drift.

Now all I have to do is unpack, grocery shop, do laundry, and put the house back together.  Oh, and prepare myself and my kids for the first day of school in just over a week.  Nothing major.  UGH.  I see a frosty cosmopolitan in my future this evening.  Ha!

In spite of all that, I plan to get back to my regular blogging schedule this week.  I’m so sad that the end of summer is upon us.  It went by way too fast.  I’m not the typical mom that can’t wait for school to start back up.  I love summer.  I love the lazy schedule, the heat, the sun, having the kids around, all that. 

It’s a good thing there’s lots to love about fall too, or I’d be in a pit of despair.  But in spite of my melancholy over the passing of summer, I do look forward to all the fall festivities and the cooler temperatures and the beautiful fall colors and getting back into the school routine.

In honor of the last full week of summer, I have two, yes TWO fun giveaways coming up this week!  So be sure to stay tuned!