Top Easter Dress Picks

I’m fighting the frump again this week with stylish new dresses.  It’s been a while since dresses have been this popular, but this year there are a LOT to choose from.  Stephanie at Metropolitan Mama suggested that I do a post on my top "Easter dress picks" from around the web.  So here we go!

I like the looks of this black and white number from Ann Taylor Loft.

And I just love a sheath.  Picture this with bone-colored shoes and bag.

This is adorable, but not for March 23rd in Pennsylvania.  Actually, none of these are suitable for March in Pennsylvania, but then again, we’re used to freezing our tuckuses off on Easter Sunday.

Okay, here’s one that’s more weather-appropriate for those of us in northern climates.

Honestly, I can’t get enough of the Loft.  There is really no need for me to ever shop anywhere else.  But for those of you who don’t have one or don’t like that price point, here are a few others to take a look at.

This from Old Navy is simple but very pretty.  And affordable!

I think this little number from Garnet Hill is gorgeous, but it would definitely be for someone in a warmer climate.  Or for, you know, JULY.

That’s available in petite as well.  Not that I would ever need a petite, mind you.  But some of you daintier types might appreciate that option.

I know this
outfit from Boden totally doesn’t say "Easter dress", in fact, it’s not
a dress at all — a skirt and top, rather.  But I think it’s so pretty
and fresh.  I’d totally wear this to church as well as out for lunch at
the mall with a girlfriend.

And how sweet is this?

Oh, by the way, what do you think of the dress?  Ha ha, I’m so funny.  I know, I’m really not. Humor me, wouldja?

It is REALLY hard to find dresses that aren’t the wrap style.  But here’s one from Banana Republic.  I know it looks short, but keep in mind, these models are like seven feet tall.  It would probably be more a appropriate length on one of us mere mortals.  It’s also available in petite and tall.

And finally, perhaps my top pick, this flowy jewel tone number from Banana Republic.  (Flowy is TOTALLY a word.  Shaddup.)

By the way, that one is also available in petite.

So there you have it, my top Easter dress picks from around the Web!  Which one is your favorite?

* * *

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