Valentines Morning

I woke off and on throughout the night to the tinny sound of freezing rain pattering against my bedroom windows. This morning, the first sound I heard was the phone ringing. Paul hopped up to receive a recording from the superintendent of our school district, announcing that school is closed today.

A few minutes later, I awoke to my seven-year-old son kissing my cheek. I opened my eyes and said groggily, “Happy Valentines Day!”

He rushed out of my room and returned shortly with two handmade cards, one for his daddy and one for me. I knew about the one for his daddy. Last week when we were off from school for parent teacher conferences, I set both kids up to the table and provided them with paper and markers and stickers to make cards for their dad. I didn’t realize that David had covertly made a card for me too.

I got downstairs to find that we finally got enough snow here in eastern Pennsylvania to cover the grass.

snow - 1

Last night my valentine brought me my very favorite Belgian chocolate from Trader Joes. I, being the slug that I am, have done nothing for him, but fortunately it’s his favorite chocolate too, so we can enjoy it together. I purchased these tulips for our dinner guests that never came on Sunday when we canceled for sick kids, so I’ll include them in our Valentine’s festivities.


I love this blurry picture because, for me, it’s exactly what Valentines Day should be about.  Handmade cards and inexpensive gifts from the heart.  Who needs Hallmark?

Happy Valentines Day!