We Survived!

Kindgergarten Roundup got off to a rollicking good start — after I extricated my daughter’s tentacles from my leg and forced her down the hall with her assigned 5th grade student buddy.

While she spent the better part of two hours meeting next year’s teacher, taking a ride on a school bus, and basically getting psyched for kindergarten, I was stuck in a stuffy all-purpose room where I got to endure, along with the rest of the parents, a dry presentation and obligatory pep rally.

Rah! Rah! Local Elementary School!  Rah! Rah! PTA!

Meanwhile I struggled to stay away and did my best not to roll my eyes.  Somehow I survived.  Fortunately my daughter returned in a much happier state than when I left her.  She evidently did better than merely survive.  She was eager to show me her homemade canvas bag full of loot, including but not limited to a t-shirt espousing the virtues of healthy living and a water bottle.  Those were her favorites.

She was sporting a hip construction paper Clifford hat that was clearly the product of her artistic hands, as well as a red-rimmed eye, which, upon closer investigation, was the result of a wayward magic marker.

The kindergarten teacher immediately walked over and apologized for the state in which my daughter was returned to me.  I was so relieved that she was smiling that the marker hadn’t phased me even for a moment.  I assured the teacher that I’m made of stronger stuff than that.

When we got home, she excitedly told her daddy all about the bus ride and the beloved water bottle, and then she looked at me and said, “I want to go to kindergarten tomorrow!”

I guess it went well.