Today Is A New Day

And more profound thoughts from the housewife.  Okay, so scratch the profound part.

I appreciate your concern over my coffee pot debacle yesterday.  Man, y’all come out in DROVES when a girl has a coffee crisis! 

Fortunately I have a back-up 4-cup coffee maker that I was able to dust off so that I could have my shot of caffeine.  Too bad it didn’t help.  I still went through most of the day thinking it was Wednesday, which is why I accidentally closed my Chic Critique giveaway a day early and then missed most of American Idol last night.  ACK!

It’s a good thing I don’t have a responsible job where lives are depending on me.

So speaking of nothing.  Last night on my way home from running errands, I decided to stop by the "Beverage Center".  Now that the weather is actually resembling spring, it’s time to stock the spare fridge in the basement with warm weather beverages.  In the winter I’m all about red wine and martinis (although not at the same time, I learned THAT lesson the hard way!)  In the warmer months, it’s gotta be something chilled, like white wine (preferably Pinot Grigio) or Mike’s Hard Lemonade or, when I’m in the mood to mix and shake, a margarita. 

Last night, on the recommendation of a friend, I was out to procure a case of Mike-Arita — Mike’s latest and greatest invention.  It supposedly tastes like a margarita, but without the need for a blender.  How bad can that be!?

So I hopped out of my minivan, aka The Frumpmobile, and wandered into the store, looking around for the elusive Mike-Arita.  The burly guy working the joint came over and asked me if he could help me, and together we managed to find the boxes of Mike’s cocktails stacked in a corner, not yet stocked on the shelves.  They must have been unloaded from the truck just that day.  This stuff really IS new!

And then.  THEN.  Big Burly Guy says, "There you go!" and WALKS AWAY, back towards the register, LEAVING ME to heft the case of drinks to the counter all by myself.  I told you chivalry is dead.  And evidently, so is customer service.

I completed the transaction and lumbered to my car with the case of drinks in hand.  I wasted no time putting a few in the fridge, and this afternoon they should be all nice and chilled and ready to taste test.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  1. I watched Dooce twice. East and West coast. I didn’t know there was a “real” Dooce until today *gasp* I know.

    I happened upon it by chance. Rare for me.

    Oh and I never could get through to Idol last night – clear til midnight, thank you very much – so if David goes home, don’t look at me, I tried. *Sigh*

  2. Yeah. Chivalry is dead, but I’m holding out hope that it will make a comeback, sort of like NKOTB (New Kids on The Block).

    I can’t wait to hear about the Mike-aritas. I need a quickie version of a margarita. You know, to go with that darn Mexican food habit that I just can’t kick.

  3. What a jerk!

    Yesterday at Target Boutique I was scrambling for my car keys, loading the car with my purchases, lugging my 1-year-old on my hip and trying to put the cart back in the corral all in the middle of a rain storm. When suddenly the clouds parted and a nice young man (not an employee) scurried over yelling, “I’ll get that for you!” And he gracefully guided my cart into its proper resting place.

    Maybe chivalry is only dead when you’re by yourself. Because yesterday I found it coming up for air when I was with my little guy.

    So the moral of the story? Bring your kids to the liquor store with you? What?! Maybe not…

  4. Do you know how to cool beverages even quicker??? Take out a large bowl and fill it with ice. Nestle your beverage of choice in it and then pour water over it. Gently swirl your beverage for a couple of minutes and it will be super cool super fast.

    I know there is a YouTube video on this, but can’t search that site from work.

  5. I feel the same about Heather at Dooce. I have her on my Google Reader, but don’t got there everyday like all my others. But, I read that post and I got sucked in. It makes me want to hone my writing skills even more.

  6. Yeah, I twittered about that Dooce post. It’s how I feel, too, about this whole Mama bloggin’ thing. On the days that I’m not feeling guilty that it’s an unproductive time-suck and I should be doing something REAL for my family. But it’s easier for her to find the value, I’m sure, since she’s able to support a family with her little hobby. I don’t envy her that. Much. 😉 Glad today’s better for you. Whatever had you yesterday has me today. Although the internet appears to have fixed itself, finally.

  7. Chivalry is dead – which is precisely why I insist that #1 son let the girls on the bus first and always hold the door. I will succeed in making him the new face of chivalry!

  8. Great post from Dooce. She is a good writer for sure. I really was not aware this was a big deal until recently. On Mom Bloggers.com there is a discussion started. I just don’t have time to ponder so much on what everyone else is doing all the time, ya know?

    Chivalry is alive in the South! I had 2 men hold open doors for met today and a guy carried my books in the book store – all 40 of them! Well, today it is alive anyway. Check with me tomorrow.

    Pinot Grigio is my absolute favorite Summer wine. I also love these new flavored Michelob Light beers. Pomegrante cranberry, Cactus Lime and some Orange one. they are yummy!

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