What Are You Into This Month?

I picked this up from Steph.

This Month…

The Thing I’ve Been Working On The Most:
Getting ready to host Christmas, for sure.  That and my daughter’s birthday the weekend before.  I always complain about my daughter’s birthday being on Christmas instead of in January when she was "due".  But the nice thing about it is, now I’m done with all my obligations, and I can just relax.  Sweet!

TV Show Worth Watching:  Hm.  I have a lot of shows I watch, but I’m not sure they’re what I’d consider "worth watching".  I guess my favorite is The Amazing Race.  I’ve been a fan since Season 1, and it never really gets old for me.

The Christmas Present(s) I’m Loving:  Well, The Ring, of course.  And the boots it came in.  And on top of that, the cute new flats and the trouser jeans from my mom.  And the adorable personalized stationary my sister-in-law made for me using my blog design.

My Favorite Blog Entry From This Month: 
Happy Birthday Princess C! 

Blog I Am Always Visiting:  Do I have to pick just one?  Then it’s gotta be youlookfab.  But there are many that I check every day.

Movie I’ve Seen (In or Out of a theater):
The only movie I’ve seen this month is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  It’s an annual Christmas tradition in our house to watch this movie (after the kids are in bed, of course) and we bust a gut
laughing every single year.  We introduced my mom to this movie this
year, and she and I laughed until we cried.  I’m pretty sure they could hear us cackling all the way down the street.

What I’m Most Looking Forward To Next Month:  Going back to the gym and getting into shape!  I feel like I’ve been fighting a losing battle since I started working out this fall, what with Thanksgiving and now Christmas.  But I plan to be a new woman by swimsuit season!

Oh, and American Idol Season 7 OF COURSE!!

Wanna play along?  Head on over to Steph’s place, and be sure to add your link to Mr. Linky.

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11 thoughts on “What Are You Into This Month?

  1. Oh I most certainly do NOT need to be on that show. I would KILL my husband if we went on that show.

    He always laughs when I watch it and makes predictions about what I would do in each situation. Most involve an emotional breakdown. 😉 But I do love to watch.

  2. We love National Lampoons Christmas, actually my kids started watching it last year ( they were 10 and 12) and they all love it. Their favorite part is when then ask the Aunt to say grace, and she says, “Grace, she died several years ago.” She then says the Pledge of Allegiance. We all laugh over that one!! 🙂
    And Amen to getting back in shape…..my current shape needs some shape back in it!!!
    Enjoyed your blog! I’ll stop back.

  3. I just saw the Idol commercial last night- Jan 15, baby! Are we really ready for that!? I loved all your answers- and have to agree that my fave show right now is probably Amazing Race. I really like TK & Rachel. You?


  4. Too funny! My husband is constantly trying to talk me into applying for The Amazing Race! I’m like, please! We both have weak stomachs — what if we had to eat some of that yucky stuff? The only saving grace for me is that Coke is international 😀

    Lisa B.

  5. Yes, we love that movie too. Although, my cheeks would turn pink if I had to watch it in the same room as your mom. The language! Anyway, this post was cute. I showed Kim a pic of your hair a few posts back, and she loved it. Thanks for the adorable gift. That was a nice surprise!

  6. I just had to come back and leave a comment about the bad language in the National Lampoon movie. Apparently I was a bit naive!
    We were clueless to that since we watch the TV version every year. I guess that is why we have the TV version, didn’t realize the language was so bad. Well thanks to your blog I am now,”in the know. 🙂

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