What I Wore Lately Vol. 100

Hi, friends! It’s time for What I Wore Lately, and as you can see, this is the 100th edition of this everyday outfit roundup! As I said last week, I want to do something fun to commemorate this one, and you all gave me some great suggestions.

I was thinking about an old school giveaway, but that only benefits one or two people, so I decided to share a Starbucks gift card. You can find that at the bottom of the post. It’s just a small token of appreciation for following along every week and supporting my business.

Several of you asked to see my first What I Wore Lately, and thought it would be fun to get a glimpse into how my style (and this blog) have evolved over time. So I went digging into my archives, only to realize that I changed the name of this series several times over the years.

This isn’t really the 100th What I Wore Lately. I actually have 308 posts in the What I Wore category, dating back to March 9, 2011!

This entire series came into being when I joined another “mommy blogger” who started posting her daily outfits every Wednesday in order to hold herself accountable to getting out of her pajamas every day, and she invited other bloggers to link up with her. It was called a blog carnival or link party, and back then, that’s how we grew our audiences and found new blogs to read.

Her blog no longer exists, and after a time, I made this series my own and changed the name, but I’ve kept it on Wednesdays. I just feel like that’s fitting!

The first time I used What I Wore Lately in the title of these posts was on December 4, 2019. and from that point on, I’ve been pretty consistent about posting my daily outfits every other week.

As you can see, blog images got a lot bigger between 2011 and 2019! (And so did my eyebrows, apparently.)

Any-WHO. Moving on to 2023… Here’s what I’ve been wearing lately! These pictures include my trip to Florida, so they’re a mix of winter and spring outfits.

What I Wore Lately: Two Weeks of Everyday Outfits

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually wear a small in tops and dresses, a 29 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

Because these are my real life outfits, not everything I’m wearing is in stock, but I try to link to similar or less expensive items where I can.

This first picture is just a casual athleisure look I wore to walk the dog and work from home after a photo shoot with Alison.

Splendid Kate T-Shirt (M) (on sale at Saks!) // Vuori Restore Hoodie c/o (S) // Vuori Halo Straight Leg c/o (M) // P448 John (38)

I’ve had this Splendid tee for years; it’s the softest tee I own, and it never shows signs of wear and tear. I mean, sometimes I even sleep in this thing! And these are the new Vuori Halo Straight Leg, which I am LOVING! Stay tuned for more on those later this week.

Splendid Kate T-Shirt (M) (on sale at Saks!) // Vuori Halo Straight Leg c/o (M) // P448 John (38)

The next day, I went to the nail salon to get a mani/pedi before my Florida trip. I wore a cozy sweater with sandals and pants I could roll up, even though it was pretty cold.

I was “influenced” by Brooklyn Blonde and ordered this Dragon Diffusion woven tote after she featured it on her Instagram Story. I’d been wanting a brown bag, and I love that it’s different than the usual suspects. It’s a beautiful, well-made bag, and I plan to have it for years.

Everlane sweater (cotton version) (S) // Everlane pants (8) // Steven New York sandals (8) // Dragon Diffusion tote // Victoria Emerson earrings c/o (60% off with 60Jo-Lynne)

I had a workout appointment the next day, and then I paid a visit to my friendly chiropractor because I jacked up my shoulder again.

Vuori jacket c/o (S) // Zella tee (S) // Vuori joggers c/o (M) // On Cloud sneakers (old color) (8.5) // Lagos earrings

I wore this neutral look to meet a friend for drinks the next day. These are my favorite bootcut jeans, and a similar wash is part of the Saks sale.

similar Vince sweater (S) // MOTHER denim (29) (budget option) // Dolce Vita booties (also at Nordstrom) (8) // YSL belt (option – on sale) // Madewell earrings & similar necklace

I’ve had a few questions lately about belts. My YSL is clearly a big splurge, but B-Low The Belt does a really nice quality belt in the $150 range. The leather is soft and supple, and they’re part of the Saks Friends & Family Sale. This black one with silver hardware is one of my favorites (it also comes with brass), and this taupe one with gold has a similar look to the one I’m wearing above. If I didn’t have the YSL, I’d snap that up in a New York minute.

This was my travel outfit both to and from Florida last week. I like to feel put together and stylish when I travel, and it’s a good thing, because I met a reader in the lounge when I was waiting for my plane to take off!

I love this cactus green jacket for spring. Unfortunately, it’s starting to sell out (don’t say I didn’t warn you!) but it also comes in a pretty pink.

And these jeans are soft and stretchy and comfortable, and also fairly lightweight, so they were fine for wearing with sandals when I arrived in the Sunshine State. They’re also part of the Saks sale.

KUT from the Kloth jacket (S) // ATM tee (M) (similar for less) // MOTHER denim (28) (similar for less) // On Cloud sneakers in White Sand (8.5) // Goyard tote (similar for less) // Yurman earrings & bracelet

Speaking of belts, I do wish I’d taken time to put on a belt with this outfit, but I was in a rush to get to the airport that morning, and most of mine were packed. Plus, I’m not sure what color I would have worn.

As soon as I got settled into my hotel room, I changed to sandals and went down to poolside bar to eat lunch overlooking the ocean. After that, I worked for a while in the hotel lounge.

I definitely should have put on a brown belt with this, given the brown in the sandals, and I actually packed my light brown AllSaints belt with the silver hardware, but I guess I was too eager to get outside to bother finding it.

KUT from the Kloth jacket (S) // ATM tee (M) (similar for less) // MOTHER denim (28) (similar for less) // Tory Burch sandals (8) // Goyard tote (similar for less) // Yurman earrings & bracelet

I wore the same outfit back down to the hotel lounge that evening for a light dinner with Cyndi, but I changed into my Kork-Ease heels. We were so busy chatting, I didn’t think to get any pictures.

The next day, Sydney took us into St. Augustine for lunch. It was chilly by Florida standards, but I was comfortable in a short-sleeve sweater and sandals. I didn’t even need the denim jacket I brought along.

Evereve sweater (M) // PAIGE denim (28, but 29 would be more comfortable) (similar for less) // Kork-Ease sandals // Madewell earrings // old Stella & Dot bracelet // Gucci sunnies  // clutch // denim jacket (S)

Here’s a picture of Cyndi and me at lunch. We went to Columbia Restaurant.

These sandals are sooo comfortable, by the way. We walked up and down St. George Street after lunch, and my feet were very happy.

After that, we went back to the hotel to work in the lounge for a few hours, and would you believe, I ended up in the same green jacket and t-shirt from the day before?

I brought so many clothes to shoot, but these were handy, so I grabbed them and pulled them on again. (I didn’t leave the sweater on because it fits kind of snug, and the jeans are a little snug at the waist, and I wasn’t feeling comfortable in it. Plus, it was chilly enough inside that I wanted a jacket.)

KUT from the Kloth jacket (S) // ATM tee (M) (similar for less) // PAIGE denim (28, but 29 would be more comfortable) (similar for less) // Tory Burch sandals (8) // Goyard tote (similar for less) // Madewell earrings

We had dinner again that night in the hotel lounge, and we were in bed by like 9PM. Do we know how to party, or what?!?

The next morning was our session with Mary Catherine Echols Photography, so we were up bright and early to catch the sunrise.

This was the first look we photographed, by the hotel pool overlooking the beach. Now can you see why I love to stay at The Lodge & Club!?!

Sea Level swimsuit (8) // Sea Level stripe mesh cover-up (S) // Tory Burch Millers (8) // Amazon mesh beach tote // YSL sunglasses (similar for less)

After we were done shooting, I put on this same swimsuit and coverup to sit by the pool and relax.

I love this mesh beach tote, by the way. It’s super lightweight, so perfect for stashing in your suitcase, and it holds a ton. Plus, it doesn’t collect sand because it just falls right through.

Eventually we went up to our rooms, grabbed our laptops, and moved over to the tables by the bar to have lunch and do some work.

Later on, we met Sydney for dinner at a nearby restaurant overlooking a golf course, and I took the opportunity to wear this pretty dress. (Don’t you love the progression of pictures of the bed in the background? It wasn’t mine, by the way… haha!)

Evereve Brielle midi dress (M) // KUT from the Kloth denim jacket (S) // Dolce Vita sandals (7.5) // necklace // earrings // bracelet

I know y’all are going to ask for links, and I can’t find Sydney’s dress, but it’s from Anthropologie. And Cyndi linked her jeans here, but I don’t see her blouse anywhere. I think she said it’s from Avara, and she borrowed my shoes, lol!

me // Sydney // Cyndi

I wore the same travel outfit home as I did on the way to Florida, so I didn’t take another picture.

And then I was up bright and early the next day to drive to New Jersey for my daughter’s percussion event. I didn’t think to get a picture of that outfit either.

The next few days were spent recuperating and being lazy, but I finally rallied yesterday to go to Bible Study. I usually wear this hoodie with blue jeans, and I wanted to try something different. As it turns out, it looks great with washed back denim!

 Evereve Blake hoodie (S) // similar Fidelity denim (28) (similar for less) // Veja sneakers (39)

And then we went out for dinner last night with friends. I really struggled with what to wear, as it’s still chilly here, but winter sweaters seem out of place at the end of March.

I knew I wanted to wear my Mother Weekenders in Fog, and I started to grab that navy RAILS button-up, but I still have a hang-up with button-up shirts. They feel a tad masculine to me, especially for a “date night”, even if it’s just a casual weeknight dinner out with friends.

Maybe if I’d put my jewelry on with it, I would have felt better about it, but I didn’t even get it buttoned all the way before I took it off and pulled out my Everlane Cashmere Boxy Crew. I probably ought to get the cotton version to tie me over till it warms up around here.

Any-WHO! This is what I ended up wearing.

I topped it off with my LOFT trench, so that made me feel a little more put-together, but I still don’t love it. It feels heavy for spring.

Oh, well. Live and learn!

Treat Yourself to Starbucks!

As I said above, I wanted to do something fun to commemorate the 100th edition of What I Wore Lately, so if you’re out and about today, I hope you’ll enjoy a Starbucks drink on me! Just take a picture or a screenshot of the barcode below, and scan it when you check out. Happy Wednesday to you! (The card will no longer be active when the funds run out, or at 9PM tonight, whichever happens first.)

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66 thoughts on “What I Wore Lately Vol. 100

  1. Wow! Thank you for Starbucks! As I’m in Seattle, home of Starbucks & Nordstrom, I love to start my day with a little bit of fashion. You are my favorite fashion blogger. It would be fun today as well to see where your readers are from

  2. Hi Jo-Lynne – I really enjoyed reading the back story to your “What I Wore Lately.” Thank you for putting your thoughtful information together for us on fashion – I look forward to reading it and it is very helpful. How kind of you to include the gift today, and I look forward to the next 100!

  3. I have a number of designer belts that I have purchased over the years. I bought them when denim rises were a bit lower so they are all a bit big now. Do you think a cobbler would be able to punch extra holes in them? Do you know of one local? I guess I could try the designer stores in KOP but I hate the way you get corralled into lines in that area of the mall…

    1. Megan! I have had this issue as well and needed extra holes in my belts. My husband took an awl and drill to make holes that look great. He would use a real “leather punch”
      If we had one!! I always get crazy turned around at the KoP Mall. It is so huge!!🤪

    2. I know it can be done, but I don’t know who would do it. I would probably take it to the store of the designer it came from b/c I’d be worried to mess it up. Or, maybe Nordstrom would do it?

  4. Thank you for the Starbucks coffee, Jo-Lynne! And I love the blast from the past photos! I really need a new white tee but am hesitant to spend the money on the ATM. I can see myself spilling something on it the first time I wear it– or one of my grandchildren wiping their mouth across it. LOL. On the other hand, white isn’t my color so I tend to wear it under jackets–my cactus jean jacket arrives today! I also like the James Perse tee and I’ve had a black one for 3 or 4 years. Nordstrom Rack carries the Perse tees. Which do you prefer, the ATM or Perse? Also, how are your On Cloud sneakers for travel? I am starting my packing list for a 3-week trip to Europe in 2 months (so I have time to pare down) and am debating if I take the On Cloud or my Retro-style Nikes for sneakers. I feel like the Nikes are more “fashionable” but the On Cloud pair is a tiny bit more comfortable. I like to be somewhat fashionable no matter where I am in the world because that makes me comfortable. Thank you for such a wonderful post, Jo-Lynn. I know a great deal of work goes into them.

    1. I love my On Cloud, but someone else said they killed their feet when they tried to wear them to Europe, which I find curious. I love mine, and I think they would be comfy, but not sure I like them with dresses.

      I could wear my VEJAs or P448, but not sure the VEJA has enough support, and the P448s don’t always look great with dresses… or maybe they do and I need to let my eyes adjust.

      I actually ordered this Taos pair, and I’m undecided about these. They definitely have better cushion and arch support than my VEJA Esplar.

  5. Thank you for so many great recommendations over the years. I always look forward to your daily emails.
    Just snagged the green Kut from the Cloth jacket. Can’t wait to wear it.

    1. I have the same Taos style sitting in their box. I am undecided about them too, which means they probably need to go back. The support seems good, but I never find the court-style soles as comfortable as the running style. Maybe it’s my high arches? I’m really struggling to choose shoes for my trip as the temps will run 50F to 80F. I usually don’t have a problem packing light clothes– it’s the shoes that always get me!

  6. Did you mention in a reel that you have gotten hair extensions? Or did I dream that? If yes, can you do a blog post about what you have added? Thanks.

  7. You are so sweet. Thank you for the Starbucks gift card. That is a lot for all the followers you have. My goodness. Love the post today. Wow!!!! The 100 th. I love your thought process of the outfit before going out. I do the same thing. This time of year is hard for nights out. Still so cold.

  8. Thank you for the coffee! That is so sweet and I’ll toast your health this afternoon. Great seeing your early beginnings too. Bet you didn’t realize then where this would take you! Cheers!

  9. Thank you for the Starbucks card!

    I really enjoy reading each post and very appreciative of all the detail you put in, thanks again.

  10. Thank you so much for the Starbucks! That was very thoughtful of you! I look forward to reading your post daily.

  11. Thanks for the SB card! Maybe I’ll take the kids to Bible study so I have an excuse to be near one. On errands, of course. Do Moms ever do anything else?

  12. Thank you! Love this post, and that Dragon Diffusion Tote is beautiful! May I ask what type of purse you take to the gym for your workout appointments?

  13. Loved the look back to earlier days. All the outfits are gorgeous as always and cute oics of you, Sydney. and Cyndi. It must be me because I couldn’t get the print to work on the coupon and my phone camera couldn’t capture the bar code either. UGH me and technology.

  14. Thank you for the coffee ☕️, is there a dollar amount, I went to useot and they said insufficient funds 😩

  15. Hi Jo-Lynne! What a great post today! I’ve enjoyed following you the past few months (all because I googled “what shoes to wear with a black dress” and there you were!), and I’ve picked up a few fun fashion tips because of it! And thank you so much for the sweet Starbucks treat! That is so nice, and I will think of you with gratitude when I drive through my Starbucks later today. 🙂

  16. Congratulations! Wow, time does fly by. I can’t remember when I started following you but it’s been years. Love all your post and look forward to it each day. Thank you for the gift card and all that you do! I feel we should do something for you instead since you give soo much to us each day. So, Thank you!

  17. Thank you so much! It is so very nice of you to thank your readers in this way! It is a lovely gesture, and it is very appreciated!

  18. Thank you for the gift card. So sweet. Love the green jacket. I liked the picture from the past and going to the link. I remember that style. I still see it. You’ve gotten better not older.

  19. Thanks so much! You’re a sweetheart! I’ll try and use this Starbucks’ code here in Montreal Canada! ♥️

  20. You’re so sweet! I very much appreciate you! As always, I enjoyed this post. I usually “save” your emails for later in the day/evening/night to have a little something to look forward to. But I’m feeling rather yucky today, I must have picked up a little bug. So I enjoyed your post earlier today. Congratulations on “100”! ❤️

    1. Oh! I ordered the Dolce Vita Volli, and Blondo Dahlias. Got them in Saturday, and very happily wore the Volli’s to church Sunday! Thankful for your recommendations! (As a little smile, my giant black lab/Great Dane/Weimaraner is named “Dahlia” 🤗)

  21. Happy 100th “What I Wore Lately”!!!

    Thanks for the attempt at a free drink, however when they scanned the barcode they said there was nothing on it. 😕

    Hopefully it was just me. It was a lovely thought. 💜

  22. Congratulations! Thank you for the gift card.! I love the pictures from your FL trip. You girls looked gorgeous! My husband and I had dinner at the Columbia Restaurant when we visited St. Augustine, beautiful city. I look forward to your blog every day. We have similar thought processes about deciding what to wear. It makes me feel better. I thought I was the only one😀

  23. I love the idea of the Fred Starbucks, but I’ve have a pinched nerve in my hip region. The pain is significant, so no leaving home for me today.

    Love the hoodies & the awesome dress today!!

  24. Fun post! I feel like I’ve kept up with you since the beginning. I do have a question though–I’m a slim petite (4’11”) and I’m in the market for nude shoes. Do nude shoes, either flats or heels, go with dark trousers/jeans? I’m trying to get used to straight leg jeans (though my skinnies suit my body type better) and need some shoe ideas.

  25. Great pictures Jo-lynne! The dress looks great on you. We don’t see you wearing a maxi dress very often.
    I have always liked wearing them myself. So funny as I also follow Cindi. You both always look nice and I’m sure it’s a lot of work putting on the clothes to post!

  26. Love the post and your throwback pictures, always a beauty! I can see why you love staying at that resort, beautiful view. Thanks for your nice gesture, I did not take advantage of it as nearest Starbucks 30 minute drive for me but appreciate your thoughtfulness just the same!

  27. You are so kind to offer a coffee to everyone! And this is why I feel like you’re the most down to earth blogger that I follow! 🙂 Question about the Dragon Diffusion tote- I love it and ordered one last year, but the straps on that “model” weren’t long enough to carry the bag on my shoulder. Are the straps long enough on yours to carry it on your shoulder? I LOVE these bags, but I often resort to carrying my purse on my shoulder…. Thank you for all you do in this “blogger space”! 🙂

    1. That is my only complaint. I CAN wear it over my shoulder, and I do, but it JUST barely fits. I wish the straps were a couple inches longer, but it’s not a deal breaker for me.

  28. I did not look at all the comments so you may already know this. The anthro dress on your friend is the Summerset dress. Lots of colors, prints, materials and a short length too. Very popular dress and looks good on everyone! Pricey but worth it! I have 2.

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