When the Moms Are Away…

Because you have a life, you probably haven’t noticed that I’ve been MIA this weekend.  But I have.  Besides being consumed with moving my blog to WordPress (expect new digs VERY SOON!), I was also out of town for about 24 hours.

Atlantic City was, um, interesting.  I don’t think I’ll ever be bit by the gambling bug, but I sure wouldn’t mind going back to Wolfgang Puck for dinner again sometime.  Of course I forgot my camera, so I tried to capture the night on my Blackberry.  The Blackberry has some amazing features, but picture taking isn’t one of them.  This is the only decent one I got.  These are my partners in crime at the entrance to the Borgata.

Fortunately Shannon remembered her camera, so I was able to grab some of her photos.  Here is Kim (the birthday girl!), Danielle, and me at Wolfgang Puck.  Service was slow, but the food was divine.

We rushed from dinner to the Sara Bareilles concert.  Although we got there an hour late, it worked out perfectly because her show opener dude was just finishing up when we got there.  Although we all enjoyed her, three out of the four of us found ourselves dozing through part of the concert.  Hey, it was after 10pm.  What do you want from a bunch of over-tired 30-something moms?  Yeah, yeah, Shannon, I know you’re not 30-something yet.  Don’t rub it in.

After the concert we found seats on a comfy couch in a nearby bar and hung out for a while, chatting and people watching and occasionally busting a move when a good song came on.  Does anyone say busting a move anymore?  I need to catch up on the latest lingo before I embarrass my kids.

Some strange guy grabbed Shannon’s camera and took this picture of the four of us.  Fortunatley he didn’t try to hang around.

No one struck it rich at the slots, but neither did we lose our shirts, so I’d say that’s a pretty successful night in Atlantic City.

Happy Birthday, Kim!  I hope you enjoyed your night off!!

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I’ve never been a gambling fan, but maybe that’s because I’ve never won more than like 5.00!

  2. There were so many funny moments, but today I started chucking when I thought about the whole theme song episode. Hi-larious!

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