Where We Stay

Thought some of my “regulars” might find this post by my aunt, Midlife Mom, interesting.  This is where we spent our two weeks in Maine.

Meanwhile here I sit, trying to wrap my brain around the fact that summer’s almost over and my kids start school two weeks from today.  And yet I realize that many of you are already back in the swing of things.  We take our sweet ol’ time here in PA.  And I am SO glad we don’t go back until after Labor Day.  I plan to squeeze out every last drop of summer.

As if summer is mocking me, both of my ankles are swollen beyond recognition due to some killer mosquito that must have thought I tasted pretty yummy.  I have four bites on each ankle, and besides itching and swelling and oozing, they hurt like the dickens.  I don’t know when or where he made his attack, but I have never reacted so horribly to a bug in my life.  I’m about ready to bathe in Calamine.  Any other suggestions?

**Update. Now one of the “bites” is blistering.  I’m thinking poison ivy or leprosy.