Which Way?

Last night I was praying with C, and at the end  I prayed that she and D would grow to repent and believe in Jesus.

When I was done, C said, “D doesn’t want to go his way.”

I wasn’t  sure which “his” she was referring to, so I said, “What way does D want to  go?”

She said, “God’s way.”  Wow, I’m thinking.  We’ve done something right.  LOL!

Curious, I said, “So what way do you want to go?”

Like it was the most obvious thing in the world, she said, “My way.”

I was trying really hard not to laugh because I knew this was a great opportunity for witnessing to my daughter.  I  said, “Well, I am going to pray that God gives you the grace to go His way.”

She thought a minute and said, “I don’t want to go God’s way.  I don’t like him.”

Horrified by now, I thought, well I wonder what she associates with God  that she doesn’t like.  So I said, “Why?”

She didn’t have much of an answer to that.

So I explained that it’s only with God’s grace that anyone can go His way.  I told her that I would want to go my way and Daddy would want to go Daddy’s way, but God gives us the grace to want to go His way.

She said, “But I don’t want you to go God’s way.”

I said, “Well, what way do you want me to go?”

And in that same tone of voice that insinuates that the answer is quite obvious, she said,  “My way.”

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  1. The other day in Bible class the three year olds were making pictures that said something like “When I obey God, it makes Him happy” and “When I disobey God, it makes Him sad.” In the middle of the page was a rotating smile. Apparently, unlike the other kids in the class, my three year old said, “I think I want to make God be sad,” and she put the mouth on upside down.So Caroline, isn’t the only one.

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