You Know You’re A Blogger When…

You stop to take pictures of the unusual product find in the grocery store.

You almost wreck the car trying to scribble down your brilliant idea for a blog post.

You write off your latest makeup purchase as a business expense.  And then you blog about it.

You take three days away from your family and fly 1000 miles to spend a weekend with a group of women you’ve never met.  (I hope to be doing that NEXT year!)

You look at every inconvenience and screw-up as an opportunity for blog fodder.

It’s your turn.  Fill in the blank.

You know you’re a blogger when ___________________.

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45 thoughts on “You Know You’re A Blogger When…

  1. … when you take a before picture of something that you would normally never show the world and you post it for the world to see on the internet, but of course you also show the after… which I guess, saves you. 🙂

  2. When 1/2 of your conversations with your husband end with – I promise I won’t put this on the blog!
    Go check out my recent post – let me know if the video worked? And grab a tissue first.

  3. Instead of freaking out when your children make some giant mess or write all over themselves with Sharpie marker, you grab a camera.

  4. …you start to tell a story about something that happened to a blogging friend to one of your friends that don’t blog and stop yourself because you don’t want to feel like a big ole dork….

  5. You frequently have a dumb expression/sly grin on your face that gets your husband to ask you, “What are you blogging about in your head?” at which point, well, you have to tell him what you’re blogging about in your head.

    Just put your post up – thank you again; I love it!

  6. your preschool children see you at the computer and ask, “Mommy are you working on your Blog?”


    time outs, boogers, poop and burps are something you blog about – especially with a house full of boys!

  7. You can’t pay attention in church anymore, because you’re mind keeps wondering to what you’re going to blog about when you get home. I think I need to repent.

  8. when you carry around a liscence plate and take pictures of it in odd places to post the pics on your blog, and your hubby thinks you have totally lost your mind.

  9. you find yourself buying local delicacies that you would never normally buy so you can write a post about them and share them with your bloggy friends.

    You then forbid your kids to eat the aforementioned purchases until you have taken some good photos of them!

    Your are really excited about your bloggy makeover, but realised your “real” friends are not that bothered!

  10. . . .you can’t talk to your “real” friends anymore, because anytime you start to tell them something, they say, “Oh yeah, I read about that on your blog.”

    I can relate to so many of the others too.

  11. When you talk to your husband and friends about your blog friends and what they are doing.

    When you imagine what it would be like to go to lunch with your blog friends.

    When potential blog posts continuously flit through your mind.

    When you take pictures of the most inane things.

    I agree with your list too.

  12. When people you barely know throw in details of your posts into casual conversation but they don’t acknowledge HOW they know this information.
    “How did they know that?”You ask yourself.
    Ahhhh. Secret readers.

  13. …your mom apologizes for not getting a picture when you have to rescue the dog from the pool (see latest post on my blog for the details).

    …you spend an hour trying to figure out what music to remove from your iPod to make room for podcasts of Behind the Blog or the BigBoo Cast.

    …you look up the birthdays your IRL friend’s children by searching her blog.

  14. You know you’re a blogger when you’ve learned to type 45 words per minute with ONE hand because you have to hold the baby/read a book/fold the laundry with the other and you can’t bare NOT to blog during the day!

  15. …you get out of bed at night because you just thought of how to phrase something to be funnier.

    …you can’t remember who/where you heard about something – was it from someone in real life or a blog you read?

    …you take before/after pictures of everything

    …you catch yourself becoming envious over things like color schemes, fonts, and sidebars

    …you can spend 3 hours just “checking your email” (so guilty over this one!)

  16. …your kids start seeing everything as something you might blog about.

    …you worry about taking more than a couple of days off because your numbers might go down.

    …you feel the need to buy a “smaller” camera that will easily fit into all handbags, for those times when it’s not convenient lug the big one around

  17. …you’re taking pictures of your daughter’s back when she’s going through allergy testing so you can post on your blog what her back looks like full of hives.

  18. …you’re talking to your husband and you are telling him all about the situation/life details and he asks, “Now which friend is this again?” and you say, “My blog friend, so-and-so…”

  19. …your two year old grabs his toy laptop and says, “I blog. I working. Like Mommy.”

  20. When you spend a large part of your day blogging, dreaming about blogging, thinking about things to blog, and last but not least, reading other people’s blogs.

  21. -Your kids see something out of the ordinary when out and about and they tell you to take a picture for the blog or to write it down so you can blog about it.

    -you won’t let your family touch the dinner until you’ve taken a picture of it to go with the recipe you posted.

    Cute idea for a post!

  22. You know you’re a blogger when you dont mind crossing the rickety log bridge because you know at least it will make a good post if you fall in the water.

    These are AWESOME comments! I would love to post a compilation of all these on my blog with due reference of course. Will you be compililng them??

  23. 1. your 2-year old mimics you on blogging evenings with her own keyboard. 2. you’d rather blog & read other blog posts than do your day job (it’s always more fun to do what you’re passionate about).

  24. When you visit various family members on your vacation and whenever you start a story, they say – “Oh yeah, we read about that.”

    Or when you have a notebook or document file with a list of blog ideas.

  25. Ok, I remembered another one.

    * You know you’re a blogger when you and a couple of other “friends” you’ve never met start emailing about the perfect neighborhood, and which blogger would live where and what they would provide your little commune in forms of talent/entertainment.

    one more

    * you used to think gals who met and married men they met on the internet were completely wacko but now, you’re starting to understand a little more how that might happen…

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