And ten pounds later, she returns home.

I’ve been going to the Jersey shore for vacation every summer since I married into the husband’s family.  This is our 15th year.  Eight adults and eight kids cram into a 4-bedroom/2-bathroom condo on the beach.  And believe it or not, it works.  For the most part.  It helps that we’re all pretty easy going.

If you have a place you go time and time again, you know how you get into certain habits, or traditions.  One tradition we have is meeting up at the boardwalk one evening and going to the amusement park and then gorging on fried dough and ice cream.

Last night was our boardwalk night.  Now tell me, dontcha wish you were here?  Behold the glory of the funnel cake.  Notice how my 5-year-old can’t
be bothered to stop eating long enough to smile for the picture.  Now
that’s commitment, y’all.

Bumper cars are always the highlight of the night.  Almost everyone gets in on the fun.

The little girls aren’t quite so adventurous, but they had fun.

The perfect end to a perfect night — ice cream cones at dusk. 

Mine was chocolate peanut butter.  There were huge ribbons of peanut
butter throughout the rich chocolate.  My only regret is that I didn’t
get it in a waffle cone.  Perhaps another ice cream run is in order.  We have one night left.

AND.  In completely unrelated news, we had some, er, success on the potty this morning.  I’m not confident enough to declare that we have mastered the task, but we certainly made some progress.  WOOT!!