Bye-Bye Chikezie!

I had a feeling it might be the end of the road for Chikezie this week.  I was bummed but not surprised that Ramiele wasn’t even in the bottom three.  She must have one hefty fan base supporting her. 

I don’t suppose it much matters who goes at this point.  No one in the bottom three last night have much of a chance of making it to the top three, so whatever order in which they leave is really of no consequence.  But it always irks me when someone who is really not up to par squeaks through week after week.  HMPH.

I was happy to see that Kristy got spared the bottom three for once.  I think she’s a one-hit wonder, and probably not long for this Idol season, but she deserved a break this week.  In my opinion, anyway.  Which, of course, is what this blog is all about — my opinion.  It’s good to be king queen.

And while I’m airing my opinions, I hope Dreadlock Boy got a wakeup call and will up the ante next week.  He’s gonna have to get his act together, or he’s a goner.

What do you think?  Was it Chikezie’s week to go?  Were you surprised Ramiele squeaked by yet again?  Talk to me.