Bye-Bye Chikezie!

I had a feeling it might be the end of the road for Chikezie this week.  I was bummed but not surprised that Ramiele wasn’t even in the bottom three.  She must have one hefty fan base supporting her. 

I don’t suppose it much matters who goes at this point.  No one in the bottom three last night have much of a chance of making it to the top three, so whatever order in which they leave is really of no consequence.  But it always irks me when someone who is really not up to par squeaks through week after week.  HMPH.

I was happy to see that Kristy got spared the bottom three for once.  I think she’s a one-hit wonder, and probably not long for this Idol season, but she deserved a break this week.  In my opinion, anyway.  Which, of course, is what this blog is all about — my opinion.  It’s good to be king queen.

And while I’m airing my opinions, I hope Dreadlock Boy got a wakeup call and will up the ante next week.  He’s gonna have to get his act together, or he’s a goner.

What do you think?  Was it Chikezie’s week to go?  Were you surprised Ramiele squeaked by yet again?  Talk to me.

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  1. Shocked that Ramiele wasn’t in the bottom 3. Happy to see Chikezie gone. Surprised Syesha was in the bottom 3.

  2. I want KLC gone. Simon was right that her song on Tuesday was a clever, clever choice, but I felt it was patriotic pandering. Of course, I guess that’s part of what being a pop star is all about — pandering to (or meeting) the needs of the populace.

    I was so in love with DA for a long time, but he has been boring recently. A one-trick pony who can only sing slooooow.

    BW is getting better and better. Hope she’ll do an acoustic arrangement next week.

    Aack — I’m so addicted now. When this season is over, I might have to get old seasons on dvd from blockbuster! (since this is the first season I’ve watched),

  3. oh, so I wanted to ask, does anyone have a recommendation for what was the best season so far? Suspense, talent, surprises, great winner?

  4. I was definitely surprise to hear Ryan tell Ramiele it was the couch for her. I really think she should have been gone a few weeks ago.

    And I agree, something about Jason Castro just creeps me out. I think it’s the dreads with that baby face. He’s too “pretty” to have dreads, lol. I think he’d look great with a nice, regular guy’s haircut. 🙂

  5. Doesn’t Chikezie have the kindest eyes? I was sad he left, but not surprised. Ramiele, I never did get. She comes across as so immature in her interviews, unlike David A. who just comes across as cute. She can sing (not that she’s shown us much of that lately), but as Simon has reminded us -it’s not just a talent competition! So who is voting for Ramiele???

  6. I wanted Ramiele to go bye bye.

    I like Jacuzzi (Chikezie)….but, eventually his time would have come.

    Next is Ramiele I hope.

    I also agree, Kristy will be a one hit wonder (that was a good one.)

    David Cook is good, but I think he will let fame go to his head quickly….he looks like the type who might go wild, and be a snotty star ( am I wrong on this?)…he has a good voice, I loved his song Tues. night.

    I heart Brooke still.

    Kelly S.

  7. I too was hoping Ramiele or dreadlock boy would go. There’s just something about him that creeps me out. I think Chikezie would make a great model. He’s got great dimples, nice skin and great eyes. He’s very photogenic. I absolutely LOVE Brooke. She’s not as good of a singer as some others but I love her. She just makes me smile. You can sense joy all over her and she’s a great role model. I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

  8. Chikezie was at least entertaining and fun to watch. He loved when he would change things up. I will miss him. I wish Ramele would have gone. She’s boring!! She proves the point that having a good voice doesn’t make you a star!

  9. Yes, I was pretty ticked that Ramiele was not even in the bottom three. But I agree that hopefully Jason will step it up, because his last two or three performances have been THE SAME. Boring.

    Michael Johns needs to do what he did this week AGAIN next week. It makes me wonder if he can only do Queen or WHAT?!?!?!?!

  10. I think the bottom three should have been KLC, Raimele and Syesha and that KLC should have gone home. She just doesn’t have a strong enough voice to make it. I don’t think Raimele has a strong enough voice either. Syesha is the best of these three but she’s not consistant enough.

  11. I really thought it was going to be Ramiele but I guess maybe people felt sorry for her since she was sick (?) I wasn’t a huge Chickezie fan but I thought he was pretty good performer.

    And Castro, well I just think he’s high all the time, if you know what I mean…

  12. Was not surprised that Ramiele wasn’t even in the bottom three…annoyed, but not surprised. I can’t stand it when she pokes out her lower lip when the judges are telling her how crappy she is (all except for Paula, of course.) I am assuming that the 13 year old boys are voting for her. Who else could it be?

    I was happy that Kristy got a decent review from Simon. I know she’s not that great but for some reason I always pull for her to sing well. She will probably flop next week and be out for good. Unless of course, they let her sing The National Anthem…then she might have a chance.

    My favorite is David Cook. He deserves to be the winner, I think. But I am sure he will go the way of Chris Daughtry. I am still not over Chris Daughtry being voted off. I’m hoping the same thing doesn’t happen to David. Although I’m sure if it does, he will do just as well as Chris has done post Idol.

  13. I was so sad to see him go! He just seemed to have a really sweet spirit, a guy I’d be friends with (or have dated, were I younger). Sigh.

  14. I was so sad to see him go! He just seemed to have a really sweet spirit, a guy I’d be friends with (or have dated, were I younger). Sigh.

    Oh, and John Castro? Looks like John Travola. For real.

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