Coffee Talk 02.24.19

Greetings, friends! I hope you all had a good week. Mine was a bit of a whirlwind.

I had a blast in Arizona, but it’s good to be home. I shared a little about the trip in my email newsletter yesterday, but for those who may have missed it, I was there attending a conference for marketers. ShopStyle (my affiliate network) flew me out along with a few other bloggers to meet with them and network with other brands attending the conference.

The conference was held at the Camelback Inn Resort & Spa, which is a beautiful spot where I actually stayed once before for a different conference, but their rooms booked up so I stayed at the nearby Mountain Shadows Resort.

My resort had a very different vibe, but I loved it and ended up being very happy I got to stay there. I just took an Uber back and forth to Camelback as needed.

Mountain Shadows is very new and sleek, and my room was incredible. I did a little room tour in my Insta Story, for anyone who is interested. It’s saved on the Life tab in my highlight reel, along with all my other Stories from the trip. Here’s the view from my balcony. Pretty sweet, yes???

I went out a day early so I could get some spring outfit photos in a new location, and I booked a local photographer to come to the resort Monday afternoon. They were having unusually cold weather — it actually wasn’t much warmer than here! But we made do. Jacqueline was a blast to work with, and I can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out.

There were three other ShopStyle bloggers on the trip as well, and I had never met any of them before, but I’ve been in this industry long enough to know (14 years as of next month!!!) that when bloggers get together, it doesn’t matter if you knew each other before or not. There is always plenty to gab about, and we all hit it off.

I met Jess in the hotel bar after my photo shoot for a glass of wine, and then I went out to dinner with Ashley and Mallory after that. After being alone for a couple of days, it was really nice to get out of my room and socialize.

The next day was when all of the action was planned. I got up bright and early and Ubered over to another resort — The Sanctuary — for a networking brunch with the ShopStyle team and some reps from various brands that were present at the conference.

They put on a swanky brunch for us, and I met people from Trunk Club, Schutz shoes, Shutterfly, Free People, Nordstrom, Rakuten (the marketing company hosting the conference) and others. I also got to meet several members of the ShopStyle team for the first time.

After that, we had some down time to work and visit in the hotel lobby, and there were brand meetings that afternoon. It was all very helpful and interesting, and I can’t wait to follow up with them and see where it leads.

I got a few hours to rest in my room before dinner with the other bloggers and the ShopStyle team at The Mission, which evidently is a hard spot to get a reservation. It was a really cool place, and the food was amazing.

The next day, I worked at the resort before moving to a hotel in Phoenix for an extra night due to the weather here in Philly. While that wasn’t part of my original plan, it gave me some nice downtime to rest and process the events of the prior couple days.

All in all, it was a great experience! When you work alone from home, it’s a rare treat to meet up with other people who do what you do and “talk shop” for a few days, and it’s been a long time since I’ve been to a conference.

It was nice to get some face time with members of the ShopStyle team and to meet with reps from several brands I already work with as well as a few new brands that I’m hoping to work with in the future. That said, it was a long time to be away from my family, especially with the extra day throw in there, so it feels really good to be home.

As they say, there’s no rest for the wicked! I had a couple of deadlines looming so on Friday, my first day home, I met with Alison to shoot a few looks, and that afternoon I got right to work on blog posts.

We didn’t do much Friday and Saturday, except shuttle the girls from place to place. Yesterday we got to attend my younger daughter’s first jazz band performance, so that was fun.

And today, I’m excited to go down and see my son after church service and take him to lunch. We haven’t seen him since he went back after Christmas break.

In other news, my spring series with Cyndi starts this Friday, March 1st!!! 

We are teaming up once again for a style challenge where we each style a new spring outfit every day of the month except Sundays, so mark your calendars and be sure you’re signed up for my daily emails so you don’t miss anything!

Yes, it may seem early to some of you, but it’s also a little late for others. Some of you are telling me you’ve been wearing spring-like outfits for the past month, and others are saying spring is still a couple months away.

I get it. Here in Philly, March is a crapshoot. It can be 70 and sunny or 20 and snowing, and sometimes we get a little of both. But we always do this series in March because if we wait until April, spring styles start selling out.

My goal is to style a mix of transition outfits that we can actually wear now, as well as some lighter spring outfits for events you may have coming up in the next few months, so bear with me. If it doesn’t apply to you today, it will eventually!

I try to keep the blog a balance of real life outfits and inspiration for the season ahead, but whenever we’re in a transition period as we are right now, I am usually thinking ahead.

I do share what I’m actually wearing on Instagram, though, and I’ll do a What I Wore post for March, much like I did yesterday.

Also, if you aren’t on Instagram, I share my IG outfits each day in my email newsletter with a link to my ShopStyle page, where you can click on each outfit and then get product links to each retailer for more info. You do not have to have Instagram or a ShopStyle account to get the information.

I hope that’s helpful!

Well, this turned into quite the epistle! I need to start getting ready for church, and I’m hoping for a break in the rain so I can get a quick run in.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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