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This picture is where I wish I was sitting this morning! It’s been a pretty gloomy weekend here so far, but today is shaping up to be nicer. Not swimsuit weather, or anything, but nice for March in Philly. All I know is, the sun is out, so I’ll take it!

Yesterday was a bit of a wash… quite literally! It rained all day, and after I got my Try-On Haul up and my email out, I went back to bed. I almost never do that, but I couldn’t get motivated to do anything else, and I guess I needed it because I slept for a few hours. Savannah joined me, and she was so happy to have someone to snuggle up with during the day.

Once I woke up, I knew I needed to get out of the house, so I told Paul we were going out to an early dinner. Fortunately he had nothing else on his agenda… either that, or he knows the sound of desperate woman when he hears it!

Anyway, I got myself ready, and we went out to a nearby grill and wine bar, where we could take our time and spend a few hours catching up. I feel like we always have better conversations when we’re out to dinner than we do if we’re just hanging out at home. Plus, it’s always fun to sit at the bar with some other people and chat with the bartender.

Ours told us he’s from North Africa, and when I asked about the difference between the two French Rosés on the menu, he brought out all 3 for  me to try! (I ended up having the Belleruche.)

Other than that, this past week was a bit of a whirlwind. It’s one of those where I can hardly remember what I did, but it was busy. I’ve jacked up my shoulder again, so I fit in a visit to my chiropractor, and I got a fresh mani/pedi, which was much needed. For some reason, my last one didn’t hold up very well. I went for a bright pink this time; I felt like I needed some color in my life.

Savannah went to the beauty shop, as well, and there were some other mundane appointments and time spent working in coffee shops in between. I’ve started bringing my laptop when I’m going to be out and about, and it’s nice to get a change of scenery since so much of my time is spent working alone in my office.

If my life sounds boring, it’s because it is, lol! I feel like so much of my time is spent managing everyone and everything, but when I have nothing on the agenda, I just work or watch TV. That’s why I’m excited to start traveling more.

I never really had the travel bug when the kids were younger, and it’s not like we didn’t go anywhere, but we went to a lot of the same places over and over. Now that everyone is older and more independent, I really want to expand our horizons and see more of our country and the world. I can see why people by RVs!

All that to say, I’d love to hear from you. What are some of your favorite places to visit? Both in the U.S. and around the world? Where do you recommend we go next?

And with that, I’m off to get ready for church. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Although I have been all over Europe and love it, there are so many places in the US that people forget about. My husband and I are going to Utah this summer! The US has so many National Parks that are gorgeous. Plus, I’d love to go to Maine in the Fall. And don’t forget Alaska — great family trip!

    1. Yes, the national parks are on my bucket list, for sure. And we love Maine, I have family there, so we go often. 🙂 Alaska is also a good one… I wonder how it differs from Maine.

      1. Alaska is phenomenal! We lived in Anchorage for several years. I highly recommend flying into Anchorage and visiting Seward, Homer, Talkeetna. So much to do and see

  2. I would like to
    hit some national parks out west.

    After I read about the 103 temps in Italy last June, I almost changed gears and booked an Alaskan cruise. Hubby has been to
    Alaska several
    times but I never have. On my list.

  3. I was a bum yesterday & never got dressed. The day here in Chicago nearly demanded it. Haha.
    We are well traveled and my favorite place is easy to get to – Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper in Alberta Canada. Fly into Calgary and head west into the breath taking Canadian Rockies. More beautiful than US Rockies. We visited Switzerland & the Matterhorn (very nice & a must see) the same summer and the Canadian Rockies win hands down. The old Canadian Pacific hotels are incredible & now run by Fairmount. The one at Lake Louise is a MUST because lodging limited. In Banff there are many other lodging choices. Google these destinations and thank me later 😉
    PS. I’m anxious to wear my new green Kut jacket. So cute! Taking black Loft jumpsuit on a road trip next weekend. TY.

    1. You are so right Kathy, the Canadian Rockies are stunning and I’m blessed to have them so close to me. The Canadian and American National parks are outstanding: Banff, Jasper, Waterton, Glacier, Arches, Canyonland, Zion and Bryce Canyon. Utah is an experience like no other if you like to hike. Alaska is beautiful. It’s different than Maine for the wildlife, no crowds and the fjords. Don’t go before June though – is cold. Idaho is pretty too. Montreal and Quebec City are interesting, The Canadian dollar is weaker than the US dollar currently so Americans get 30% more value coming to Canada. Sadly, the inverse is true for us Canadians visiting the US: 30% more expensive. Our absolute favorite, if money is no object, is Hawaii. The islands of O’ahi, Maui and Kauai are breath taking and the Polynesian culture “Aloha spirit” is so welcoming.

      1. Yelena, I totally agree. Our most recent Hawaii trip was last month to Maui & Kauai our favs. We are taking our 3rd Alaskan cruise in July for our 25th Anniv. Done both land & water trips there. Heading to Utah in a few months to visit the wide span of Ntl Parks there. We are excited! Our world is a beautiful place. We enjoy Europe too. This list could be endless…. Lucky you so close to Banff & Jasper Ntl Parks!!!

  4. Family of 5 – three kids (15,12,9) and we all love to travel. We took a little down time with COVID but have been traveling a ton in the past year. We’ve stayed in the US since COVID – Arizona, Utah are great states to visit – so beautiful. We do Maine a few times a year. This year we’re doing the cities – NY (which is only 1.5 hour from us so easy), Boston (another city we travel to often) and are going to check out DC this summer. Also branching out and doing our first cruise – Alaska! Doing that one as a “test run” as we’re hoping to do a cruise through Northern Europe next summer. My husband and I often joke how our children are much more “worldly” than we ever were! As kids, he camped and I did Virginia Beach every summer.

  5. Even though the empty nest is around the corner and I’m uneasy about this new chapter of life, the excitement and flexibility of more traveling is definitely something we are looking forward to also. We enjoy skiing in Colorado (Vail and Winter Park are both beautiful) and hiking there in the summer and fall too is wonderful. I recommend the cute town of Leavenworth, WA in the off-season. Besides the traffic, the Pacific NW is beautiful! College Station is a fun city in the south. We enjoy visiting various college campuses; we visited our first Presidential Library there too. Of course Hawaii is worth the trip at least once!

    1. Leavenworth, WA is great. I live a couple hours from there. I’d recommend visiting in spring or early summer since we’ve begun to have “fire season” in late summer. Winthrop, WA is another cute small town and right next to the wonderful and less traveled, North Cascades National Park – it’s breathtaking.

      1. My husband and I go to the outdoor theatre plays in Leaveworth, Wa. We live about 4 1/2 hours from there in Oregon.

  6. Come to the NS ..you can take the cat ferry from Bar Harbor which will bring you to Yarmouth than travel up the south shore to see all the beaches and pretty spots .. Peggy’s Cove etc!
    Or drive from Maine and come through NB you can also ver off and see PEI. The Maritime provinces have lots to see if you’ve never been!but come in July or August.. or in the fall for Cabot trail!

    1. We’ve taken the cat ferry!! So much FUN!! We did a day tour of Nova Scotia and really had the best time! I think it’s something to do more than once ! 🙂

    2. Definitely second this! We spent two weeks on a driving tour of Maine, New Brunswick, Grand Manan Island, PEI, and Nova Scotia’s Cabot Trail.

  7. While we have been all over, I think the most meaningful trip we took was to Israel and Jordan. I also loved our trip to Bali and New Zealand but those are long flights. Outside of Paris my all time favorite city, I really loved Vienna and Salzburg especially during the Easter markets, Budapest and Prague. Finally in addition to the national parks, don’t forget Western Canada like Victoria Island, Banff and Lake Louise. Watching the salmon run was amazing!

  8. I agree with Fern, the US has lots to offer. I’ve lived all over the US and traveled some in Europe but next week I am heading to Paris. I’ve never been there before, have you? We’re taking our oldest daughter for her birthday so I’ll get to see it through the eyes of a teenager ☺️ For me, I’ve made a long list of French pharmacy items I hope to get, areas of shopping to explore, and hopefully bring home some art. Oh, and eat a lot of fabulous food! Fantastique!

  9. I totally understand the feeling of wanting to see more of the world. We, too, did the same vacation spots over and over when our kids were small
    and have only recently started to vacation “differently” with our couples friends. Whenever we look for a vacation idea, I’m not yet ready to revisit a a location I’ve already been to because I want a different experience, and feel there’s so much to see!

  10. I do have to travel in the US more. My son moved to Nevada several months ago and I haven’t visited him yet.

    My favorite country I have ever visited, and I WILL go back, is Scotland. It is so incredibly beautiful that I cried a few times. The rolling green hills, the charming old buildings…! We went into buildings from as far back as the 1400s! I also loved England and Portugal. Spain was just ok to me.

    1. Sandie, I agree! Scotland is my favorite country to visit – we’ve been there twice and I want to go again! The history, the people, the highlands…it is all so amazing! 🙂

  11. The US national parks are a favorite destination for our family. There are so many to choose from, all over the country! We aren’t campers, so will stay in nearby hotels and go into the park for the day. A lot of parks have hotels in them, but you have to book far in advance and we’re never that organized.

    The Hocking Hills area in Ohio is not a national park, but it’s gorgeous and free to visit. The hikes there are fantastic and easily done in a day or two (again, no camping required if that’s not your thing).

    For city vacations we like Chicago and Toronto (both easy to get to from where we live). There’s lots to see in Canada, too–we love Quebec City and Montreal, and recently visited Victoria and Vancouver. The Maritime Provinces are beautiful, too, and are similar to Maine.

    1. We have been various Israel and several European countries (still have a few more to visit) and loved the many beautiful sites, history, religious aspect, food and culture. I’ve visited Italy twice once in the spring and again in October. We have cruised the Caribbean islands (Southern, Western and Eastern and just returned from a cruise to the Mexican Rivera with our adult kids, spouses and six grands. In other words we love to travel. The USA has many, many destinations to explore. The Grand Canyon is absolutely stunning, Utah with all its National Parks is a must. There is so much to see and do here. Because you have explored the East more (especially Maine because of your family lake house check out going west. Closer to your home is Washington DC, Monticello, Mount Vernon, Williamsburg. Napa Valley would be fun for you and Paul and your friends. We did the Pennsylvania historical sites, rented a house in the outer banks for a couple of years and once on Virgina Beach (with my husbands siblings and their spouses) I could go on and on. The point is that our beautiful country is filled with so much beauty. So many wonderful places to visit. My husband is our trip planner and is always got something on his radar. Have fun. Enjoy researching and going. The world is your oyster.

  12. Yes travel!!! Easy for me to say that’s my full-time job! Your fashions hv taken me to Bali,
    Paris and recently London. I absolutely loved London ..covenant gardens.. transit so easy and I did it with only carry on!!
    I’m excited for your trip and look forward to hearing about it!
    I used crossbody bag inside coat whole time :).

  13. We stepped up the travel when our youngest went to college & our favorites have been Phoenix (more specifically The Hermosa Inn in Paradise Valley. Our favorite place ever), Lake Tahoe, Santa Barbara, NYC & Miami. When we want to really just relax & lay on the beach we go to Mexico. The Secrets resorts have the best food, hands down. We never leave the resort & have never worried about safety. We also do a weekend trip every other month or so. We love Nashville, Chicago, Lexington KY & St Louis. It’s such a fun transition from all the sports & commitments we had when all our kids were in high school!

  14. I went on a great trip with friends last year to Amsterdam. We did a 7 day bike and barge tour from Bruges to Amsterdam. It was a great way to explore the country. There were only 34 people on the Barge. The rooms and food were fantastic. Every morning after breakfast the chef put out items for us to make and pack our lunch for the days ride. Then we would split into 2 groups and ride to the next city where the boat would meet us. We were generally done around 3:30-4 and had time to shower have dinner on the boat and go out and explore the city we were in. Couldn’t recommended more.

  15. My husband and I just got back from a trip to Antarctica! It was fabulous and I highly recommend going. We sailed with Atlas Ocean Voyages on their new ship, the World Traveller. It’s a small ship – 200 max. – and we were able to take several excursions onto the continent. We also got to sea kayak.VERY reasonable cost and we were treated like royalty. It was a truly humbling and life changing experience. I would be glad to tell you more if you are interested-

    1. I would love to hear more! That is a bucket list trip for me, and it sounds amazing. I just checked out the website, and the prices are reasonable (considering what you typically see for that trip). How rough were the seas? I am not someone who always gets seasick, but it’s something that has worried me about an Antartica trip. Though a smaller ship is appealing, I would be concerned that would up the chances for feeling rough seas.

      1. We were lucky – the Drake Passage was not too rough and only lasted about 2 days. I get motion sickness and went prepared. My doctor prescribed scopolamine patches, and I bought OTC meclazine (Bonine) which I took twice a day during the passage, The ship has great stabilizers which helped negotiate the seas. I also had a subscription for anti nausea medication (Zofran)if I needed it. I was very prepared! You never know how the seas are going to be but our captain and crew paid very close attention to the weather and actually avoided a storm headed down. Go! You won’t regret it!

      1. I get motion sickness very easily so I was nervous. Check with your doctor about the meds I mentioned in the previous comment. Once you finish the Drake Passage the seas were fine. Antarctica is a place like no other – the beauty, the animals, the silence. I want to go back, and I am still processing this trip. Hope you can get there 😊

    2. Your trip sounds amazing! Antarctica is on my bucket list. I am thinking of doing of doing Antarctica for my 50th birthday in a few years. How long was the cruise and did your trip also offer options for staying a few days in Argentina? I am thinking I may want to also go to Argentina and Chile in addition to a cruise to Antarctica.

      1. We did a 9- night cruise. They also offer longer cruises and if we go back we will take a longer cruise. I think they do offer additional stays in Argentina. Our travel agent took care of our time in Argentina. Go to Iguazu Falls while you are there – they are spectacular. Hope you can go!

  16. I agree with so many others that our country has so much beauty and such a variety. I live in Utah and so I have to agree that the national parks here are beautiful. Last year as a family, we finally went and spent time in Bryce Canyon national park and I was amazed. (We had only stopped by briefly in the past). It is within 30-60 minutes of several other parks in that area. .
    I’ve heard that glacier national park is awesome. That’s on our list as well as lake havasu and havasu falls in Arizona. We hope to hit Italy for our 30th!

  17. Love everyone’s comments and second the recommendations to travel west. As someone who has been to Europe many times and traveled all over the US, I highly recommend seeing Mesa Verde NP. The old cliff dwelllings are extraordinary! Tie them into a road trip including National Park’s in Utah and you will have a very memorable experience!

  18. I don’t find your life boring at all! In the U.S., our three favorite states we’ve visited and would go back too, are: Alaska, Montana, and Wyoming. Outside of the U.S., our top picks are Germany, Austria, and Scotland. Due to Larry’s health, our traveling days are over, but we love where we live and we have wonderful memories to look back on. We are under a tornado watch for a couple more hours and are expecting rain through Tuesday. At least part of yesterday was sunny. Have a blessed day!

  19. Ahh travel. Love it! We are off to Japan next week for 3 weeks. Edinburgh & Scotland are a must. Our list in the US includes national parks, New Orleans & wherever our son ends up for grad school. So many places!

  20. Our family has traveled all over Europe (visiting family) and Mexico and now we are starting to actually travel in the US, last year we did a three week road trip through Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho & Wyoming, We did a lot of the National Parks but my favorite was Jackson Hole where we day tripped the Grand Tetons & Yellowstone, the hiking was amazing and probably one of the most pristine beauty places I’ve been to, it’s a bucket list must

  21. After spending our last several vacations in Texas, we’ve decided to go on the trip we had booked when everything got shut down. We are driving to South Dakota! My son and I came up with a route there and back that will have us go through 10 states, 8 he’s never been to and 6 I’ve never visited! By the time we get home, I might never drive again, but it will definitely be a memorable trip!

  22. I went to London last spring and loved it. I highly recommend. You’re already planning on Italy and that would be my other choice. I’ve been to Alaska and it’s very majestic. To me it’s like a bigger Mine. It reminded me a lot of Maine but on steroids!

  23. In a galaxy far, far away, a long time ago, when I was younger, body parts were perkier, and cell phones didn’t have cameras, I did Mardi Gras in LA (fabulous fun!), Hogmanay in Scotland (favorite foreign country so far,) La Tomatina in Spain and toured La Sagrada Familia (very interesting Gaudi influences,) and . . . France. While France was beautiful, the food delicious, the Louvre fascinating, the people . . . not so much. I didn’t realize how much interacting with the people of each country impacted my views of how much I enjoyed a place. Every other country has been lovely.

    Montreal, Quebec, is neat. We, too, love Maine and New England. Olympics in 1996 in Georgia was wonderful!
    Trying to make L.A. 2028 happen. I did a little bit of Texas and had a grand time. They’re not kidding when they say things are bigger in Texas. Our meal portions were ginormous! We now do Disney every year with the kids and enjoy it.

    What do you like to do? How active would you like to be? Museums? Hiking? Historic sites? Eating and wine tours? Even Washington, D.C. is fabulous. I planned an epic man trip for my dad and his lifelong bestie. They were clueless about planning, so I booked everything for them, and when I dropped them off at the airport I felt like a mom dropping her kid off to college! LOL. They had a great time staying at the Watergate, hitting all the Smithsonians and historic sites, eating at great restaurants. D.C. is beautiful right now with the cherry blossoms.

    Hook up with a travel agent and let them give you some ideas! I want to put in a good word for whitewater rafting with your adult kids. Lots of fun and mildly athletic, LOL.

  24. The British Virgin Islands! Specifically, Virgin Gorda. We went with our kids a couple times when they were little. Very laid back. Regarding shoes in Italy, the thicker the sandal sole, the better with cobblestone streets. You’ve used the word ‘prescious’ to describe clothing before – I’d say, avoid prescious sandals in Italy unless you are just walking fron a car into a restaurant.

  25. We went to Alaska for my parents’ 50th anniversary in 2018. I would go back tomorrow if I could. It is so beautiful. We did a cruise because there were 12 of us which was nice, but my family also rented a car after the cruise and drove to Mt Denali.
    The Pacific Northwest is another one of my favorite trips we did. Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Vancouver CA, and even over to Banff if you have time.

  26. We did a Pacific Northwest vacation one summer that was wonderful. Flew into Seattle and did a loop tour, including the San Juan Islands, Mount Ranier, and the Oregon coast.

    We love the National Parks. Colorado is a great state to visit and Rocky Mountain National Park is beautiful. For a relaxing vacation, our favorite is St John in the US Virgin Islands. Much of the island is a national park and it’s home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, plus great snorkeling.

  27. Hi-Lynne,

    I love your newsy life updates and hearing about your “boring” life 😀

    I currently live in SoCal (husband is USAF stationed here) and I love traveling to National Parks and last summer we went to Yosemite which was amazing! So glad we had that chance. Yellowstone, Grand Tetons- so much of God’s beautiful creation showcased in the west!

    Happy Traveling 😀

  28. Hi Jolynne,
    Your life doesn’t sound boring! It sounds very normal! I appreciate your honest posts. 🙂 Regarding trips…When my kids were growing up, we did a LOT of road trips around the country and hit lots of national parks…they’re some of our best memories. An area where my husband and I went several times was the Hudson River Valley in NY. It was drivable for us since we lived in New Jersey and Pennsylvania…we rented a little cottage and just loved it. Such a gorgeous area. This summer we have a family reunion in Prescott, AZ, and we’ll also go to Sedona. I’ve been there before, and it is another really gorgeous part of the country. Also Montana is incredible…Glacier Nat’l Park is amazing. I went to Fiji when I was 18 to visit my brother and his family which was a stunning place. We have more places in Europe to visit, and where we’ve been we’ve loved…London, Munich, Bavaria, Paris, Geneva, Zermatt, and the Northern Italy cities. A highlight is when we went to France with my daughter and son-in-law and his parents… after being in Paris a few days, we drove to Giverny (Monet’s house and gardens), spent a night in Mont St. Michel (absolutely amazing), saw Normandy beaches, and we rented an airbnb in this chateau in Barbeville that was the most dreamy and charming area. We had brunch at this ciderie called Le Ferme de Billy in Rots that has a 13th century chapel on the grounds. It was the most delicious and beautiful brunch and gorgeous grounds. I literally dream of going back there haha. My husband has a business trip in Madrid in October, and I’m tagging along, and I think we’ll visit Portugal, too. Happy travels!

  29. We love to travel, especially internationally while we are still youngish (late 50’s) and in good health. We have heard of many people who intend to travel after retirement and then their health is poor and they can’t. We do the harder trips that are farther from home now and will travel closer to home and more in the US when we are older. Our favorites have been Greece, Israel, and Croatia. Our latest trip was in February to Morocco which was a very unique country. Enjoy Italy! If you have time, escape the cities and go into the smaller towns and countryside!

  30. Yesterday morning in central New Jersey, when I came from doing some shopping at my local Target around 10AM: I, HONESTLY, THOUGHT IT WAS GOING TO SNOW lol! The rest of the day, though, was like a dreary ‘nor easter. Having been in this area of the country my entire life: I’m finding the older I get, I cannot tolerate crowds and the pointless constant “congestion” of people just pushing in on seemingly every. little. open. space. or just like they’re darting out from any side “short cut” now you (think!) you could’ve avoided them by taking instead. It was NOT like this, I remember, while growing up here in the ’80s and ’90s.

    That black Miraclesuit is a winner! My only “complaint” is: they should’ve made the shoulder straps a criss-cross in front and, added a silver (or gold) plated hoop detail in the middle tying them together.

    Anyway, 55 and bright sunshine today. Went for a 20-block-roundtrip powerwalk to destress.

  31. I love to travel and would love to do more!! We love the National Parks, Montana, and the west coast!! Would love to see more of Europe! Only been to Italy – such fun and beautiful! My favorite place there is Cinque Terra. Enjoy your trip and thanks for all you do for us!!🥰

    1. We are going to Italy for the first time ever in August/September (11 days total), and towards the end we are spending 3 nights in the Cinque Terre…can’t wait! It looks so absolutely beautiful!

  32. I too was hit with the travel bug once my kids left home. We have not did much international travel other than Mexico but have enjoyed travel in the US. Hawaii is still my favorite (Maui 😘) I can’t wait to hear about your Italy trip!!

  33. For the last six years, a friend and I have seen our country on horseback. New Mexico, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and Montana. We have seen our country’s beauty few ever see, on the back of a horse. Not for everybody, but truly worth it. Alaska is something you have to see. It’s beauty just has to be experienced. Last Fall we visited Monticello. Another American gem. My husband and I have hiked many of our National parks. They are amazing! We have been to Europe but truly there is so very much to discover at home. And just as fulfilling!

  34. I don’t know if you follow Susan at unefemme.net, but she always has great tips for travel packing and what to wear. She is US-based but travels to Europe regularly, often using a carry-on. Even if her style isn’t precisely yours, I find she has a way of explaining things that makes her advice work for anyone. https://unefemme.net/travel

  35. Hi Jo Lynne, I have been reading you for several years, but never commented. Just to tell you I am from Argentina, so I am very away, but love to read about your life and family. Yours is very different from mine, but anyway, I always find something in common. Argentina is a beautiful country to visit, maybe some day you can come down South. Have a nice day!!

  36. I’m sorry about your shoulder. I had frozen shoulder about 3 years ago. I couldn’t work out and my arms got flabby. I have never gotten back that muscle tone. A massage therapist helped me with my shoulder.

    As far as trips I recommend Israel. My sister and I went in January 2020 before lockdowns. It was awesome. We were with a church group and we felt safe. I recommend checking the weather forecast wherever you go. I was told Israel was mild in winter. I didn’t take a heavy coat so I was freezing a lot. When the north wind blows it’s cold to me.

    1. Yeah, I keep messing up my right arm/shoulder with all my computer work – it’s my mouse arm, and I have the mouse set over too far b/c of my wide keyboard. I need a better longterm solution. :/

      Israel sounds amazing. My aunt, uncle, and cousin went last fall.

  37. I love to travel! And while it’s fun to learn about other cultures by visiting foreign countries, there are so many pretty places in the US too! We love National Parks like Yellowstone, the Tetons, southern Utah and Glacier.

  38. You are going to my favorite country/city Rome,Italy this summer!! 😊 Our daughter was there for her Fall semester in her junior year of college!! My and husband went to visit her from one week before her semester was over!! I have been there before but it was my husband’s first time he feel in love!! He wants to go back in three years before we can’t walk(lol!) I know you and family will enjoy your vacation in this beautiful city!!

  39. You need to visit Charleston, SC! My son lives there and we visit several times a year and there is always something new to explore.

  40. This is music to my ears that you have caught the travel bug! It bit me at 22 when I did my first solo trip to Italy! Since then I’ve been to several countries in Europe, the Caribbean, and South America. My suitcase is always ready for the next adventure! Greece or Spain should be next in your bucket list! Santorini has some of the most spectacular sunsets I have ever seen. This year I am thinking of Ireland and/or Iceland.
    Places that I am also interested in going to are the national parks, Alaska, and the New England states.

  41. Well, we do Wildwood every year with the family, but I am guessing you have already been there. Hubs and I are going to Barbados in July, going to Jamaica in September. I am ready to be on a beach sipping a cocktail, that is for sure.

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