Coffee Talk 06.02.19

Greetings and good morning on this first Sunday in June! I hope everyone’s having a good weekend. I only have a few minutes here before I need to head out the door, so this is a short Coffee Talk.

I actually got myself ready for church before writing this post, so we could get an outfit picture outside. I’m not usually ready in time — thus the mirror selfies, but it’s always nice when I can get a “real” picture.

Do you notice anything different?

We just recently had our front walk and landscaping replaced. The plants and bushes were all overgrown, so I had been wanting to get that freshened up. And then we had an issue with the front walk sinking from the ground under and around it settling over the years, and the front step was too high to meet code. We had originally hoped to just fix the existing walk, but both professionals we spoke with advised us to replace the whole thing. Annnd there goes the tax return! Haha!

But truly, we didn’t even notice how worn the old one was until they pointed out other issues besides the front step, and it is so nice to have a fresh, new front sidewalk. Not to mention, it’s a much nicer backdrop to my outfit pictures!

I really like the stone pavers we picked; I feel like they complement the stone on the front of the house better than the brick pavers did. And it’s also really fun to see the new plants start to fill in.

We have a couple of hydrangeas, which I love, and there are some other flowering plants just starting to show color. I didn’t pick any of them, I just went with the plans the landscaper showed us (a gardener, I am not) so it’s fun to see what develops a they start to bloom.

In other news, we spent yesterday afternoon at the Chester County Blues BBQ. We’ve gone several times over the past 6 – 7 years, and it’s always a good time. If you’re local and like outdoor music festivals, you should definitely check it out.

My younger daughter had a birthday party to attend, and my son was fine with hanging back to drive her to that, so it was only my older daughter who went with us. She’s the one who is really into it, so that worked out. We brought the dog, and a couple of friends joined us, plus the weather was absolutely perfect. It was a really fun, laidback Saturday afternoon.

It’s hard to believe there’s only one week left of school for the girls! They’re counting down the days until they’re done, and I’m sure my son is counting down the days until he goes to camp. This will be his 3rd year being a camp counselor, and he really seems to enjoy it.

I’ll miss him, but of course I’ve gotten used to him being gone for weeks at a time. Plus we’ll be heading to Maine for our family vacation once his camp is over, so we have that to look forward to.

I better grab some breakfast and head out the door so I’m not late. It’s a chronic problem I’m trying to overcome, and it’s an uphill battle. You really do have to shift the way you think and plan your time, but I’m determined to develop better habits. Life is so much less stressful when you’re not running late.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. The front landscaping and pavers look terrific! And the plants will fill in nicely. You look pretty as well, I like that dress . Thank you for the reminder that planning ahead definitely cuts down the stress level ❤️
    Have a good Sunday…

  2. Hey Jolynne! Your new sidewalk looks lovely. You are the first blogger I look for in the morning. You are so “real” and always give us a glimpse of your family life which I love. We also have the same taste in fashion as I have a laid-back lifesytle also. Thanks for making your readers feel like friends. Have a great Sunday!

  3. Happy Sunday! Your walkway looks GREAT!!! I see you’re wearing the Boden dress! I love it as well, but be careful when you wash it. I bought the 12Long (I’m 5’7″ and wanted a little more length). It was a little big under the arms and on top, so I washed and dried it a little in the dryer. It did shrink, but came out PERFECT for me! I certainly won’t put it in the dryer again. So, if your dress is the perfect size, just hang to dry.

  4. I love your sidewalk and landscaping! We have an area that needs a big refresh, so this gives me inspiration!

    1. It’s funny, I didn’t even think about replacing it when we bought the house, but then this year when things started growing in, I knew it needed a do-over. It really is nice to get a fresh start.

  5. Walk way looks great. I really like the pavers… And the landscaping is a great back drop for pics… plus you’ve got your gorgeous pool area. Still loving that dress looks so comfy.. 

  6. Love the picture. You look great as always. Cute dress. Love your surroundings. Great job. Happy Sunday.

  7. Happy Sunday!  Your new walkway and gardens look fabulous! Great paver selection!  I’m not a gardener either but a good friend who is helped me muck out ours and I am thrilled with the results.  Now to keep it looking that way! 😬

  8. Happy Sunday!  The pavers look great!  I love hydrangeas.  I live in the Deep South and I have a blue flowering one and a purple one in the same bed. The Boden dress is so cute.  I ordered it and fell in love with it.  You always look beautiful and so put together!  Have a wonderful day.

  9. Your walk looks beautiful! You too! It’s too bad the previous owner didn’t allow in your contract for the step to be fixed at their cost. We had something similar, except the whole front of the large porch was sinking, bring the roof down with it, eek! 

    I feel ya on the being late thing! It’s only when I’m trying to leave the house. Someone once gave me the advice of being 15 minutes early every where I go, but that never stuck, lol! Have a beautiful Sunday!

  10. You are looking so pretty this morning!  Sounds like yesterday was very enjoyable.  I’m glad that David will get to join y’all for the family trip to Maine this summer.   I immediately noticed the mulch, plants, and sidewalk.  It is a very nice backdrop!  Since you are not a gardener, I will share something I learned the hard way, many years ago.  We had a professional from Pikes Nurseries to draw up a design for us, then had them do the planting.  Well, as things grew, it became very obvious that she had chosen way too many plants for the beds at the house, and some of the plants grew so much that they obstructed the windows and the smaller plants.  I wish we had left more open space for the smaller plants to expand and do their thing, and I wish we had dug up some of the larger plants while that was still a viable option.  Have a great day!

  11. The pavers and landscaping looks so pretty! I second the comment about how you really have a talent for making your readers feel like friends! The winds have shifted in Alberta so the horrific smoke is pushed north bound. We have blue-ish skies and less smoky smell, thank God. The military has been called in to assist. This is our new normal out west: hot, smoky summers I’m afraid…. This is our 4th consecutive smoky summer.

  12. You look fantastic in that printed dress Jo-Lynne! Summers are absolutely apt for experimenting with bold and floral prints. Do try the oversized dresses with funky tropical prints this summer, they are much in trend, and will look good on you. You could also try an off-shoulder bohemian jumpsuit.

  13. I’ve been away in Europe for two weeks and I’m getting caught up on my blog reading. I have to comment on your flowers and walkway. Beautiful! And, hydrangeas are my favourite, especially blue ones. I would love to see more of your flowers/gardens.

    1. Thanks, I’ll try to take pictures. I’m not thrilled with the landscaping out front – some of the plants are kind of sad looking and the colors are all too similar. Oh well. We can tweak it next spring. I do love my hydrangeas.

      1. Take a photo of the flower bed and think about what colours you would rather see in front. Any garden centre/landscaping company can come up with a landscaping plan for you. You also might want to think about each season so that you’ll always have something interesting to add curb appeal to your house.

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