Early Spring 2021 Try-On Haul

Happy Saturday, friends! This is my first Try-On Haul with my new blog design, and you don’t know how eagerly I was anticipating this day.

I LOVE how I can put two images side-by-side with my new design, simply by inserting a simple code. No more taking them into Canva and making a new image. That should help these posts not be QUITE so long.

FYI, if you’re reading on mobile, you will still see them top and bottom. I’m not sure about iPads.

Also, two little housekeeping things: For now, desktop is the best way to view my new site design, for a couple of reasons.

#1. The subscribe pop-up is beyond annoying, and I will get it taken down as soon as I can. It may be hard to X out of on iPad… ugh! For now, use a computer or mobile phone if you can.

#2. The comment box is reeeeeally hard to find on my new design. You have to click “Leave A Comment” at the end of the post, to reveal the comment form. I’m going to have that fixed to show the comment form without clicking, but meanwhile, it is right above the Explore More section on desktop computer.

I’m not sure how it appears on iPad, but on mobile phones, it is really out of whack. It is appearing under the Stay Updated box, so you have to scroll through a bunch of sidebar stuff to get to it. Major glitch, and I will get that fixed ASAP (which probably means Monday, at the earliest… ugh!)

Okay, so back to this week’s Try-On Haul!

Early Spring Try-On Haul: More Denim, Spring Sweaters & More!

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and 135 pounds, with an hourglass shape. Unless I say otherwise, I’m wearing a 6/28 in pants/jeans, a small in tops, a 6 in dresses/jumpsuits, and size 8 shoe.

Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution High Waist Ankle Straight Leg Jeans

hoodie // jeans // sneakers

These jeans came in right after I posted all of the denim reviews last weekend. For more spring denim, be sure to check out Winter 2021 Try-On Haul, Part I: Denim, Denim & More Denim.

Maybe at some point, I will round up ALL of the denim I’ve reviewed this winter/spring and put them into one post, for easy reference. Meanwhile I tagged the posts with the most denim try-ons and called it 2021 Denim Reviews.

Anyway! I know a lot of you like Wit & Wisdom for denim at a more accessible price point, and these are cut very similar to the Madewell Stovepipe jeans that I like so much. They’re also very soft and stretchy, like the Stovepipes, but they have a slightly lower rise and more distressing in the wash.

They have a 26 1/2″ inseam with a 14″ leg opening and a 10″ front rise; and the material is 63% cotton, 23% polyester, 11% viscose, 3% Lycra® spandex. That explains why they’re so soft and stretchy.

They have that ab-solution panel that W&W jeans are known for, so they do help hold in some of the tummy fluff we ladies of a certain age tend to have.

[flex_row] [/flex_row]

Overall, I think the cut is pretty flattering for this style of jean. Here’s a picture with the hoodie untucked. I think you can see that my proportions definitely look best with a front-tuck.

These are nice for those of you who don’t like the raw hem or any rips and tears, but they do have some distressing on the back pocket, plus the whiskering and fading keeps them casual.

Treasure & Bond Utility Shirt Jacket

shirt // tee // jeans // sneakers

For those who weren’t such a fan of the plaid shacket I styled last weekend, this is another option that is a bit more elevated.

It needs a good steam, but otherwise, it’s very soft and comfortable. It’s not quite as voluminous as the BP. version either.


Pardon the blurry picture, not sure what happened there. It runs true to size, I’m in my usual small.

Nordstrom Signature Cashmere Hoodie

hoodie (55% off) // jeans // sneakers (sold out)

I came across this perusing the Nordstrom website for sweater hoodies, and I ordered it on impulse. I really wanted the ivory color because I thought it would look more like spring, but they were out of my size, so I ordered the olive heather.

When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by how thick and plush and soft it is. I’m already a big fan of Nordstrom Signature cashmere, but this one is softer and thicker than the others I’ve tried. I would have thought it was Naadam, if I didn’t know better. It is sublime!!!

Granted, it looks (and feels) a little more like winter than spring, but we do have really cold springs here in Philly. I think I’ll be able to get quite a bit of wear out of it before putting it away for next fall, when it will definitely be on repeat.

So yeah, I did keep this one, and I wore it all day yesterday. The only annoying thing is the drawstrings are suuuper long. Like, I’m afraid they will get in the way when I’m cooking and things, but otherwise, this cashmere hoodie gets an A+.

Oh, and it’s 55% off, in case you missed that. I don’t expect it to last.

AGOLDE Toni Fray Hem Straight Leg Jeans

at Evereve (20% off) // at Nordstrom // at Saks // at Shopbop

Okay, guys. These jeans. *swoon*

Do you hear the angels singing? I DO!!!! I’m calling it now, these will be the spring version of my Good American Good Legs in the off-black wash. I’ve already worn them twice since they came earlier in the week.

First of all, the wash is distressed black denim perfection, and the fabric is suuuuper soft.

But I also really like the cut. You may recall that I have the AGOLDE Toni in a medium blue wash, which I purchased late last winter/early spring.

I wore them some, but I still struggled a bit with the straighter cropped style. I found myself reaching for my rag & bone Cates more, but I held on to the Tonis, and I find myself wearing them more this spring.

These jeans are what I would call a slim straight. They’re the perfect hybrid of the skinny ankle and crop straight, perfect for those of us struggling with this new silhouette.


They have a 26 1/2″ inseam with a 13″ leg opening and a 10″ front rise. I actually wish the rise was a bit higher, but it’s not a deal breaker because I love the fit everywhere else.

The fabric is 66% lyocell, 32% organic cotton, 2% recycled elastane, and they feel like a pair of jeans you’ve had for years.

If you like the look but want a pair that isn’t quite as rugged, the Montage wash — available at Revolve and Shopbop — has the same fabric content and looks to be the same color, but with a finished hem and not as much distressing.

AGOLDE Riley High Waist Crop Straight Leg Jeans

at Nordstrom // at Verishop //

I ordered this pair along with the Toni, hoping I would like one or the other. These have a very different fit and feel, although the measurements aren’t that different.

They have a 25 1/2″ inseam with a 15″ leg opening and a 11″ front rise. So they are about an inch shorter in length and an inch higher in the rise and 2 inches wider in the leg opening.


Also worth nothing, the fabric on the Riley is much stiffer and thicker than the Toni or the Mother Insider. They are 98% cotton, 2% elastane, so the fit and feel more like traditional denim; and I found them to be quite snug in the waist.

The Nordstrom website says to size down, but I would not recommend that. I’m in the 28, and they’re snug to the point of being uncomfortable.

All that to say, I decided to keep the Toni and send these back.

While they call them a crop straight, I would call them a crop flare. In fact, they reminded me so much of my Mother Insiders that I had to pull those out and try them on to compare.

Mother The Insider Crop Jeans

jeans // sweater // mules

When I put on my Mother Insiders, I was reminded how much more comfortable they are!

According to the  Shopbop website, these have a 9.5″ rise with a 25 1/4″ inseam and a 14 1/4″ leg opening. I need to lay them out and compare to the AGOLDE Riley because I’m not sure that’s right.

As you can see, they look very similar to the Riley, but with a darker wash that reads a little more dressy. I like the wash on the Rileys a lot, but not so much the fit.

[flex_row] [/flex_row]

I’m hoping to wear these Mother Insiders more this spring and summer. I like them best with sandals, as shown in this post, but they work okay with the loafer mules. I think it’s more a matter of figuring out the top.

Speaking of tops… Let’s talk about this sweater real quick!!!

FYI, I wouldn’t front-tuck it. I did that only to show the rise of the jeans.

Everlane The CottonMerino Turtleneck Tee

sweater // jeans // mules

I’ll cut to the chase. I LIKE IT!!! But I shared these pix in my JLS Insiders Facebook Group, and very few people were on board with the short-sleeve turtleneck.

I think there’s something rather elegant about the short-sleeve turtleneck sweater, and this one is a really nice fine-gauge knit.

I also love the color and the fit. It’s not skin-tight, but still figure-flattering and kind of skims the body. Maybe it appears a tad boxy in these pictures, but I felt like it looked good in person.

Even though we like to say “selfies don’t lie”, it really doesn’t capture how a garment lays when you move around. I dunno… I think I’m keeping it. I look better in turtlenecks when my hair is down, so I’ll try it again and see what I think.

AGOLDE Riley High Waist Crop Straight Leg Jeans (Frequency)

at Nordstrom // at Verishop // at Shopbop // at Saks

Okay, so this is the same AGOLDE Riley that I was wearing above in the washed black, but these are clearly more of a stone wash.

Nordstrom is saying these measure 26″ inseam with a 14″ leg opening and a 11 1/2″ front rise, which is slightly different than the black Rileys, but I don’t know how accurate those half inches are. That said, they do look very different on.

I clearly look and feel ridiculous. It may look like I could size down, but I could not. They just fit in the waist.

In fact, maybe these are the ones I found so uncomfortable? I can’t recall now. It was one of the Rileys.

They don’t look as dreadful from behind as I’d feared, but still…

[flex_row] [/flex_row]

They actually look better from the back than they do from the front. I’m not sure what is up with that, ahem, inseam area, but that is just very unfortunate.

I like them a little better with sneakers, but not by much.

Oh, and they are 100% cotton, so very much that old-school denim that is coming back into vogue.

Does anyone else see the irony here? We come so far with comfortable stretch denim, and now they want us to go back to the old rigid stuff? No thank you! Gen Z can have them… and their middle parts, too.

Madewell Broadway Cardigan Sweater

sweater // jeans // sneakers

Well, ya know. You win some, you lose some! This sweater, gahhh… why so short, Madewell? And why so WIDE?

And this whole outfit just cracks me up….

More on those jeans and sneakers in a minute, but first, this sweater unbuttoned over a tee with my new favorite AGOLDE Tonis and my old favorite P448s.

I feel like this has potential… I mean, it’s such a pretty color. But yeah, it’s about an inch too short and half a foot too wide.

But oh, how I love these jeans!

As for the blue jeans I was wearing above, those are from Madewell.

Madewell The Perfect Vintage Jean in Maplewood Wash

sweater // jeans // sneakers

These jeans are actually quite comfortable, but I’m not feeling the style. They have an 11″ rise, a 12 3/4″ tapered leg opening, and a 28″ inseam. They describe them as fitted through the hip and thigh, which I guess they kind of are. The fabric is 96% cotton/3% poly/1% elastane.

The funny thing is, I don’t find these jeans terribly UN-flattering. I just really hate the silhouette, and the wash doesn’t help matters. It’s just too, I dunno, plain? Old-fashioned? Fill in the blank!



Maybe I should try them with a different shoe before making a decision. The shoes are fun for a retro look, but I feel they need a shorter jean, or they just go too far over the top into frumpy mom category.

I get it, that’s sort of the idea, and it might work for the younger generation; but at my age, it ceases to be ironic and just looks like I never updated my wardrobe.

Kickoff Trainer Sneakers in Neutral Colorblock Leather

sweater // jeans // sneakers

And again, these are fun and retro and all, but I just can’t get on board with this look. I much prefer the skate sneaker or the court sneaker vibe.

Rag & Bone Maya High-Rise Ankle Slim-Fit Jeans

at Nordstrom (40% off) // at Saks (30% off) //sweater // sneakers

Okay, so this is rag & bone’s answer to the AGOLDE Riley, I guess. Although these are much softer and more comfortable.

I love the wash, and they have just the right amount of distressing for that off-duty, weekend look.

There’s also something about the shape through the leg I kind of like — the way they fit kind of fit loose but not baggy, I can’t put my finger on it.

They’re still a little too sloppy for my personal taste, but I can see how I might warm up to this look… maybe over the summer or even next year, if this continues to be a thing.

[flex_row] [/flex_row]

Oh, here, look. I guess I tried them on a few days earlier and forgot I had these pictures. I’m getting overwhelmed with so many jeans!

This is the rag & bone Maya and the Mother Insiders with the chew step hem that I featured a few weeks ago. (I still have them, tags are still on… won’t know for sure if I’m keeping or not till I start dressing for spring.)

[flex_row]  [/flex_row]

I don’t love the Maya, but I can sort of appreciate them, lol! I think if I had thicker legs, or less disparity between my hips and legs, I would like them better. I just prefer a jean that hugs the thigh a bit more, like the Insider and even the Toni.

By the way, this sweater is from Everlane. It’s a bit small for me, but I like it. Full review coming next week!

AGOLDE Sophie Mid Rise Crop Skinny Jeans

at Nordstrom // at Shopbop // at Evereve (on sale!!!) //sweater // sneakers

Okay, last pair of jeans! I’m not really looking to add any new skinnies to my closet this spring because I have so many already, but…

These have a slightly wider leg opening, so I was thinking maybe they would read as a slim straight rather than a skinny. Plus, I was drawn to the wash.

While I absolutely love these jeans… love the fit, love the wash, love how they feel on, they do read as a skinny jean, no doubt about it.

They have a 26″ inseam with a 12″ leg opening and a 9 1/2″ front rise… so yeah, that 12″ leg opening is what got me. Most skinnies have 10″ and the AGOLDE Toni has 12″ so I think I expected a slightly straighter fit through the leg.

[flex_row] [/flex_row]

By way of comparison, here’s the Toni. They’re an inch longer, and even though the leg opening is the same, they are cut a bit wider from hip to hem — not by much, but it does make a difference.

[flex_row] [/flex_row]

So yeah! As much as a I like the Sophie, I’m not sure I can justify keeping them right now. The only thing giving me pause is that I like the wash so much, and they are an inch shorter than my other skinnies, which I like as well.


I originally found these at Evereve, and they’re on sale, but sizes are dwindling. That sent me looking elsewhere, and Nordstrom carries them, so I went ahead and ordered at full price because I wanted to try them. They are now selling out at Nordstrom, but Shopbop has them fully stocked.

Shopbop is a retailer to watch because they usually run a big Buy More, Save More sale in the springtime. I went digging in my archives, and it used to be in April, but the last two years, they ran it at the very end of February/beginning of March.

All that to say, I expect it to drop very soon, and I usually pick up a lot of great spring pieces during that sale. In addition to all the major premium denim brands, Shopbop carries a lot of the popular shoe and handbag brands — Sam EdelmanVince, Stuart Weitzman, Tory Burch, R Minkoff, and more.

Last year I actually did a post with The Best Jeans in the Shopbop Sale and I will probably do that again this year. I will definitely be covering the sale, so keep an eye out for that!

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for today. I actually have some other items to share, but they will have to wait till next week.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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57 Responses

  1. I have to say, with all of your denim try-ons, my head is spinning. My eye has not adjusted to the wider leg. I did try a Toni Agolde in my normal size, and they were so tight in the waist that I didn’t even try to fasten them. I think I am going to wait awhile to try more. Maybe seeing you struggle and find ones you really like will help me adjust to this new look. Besides, I have so many skinnies that I like, I better wear them while they are still in style. Thanks for all the work you put into this!
    Oh, and I really like short sleeved turtleneck sweaters!

  2. I have a nordstrom sig cashmere hoody in light gray that i scored used a few yewrs ago. It is one of my favorite sweaters! Cozy, casual and yet elevated over a regular hoody. I get lots of compliments when i wear it. I think you’ll love yours!

  3. Exciting news Regarding Your new website! We’ll give You time to work out the kinks. As for tHe jeans, the toni & tHe skinny pairs are tHe most flattering of the bunch. Why do these straight, cropped styles seem to add 10 Lbs.??? Ugh. I’m Still sticking with my skinnies! (This all-caps FEATURE Makes me feel as thOugh i am yelling at You, & i assure you i am not! Lol!)

    1. They really do add ten pounds. Even on thinner, younger girls. I also loved a good bootcut the ones that were fitted in the thigh with a mid-rise. Those were good jeans for me. 🙂 When they back around, I’ll be here for it!

  4. I don’t know Jo-Lynne, appreciate you trying to show us a variety of styles & what’s trending but for your figure in particular I do think the skinny styles work best! Liking the Sophie on you though & feel that’s a good evolution. Regardless enjoying reading your posts daily even though I think I’ve spent more money shopping since doing so 🙂

  5. I love YOUr jeans reviews! I am learning so much about jeans and their styling from reading them. Although my body is a much different shape than yours (thick through the hips and thighs) i still feel like i can get a lot from the posts. I have usually just purchased what fit me and i’ll admit i’m more than happy to see the straighter legs come back in style (see thick hips and thighs above, lol!) but i do feel better equpped to evaluate how my jeans actually fit me now. thanks! As an aside, how do you measure the leg openings? do you just lay them flat and measure the width and double it?

  6. Hi, thank you so much for doing these try ons! It really does help us when we see the clothes on a body (and in most cases we can’t try on in a lot of stores still). Would it be possible to do another lower end jean try on? I’m sure you have done a few in the past. I know you add in Loft etc but maybe a Target (Universal jeans) and Old Navy? I feel like those options might be good for us who can’t spend so much on jeans. I get that quality is worth it and it’s great to have a favorite pair that is so worth the money. Maybe an everyday option that are good quality and affordable for our “run around errand” days. There has to be more affordable options for us out there on an budget :)I don’t want to sound critical at all, I love all your posts , videos and your realness! I really can’t stress that enough! Have a great day!! Sharon

  7. That Annoying pop up that covered part of the comment section is Gone today. 👏

    Of your try on hauL, I liked the cashmere hoodie and the short sleeve tuRtleneck sWeater. I think it would look sharp paired with dress pants, heels and a long Gold necklace, but equally at home with jeans & fashion sneakers.

    The jeans are just not cutting it but like you, I will keep searching for tge right fIt for my body type.

  8. I just purchased those Madewell jeans and I feel the same. I tried them on and they were fine. But, I didn’t love them and felt momish. I AM a mom, but not the vibe I’m going for with dressing. Like you said, it’s not ironic on me, just feels out dated! 😂 Thanks for showing all these new styles!

  9. The new website looks great. So sleek and smooth. Making me want to give mine an overhaul
    Happy weekend.

  10. That turtleneck sweater is lovely! I live in Arkansas, though, & there just wouldn’t be much time to wear it. I had to laugh at the Madewell jeans in Maplewash—I ordered them twice to try 2 different sizes & finally realized that they are not for me. Way too much mom-jean for this mom! I’m waiting on those other Stovepipe jeans to arrive; I’ve got 2 pairs of them that I love so I hope these will work too. Right now, my entire state is still snowed in but starting to thaw, so packages should start arriving next week.

  11. Love tHe NeW blog look!
    I aM struggling wIth New trEnds in denim….i have tried Several & the problem i have is that the denim is so thIck, stiff wIth very little give in The waist-not comfortable!!!

  12. I like the new look of the Site…very nice. I’m using an Ipad in my reply & notice Its All caPs no matter what i do.

    The try on haul was great. Always good to see whats coming down the road.

    The sun is shinIng here Today in the Texas Panhandle, as it did Yesterday. Lots of melting of snow & clearing of roads…were suppose to get to 51 today. A heatwave for sure.

    Have a fabulous day!

  13. What did you think of the BR hoodie? I love the look of all your cashmere sweaters but I cannot wear it so always looking for alternative options. Lately some of the cotton blend sweaters have not held up well, yet I have some from loft that are several years old and still going strong. I love all your sneakers but needed to replace my black leather “converse-like” pair (puppy chewed!). I am trying out the BR essential sneaker in the black with the snake print heel accent…and really liking them! I loved seeing the different jean styles…I have super long legs so they would all look very “capri-like” on me. A 31 inseam is ankle length for me.

    1. I liked the BR hoodie a lot. I actually tried two. I just ran out time, so I held them out for next week. You can see them live on my IG Story from yesterday – saved to the Try Ons highlight. 🙂

  14. Wow you always do such great try on hauls and posts.. but I’m finding the more we seem to play around with newer style jeans the more exhausting it is.🤷‍♀️. I don’t know maybe it’s just me but I think the skinny Jean is just easier.. I do like a crop Jean for spring and summer and they’re cute with mules, sandals and sneakers.

    1. Yeah, I feel like skinnies are so easy… but I remember when they were not. When they first came out, I went through the same thing. Figuring out the shoes and tops that work best, getting used to a new silhouette. 🙂 I think the crop looks are going to be a LOT easier to style this spring with sandals and sneakers. I still don’t love them with ankle boots.

  15. Whoa that’s a lot of jeans lol…and heaven help me but the stone wash…ick lol. Been there, done that, will pass on that and uncomfortable stiff denim lol. I ordered some of the Madewell trainers but after seeing them on you, I’m not sure I like the style. What goes around shouldn’t always come back around LOL! I think from this bunch, the Wit & Wisdom and the Agolde washed black are my faves.

  16. Congratulations on the new web design! Having done a teeny tiny bit of that process I know how hard fought this victory is!!

  17. Im just not surE how these jeans are going to work For petite women? I cant see paying over $100 for jrans Until im comforTable styling them. I will start with a few crop straight lEg jeans i got last spring aND
    see how i do. But keep Up the good work on SHARING whats in with us.
    Sorry still getting use to this new comment box. Wont let me auto fill in anything.

    1. I think they work for petites the same as they do for anyone – it’s all about proportion. 🙂 But it probably matters MORE that you get that right if you’re petite. Even me, at 5’5″ with hips and boobs, lol, I have to get my proportions right with a complementary top and shoes, and also find the right denim silhouette (as we see here, “crop straights” are not all created equal.)

  18. I switched to our JetPack and was able to view this post without any issues. Yay! Like you, I don’t like for my jeans to feel stiff. I definitely prefer for them to be softer with a little more give. I think with time we will get used to the straighter legs. I am going to give the Treasure and Bond shacket a try since the BP one is just way too voluminous for me. It will be going back to Nordstrom next week. I hope that you and Paul had a great dinner out!

  19. I for one love the short sleeve turtleneck! Even sleeveless turtlenecks in the summer. They just look chic.
    Great try-on haul!
    I bought a pair of Democracy ankle length skinnies and I love them. Like you, I gravitate toward either skinnies or a nice bootcut, these cropped flares just don’t do anything for my shape!
    Loving the new website, very modern and updated.

  20. Loving the neutral palette of the website refresh! I think the Riley jeans are so cute. The fit actually reminds me of AG Primas? The washed black Toni’s are adorable on you. I love the shortsleeved turtleneck. I think it looks so chic. I personally can’t wear turtleneck because I’m super sensitive on my neck, but I think it’s a great look. I am looking forward to the Everlane short sleeve sweater review next week.

  21. Okay, so first I read on all 3 iPads, and the pop up did appear, and did have an appropriate X and then I went to look on the MacBook Pro and the first thing I noticed was that your name is huge and there is a lot of white space around it. Reading on iPads, its easy to just plop down a finger and shove the page upward, so it wasn’t as annoying as on the computer. I am a pretty dedicated Magic Mouse person so it was kinda annoying to scroll down until I got to stuff to read, but then it was smooth sailing. I don’t care for the tiny up/down arrow keys on the MacBook. so I did not use them, and as for the subscription box, a simply mouse click outside the box made it disappear which is good because it was huge LOL.

    Now, the iPad mini 5 has become my go to reading blogs device in portrait mode. I bought it as a control pad for Home and ended up using the old Air 2 instead. If I REALLY need to see stuff I can use the Pro. Generally I use it as a side car with the MacBook for research.

    Lastly, I really like the new jeans because I have tons of old ones that fit the way the new ones do. I sent my jeans to the cleaners until they started putting horrible creases in them…so now they get washed by me. plus the pandemic caused so much loss of customers that the three dry cleaners here shut down. Years ago I got two pairs of bandolino blue very dark wash straight leg and one pair was so short my granddaughter called them floods. Take that, kiddo. They are perfect and fairly high rise so they work with the shorter sweaters. I decided however that I have enough denim and not enough closet. Got 3 bags out for the 40 day purge. Remember that? Purge a bag a day for Lent. Yippee!

  22. Love the new website design, and there was no pop up on my iPad. Thank you for all your hard work on these try ons. I have tried these new denim styles right along with you, but at 5’2”/123, I feel like I work too hard to maintain my weight just to wear something that makes me look bigger than I am. For now I will stick with what makes me happy and confident, but will continue to keep an eye on the trends through you!

  23. First time exploring your new blog format on my laptop, very nicely done!! And I love this try-on haul. One of my favorite jeans is the Madewell pair that you hate everything about! HAHA! I loved that wash. I have not bought a pair of Madewell yet, but I have about 10 pairs of J.Crew jeans that I have loved for years!! They just keep getting better and better with age! I also love that short-sleeved turtleneck.

  24. Good stuff! Love that Nordstrom hoodie. I know you’ve written about this before but I’d love to hear more about where jeans/pants should fall on your leg, especially with so many cropped and shorter styles out there. It seems like a lot of the ones you’ve tried are 26”. I bar a 32 “ leg for a full length pant so many of the shorter styles are WAY too short and just look silly. I often order the tall or taller jeans from Madewell. I’m looking forward to some of the longer lengths that are being shown.

    1. Yeah, it really is so individual, and depends on the shoe you’re wearing and style of pant. I was trying to find a more cropped style, that’s why so many were in that 26-27″ range.

  25. Your new website is lovely! Your info on jeans is so appreciated! Can you share any details on the long sleeve berry shirt you are wearing?


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