In Which We Don Sweatshirts and Pretend It’s November

I spent the last hour rocking the baby while she slept, snuggled together under a cozy quilt, listening to the wind howling around our house. 

Until the big kids came in from playing outside at a neighbor’s and disrupted our slumber, all wind-blown, pink-cheeked, dressed appropriately for the weather in sweatshirts and jeans. 

The sky is overcast, with intermittent moments of the sunshine, opening occasionally to douse us with a short rain shower.  The wind is brisk, the air cool.

No, I’m not re-posting something that I wrote last fall.  This is JULY, yall.  And not in Alaska.  (Hi Michelle!)  No, I’m in eastern Pennsylvania.  Yesterday it was 85 and sunny, and today it feels like fall.  What gives!?

So what’s a momma to do on a cool, rainy summer day?  Schlep the kids to the grocery store of course.

You thought I was gonna say bake a batch of cookies or something, didn’t you?  That would be far too sensible.

I learned two things at Trader Joe’s today.  (Yes, I returned, armed with all of your excellent suggestions from this post!)

1)  When you have a child with tree nut and sesame allergies, it is almost impossible to find food he can eat at the health food store.  Very discouraging. 

2)  Also.  Do not take all three children to Trader Joes.  It will not be an enjoyable shopping trip.  Especially when your new lease on life as well as your son’s allergies require you to examine every single label.

That’s all.  Carry on.

Oh.  One more thing.  I’m making tempeh for dinner.  I even know how to pronounce it.  Temp-Aye.  Thanks to the helpful Trader Joes personnel.  Who among you has had Tempeh before?  Will I be pleasantly surprised?  I am skeptical.

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  1. We spent the afternoon blowing our noses and wondering if we had somehow missed the month of August…

    Tempeh is yumm, but do you like tofu? Sort of similar, kind of…

    And yes, Trader Joe’s with two kids is a nightmare, I can only imagine it with three. At least now I know what A can and can’t have there, so it makes it easier as I don’t have the scrutinize the labels…

    What else did you get????

  2. Never had tempe, temp-aye, tempah…whatever. Let us know how it is!

    We had the exact same weather yesterday. Lydia wore a sweater to church. Then I wore corduroys the rest of the day! I kinda liked it.

  3. I got lots of good stuff. The shrimp fried rice, the burritos, the chicken quesadillas, the blueberry scones, the peanut butter filled pretzels… There’s more, I’m sure, from your recommendations.

    And I do NOT like Tempeh. BLECH. The taste is pretty nonexistent, but I can’t deal with the texture. Ironically, my son, Mr. Picky, at the whole thing. Go figure.

  4. I am jealous of your Trader Joe’s. I have heard of its wonders, but am stuck in the land of Super Walmart.

    Let me encourage you on your quest for health. I am no where near where I should be, but have been so much better since I began “cleaning up my act” so to speak. It’s a process, and I’m still getting there. Just today I put in an order for some real, farm-fresh, organic butter. 😛

    And pssst…I hate tea too. *shudder*

  5. Fish Pie. It’s kinda like if shepherds pie, chicken pot pie, and a cod got together and had a baby. Everything about it was delicious. Except the fish. Which was… Sorta like chewing on the inside of your own cheek, only not as tasty.

  6. Me! I’ve had tempeh on several occasions. Like most soy products, it’s about as good as the accompanying ingredients. Let us know how you like it!

    And yeah, I cannot fathom putting on a sweatshirt at the end of July. Crazy weather!

  7. I am sure I have had tempeh, but cannot remember if I liked it or not, which probably means it’s okay. I hope you like it.

    I just had a soy ice cream sandwich. Now THAT was good.

  8. See now, that is exactly the weather I want, and it is virtually impossible to find down in the south…sniff…

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