It might be time to take up a 2nd residence in NYC.

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I’m off to NYC (yes, again!) to a Blogger’s Brunch hosted by Child’s Play Communications.

If you click on that button and scroll down towards the middle of the page, you will see a section about a Blogger Panel.

And THEN if you look down to the list of speakers, you might recognize a certain someone — someone who might appear not to belong.

Yes, that’s me listed among those other A-list bloggers.  EEEK!

I’m going to be the one sitting on the end, biting her nails, afraid to speak for fear of saying the wrong thing, wondering all along if I got the wrong invitation.

No, seriously, I’m primed and ready, and I’m looking forward to the conversation.  But mostly I’m looking forward to getting a bunch of holiday gift ideas from the exhibit portion of the event.  (And the food.  Let’s not forget about the food.)  I will be sure to share the best of them with you!  (The gift ideas, not the food.  Sorry.)