It might be time to take up a 2nd residence in NYC.

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I’m off to NYC (yes, again!) to a Blogger’s Brunch hosted by Child’s Play Communications.

If you click on that button and scroll down towards the middle of the page, you will see a section about a Blogger Panel.

And THEN if you look down to the list of speakers, you might recognize a certain someone — someone who might appear not to belong.

Yes, that’s me listed among those other A-list bloggers.  EEEK!

I’m going to be the one sitting on the end, biting her nails, afraid to speak for fear of saying the wrong thing, wondering all along if I got the wrong invitation.

No, seriously, I’m primed and ready, and I’m looking forward to the conversation.  But mostly I’m looking forward to getting a bunch of holiday gift ideas from the exhibit portion of the event.  (And the food.  Let’s not forget about the food.)  I will be sure to share the best of them with you!  (The gift ideas, not the food.  Sorry.)

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  1. It’s funny you should title your post that. I just said to my husband this morning, “You know – maybe we should buy a condo in LA, Chicago, or NY. We could live there for parts of the year and be immersed in “big city” life (ahem…I could attend all of the blogging events), but then we could also still have a home in Arizona.”

    He actually liked the idea.

    Now to come up with the extra money to make that purchase… 😉

  2. P.S. I hope you write up a recap of this event. It sounds fabulous! I’m especially enamored by that impressive group of panelists…including YOU (you are more than qualified, by the way).

  3. Hey! I gave you a little shout out on my blog today. I hope you check it out.
    Welcome to NY! I live in Long Island myself but love the city. Good luck on the panel! (don’t buy real estate here…too expensive! lol)

  4. I’ve been getting more and more invites to NYC as well. They seem to come in waves, but I try not to go in more than once a month or so. This year is tough because of Kyle’s half-day Kindergarten, but next year I’ll be pretty free to gallivant to my heart’s content!!

    Our invites need to intersect again sometime soon.

  5. I had the privelege of attending the panel, and you were great. Your comments were really helpful and it was really great to get your perspective. Thanks for making the trip to NYC and sharing!

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