Life After The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up #CoffeeTalk

When Marie Kondo claimed that after reading her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and applying her principles thoroughly, people never go back to their former sloppy selves, I just scoffed.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

I have been a slob my whole life, and I didn’t expect one grand purge to change that. But I realized something this weekend.

My habits HAVE changed.

Now, granted, it’s only been a few weeks, but as I was tidying up for the cleaning lady on Friday, and I noticed that there wasn’t that much to do!

This is quite remarkable since I traveled twice last month. Usually my suitcase sits around with remnants of clothing and shoes falling out of it for weeks after a trip.

Even when I’m not traveling, I always have clothes and shoes and jewelry strewn all across my bedroom and a stack of worn-but-not-dirty clothes stacked on the bathtub in my bathroom. And that’s just my area. The rest of the house usually requires a massive overhaul just to be cleanable.

I realized yesterday that I’ve been keeping up with my room and making my bed every day.

Usually I leave trails of clothing and shoes and jewelry in my wake after getting dressed in the morning, and then one day each week I have to do a massive cleanup session.

Not so anymore.

I’ve been taking the few extra minutes each day to make the bed and arrange the pillows, and I find myself putting each piece of clothing and jewelry back where it belongs when I’m done styling an outfit, rather than waiting to do it all at the end of the week.

Instead of rushing out and leaving remnants of my morning routine all over the bathroom counter and discarded exercise clothes dangling over the bathtub, I’ve been putting everything away and even wiping down the sinks and counter with a quick spray of Windex.

After the kids leave for school, I walk around the downstairs, open blinds, and arrange the throw pillows on the furniture. Even the desk in my office is staying in pretty good shape!

I am amazed. There really is something to be said for the KonMari method.

Now when I see things laying around, I find myself asking, Does this spark joy? If not, I toss it. If so, then I find a home for it.

Even my daughter, whose room has been the bane of my existence since she was old enough to talk, has been keeping up with her own room fairly well. It’s not perfect, but the improvement is remarkable. I can actually see the floor most days.

I’m loving it!!

In other news, I am blown away by the response to my Trunk Club post. I appreciate each and every comment.


It’s fun to hear your take on the “maybe” items, and on the service in general. Even those who admitted to finding the prices on some of the pieces startling were kind and constructive in their comments. Well, except one anonymous comment that I deleted. It takes a lot of guts to put myself out here every day, and I figure anyone who takes the time to make a rude comment should own it. So there. 

Which brings me to a point that I feel I need to address. Let’s all be careful passing judgement on how people spend their money. We all have different budgets, different priorities, and different lifestyles. At the end of the day, everything is relative. I’m blown away by the $1500 handbags and $800 shoes I see some bloggers wearing, and I know some people are blown away by the fact that I wear $150 jeans. But no one should have to justify to someone else how they spend their money.

There’s this stigma about fashion bloggers getting so many perks and becoming out of touch with “regular people.” Well, we ARE regular people. Regular people come in all shapes and sizes and budgets. And running up a full-time blog is work hard, whether it’s fashion or food or travel or whatever it’s about. It looks like fun, and it is, but it is also hard work.

And at the end of the day, no one knows what we give to our churches and favorite charities, or how much we save for retirement and our kids’ college tuition; but fashion bloggers put the prices of our wardrobes out there for public consumption, and that’s a vulnerable thing.

(Also remember that some of the super high $$$ stuff is sent by brands. Whether or not we accept those items is another issue entirely, but it’s something we each have to decide for ourselves.)

I don’t want to belabor the point, but I needed to put that out here.

So my bedroom makeover is almost complete. My curtains are being hemmed, and I finally figured out my throw pillow situation. I know this should be such a big deal, but the bed really is the focal point of the room, and with the walls and curtains and bedding all being so neutral, I figured the pillows need to pop. Take a peek.

pillows - 1

I decided to go with pops of blue. I still want to add Euro pillows behind the regular shams, and I saw a pair of blue lamps at Target yesterday that I want to add to my dresser, but that should pretty much wrap up my bedroom makeover.

I absolutely LOVE the light and airy feel of the room. It’s such a drastic change from the deep red and khaki I had going on for the last 10 years.

Today I’m off to church and then to visit the in-laws for the afternoon. That’s always a nice time.

Wait. What was that? Did you say something about a football game? 

Yeah, I’m just not that into it, although I’m sure my husband and son will have it on. I’ll probably be watching reruns of House Hunters on my iPad.

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday!

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90 thoughts on “Life After The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up #CoffeeTalk

  1. Your bedroom is so pretty, and the pillows add just the right amount of color. I really enjoy your blog. Hope you have a nice day!

  2. I think your bedroom is very pretty !!! It’s always nice to freshen things up !!
    I also like your point about not judging how others spend their money.
    We don’t know their situation.
    Hope you have a great week. !!!!

  3. Love the simplicity of your bedroom. I am also practicing the Kin Mari method. Downsizing after kids have left the nest. Now have time to enjoy your blog! You are doing a great job!

  4. I loved your post today. You are so right people need to be aware that they have no idea about people’s finances or lifestyles. I’m so glad you called that out. Cant wait to see the bedroom all done up. I have started mine but very slowly getting it done. I also have the tiny book to read when I head to Florida in a week. I hope I can have as much luck with it as you have. Happy Sunday

  5. It saddens me to hear you had to deal with a rude comment about your blog & about the money you spend on your clothes. I enjoy your blog & I hope you continue it. I feel you addressed the situation appropriately & with great maturity. We can’t change how some act or think but we can certainly pray for them ????

    Any who, just yesterday I ordered the white sneakers, the leopard flats & the tan/bone colored flats from Nordstroms, you often sport. I have nothing like those in my closet & I’m excited to see what they look like on me.

  6. I love the look of your bedroom makeover. I was looking at mine, and I realized that it is in sad need of some work. Thanks for the inspiration.

    I am really curious about this book now. I always see people picking it up in the bookstore. Guess I am going to have to break down and get it. Usually I do the e-books, but I may have to pick up a physical copy.

  7. Love the bedroom, it is soft and comforting and that is what a bedroom should be. Easy to sleep in. The blue color is a perfect fit.

  8. I love your blog and that you cover so many price points in your stylings. You give us choices and are very inclusive not only in cost, but body types. When an item is sold out, you give us alternatives. I also love that you bring new ideas via books and other blogs right to our inboxes. AND you inspire us to decorate and organize our homes. Please keep doing what you do so well!

  9. Amen! We are so quick to judge. Last night in our small group we talked about pride and for myself, I know that when I am prideful I am quick to judge. It saddens me that this is the case but thankfully the Lord is greater than me and He will refine me. I greatly enjoy your blog. Have a blessed Sunday!

  10. Very well written Jo-Lynne! We need to pray for the individuals that find it necessary to be rude on-line. I have always been a very organized person that hates for things to not always be where they belong. I love the pop of blue in the pillows on the bed. Don’t forget about the puppy bowl on Animal Planet this afternoon!

    Have a Blessed day!

  11. I also read the book and found the author to be a bit over the top and funny, but gave very effective advice. Like you, I have noticed I have changed my ways since reading the book. I make the bed every day and put things back where they belong rather than waiting until they pile up. I am also more conscious about buying things that I love, rather than just to buy.

    Love your bedroom refresh. It looks very relaxing and like a five star hotel.

  12. Ugh, I hate that you had to deal with such rudeness. I know the vulnerability you continually face can’t be easy, and I think as readers, we sometimes forget that. I’m glad you spoke up and addressed it.

    Moving on ( 😉 ), I love the pillows you chose, and I agree, some Euros would add some fullness and height and be the perfect addition. I, myself, am an everyday bed-maker, lol. It’s funny how something as simple as that can affect my momentum, but it does. If my bed is sloppy, everything seems out of place. I’m always more likely to tidy up the surrounding areas when it’s made and vice versa.

  13. I love the idea of this service, but am wondering if I will spend more 🙂 Do they charge you when you order or only for what you keep at the 10 day mark? I love the green sweater on you and the jacket. I am not a huge dress wearer and only keep them if they are versatile comfortable and flattering — but I like that $99 price — up to you!

    Thanks for all your work — I do look forward to your posts every day.

    1. They only charge you what you keep after the box is returned. But I will say that it is definitely tempting to splurge on stuff you probably wouldn’t order. Once it’s in your house…. it’s harder to return than it would be not to order it in the first place. Know what I mean?? But it’s fun if you have good self control. Ha! 🙂

  14. I think the reason us “average” people read fashion blogs is to see the high end garments, shoes and handbags. I know that is one of the reasons I read them. I always enjoy reading about what’s out there , even though some of it is unaffordable. You can always take a look and find a more affordable option out there. Keep up the good work! I enjoy your blog!

    1. Thanks, Donna! 🙂 I enjoy reading the higher end fashion blogs for that reason too. I don’t care if their shoes are $1000. I just think it’s fun to see what they’re wearing. And most do a good job of sharing more moderately priced items too. In fact, a lot of the things I’ve featured, I discovered on other fashion blogs. 🙂

  15. I really enjoy reading your blog and appreciate that you addressed the rude comment. No one should judge how others choose to spend money and I think your blog offers options at many different price points. Keep up the good work!

  16. Thank you for your wonderful and articulate post. I am usually not one to comment but I wanted you to know that you have my support. Keep being beautiful you and doing your thing. One can be discouraged by a negative comment(s) but deep down we all know the root of these remarks. Go forward with faith, passion for what you do, and your zest for life. You have many supporters Jolynne! Count me in those numbers. Have a great day and remember the difference you do make in the lives of those you touch and reach through your blog.

  17. I love your bedroom makeover! Such soft colors! Thanks for sharing! Also good to hear you’ve benefited from the book about tidying. I’m working on that, too! And by the way, I contacted Trunk Club, based on your recommendation and am looking forward to my intro call with Gretchen tomorrow. I hope it will work out to be a helpful alternative to shopping, as I don’t have much time for that and would love a personal shopper and stylist! I’ve done Stitch Fix , too, and hope this will be even more fun to use. Thanks for a greatly informative and entertaining blog!

  18. Sorry you had to deal with such a rude comment that you felt the need to delete it. One can have opposing views without being rude. With that said and as you stated, you do put it out there for the public to view. I don’t have an issue with what people spend or how much they have, as you stated we are all different and have different budgets, circumstances and such. The problem I am having with several fashion bloggers in particular is they say one thing and then do the other. I will clarify with an example. Several read Marie’s book, blogged about it and how it changed how they did things, and purged purged purged vowing to bring only what sparked joy back into their homes. However, just a few short weeks after bag after bag from Nordstroms is coming into their home along with more and more home decor for a seasonal shoot. I have to question their sincerity. Again, my personal opinion.
    Love the direction you are taking in your bedroom, it is quite refreshing.

    1. It’s interesting to hear that perspective. I guess my first question is, why do we assume all the clothes in the Nordstrom are going to stay in her closet? If she has a seasonal shoot, she is probably getting paid, and it’s part of a project for her job. For most bloggers, bringing a bunch of stuff into our homes is part of the territory. What she keeps and adds to hear closet is her business, but I wouldn’t assume it’s all staying. And if it is? Maybe it sparks joy. 😉

      Cyndi and I are doing 27 Days of Spring outfits in March, and there will be a lot of clothing cycling through my house. It will not all stay. Some will be returned to the store, and some will be donated after I wear them a few times. I do hope to keep my closet under control, but life is messy. Who knows….

      My point is, what people see on blogs is only part of the story. I think for the most part, we are all doing the best we can to be authentic, and I would hate to think people are questioning my sincerity. Just something to consider. 🙂 I appreciate your comment.

  19. Great Coffee Talk Jo-Lynne. I’m sorry someone was rude to you. As you said, you put yourself out there and people will lash out. So many of us love you! I enjoy your fashion posts and I especially benefit from the shopping information! Keep up the good work!

  20. Hi Jo-Lynne. I have followed you for quite a few months and have never commented, but I am also sad that someone made a hurtful remark. In general, I cannot understand why people feel that they have any right to judge and publically criticize others. I too am appalled at the prices of some things, but if someone’s bills are paid and their family is fed, clothed and sheltered, what they spend the rest of their hard-earned money on Is not for others to judge.
    The real price of anything is cost per wear. A year ago I had a closet FULL of stuff from discount stores and consignment shops that I had purchased because they (kind of) fit and the price was right. A $25 garment worn once because you felt frumpy or uncomfortable in it costs you $25 per wear, but $150 jeans worn even 15 times cost $10 per wear! And anything you LOVE will be worn many more times than that. Real bargains are sometimes hiding in those staple pieces that you pay a little more for. I have been working on my wardrobe over the past year, really discovering my own style and sticking to it. I still love those consignment shops (including ThredUp), but I’m way more thoughtful about what I actually take home or keep. And mistakes go back out the door!
    Sorry for rambling. I guess I’ve made up for never commenting before!

    1. Hi Bonnie, thank you SO much for taking the time to comment, and I appreciate your example of cost per wear. That’s a great way to put expenditures into perspective. have a great week!

  21. You are awesome!! I just started following your blog and I will admit I look forward to it every day. Since I live in Las Vegas I usually get to read it before I go to work. I am a working woman but i get a lot of great ideas from you on casual and evening wear. I like the price point of the pieces you have in your wardrobe—-reasonable but not cheap. Yes your bed needs those euroshams and then it will be perfect!! Thanks for brightening my day.

  22. Well done. Perfectly written response to critical comments and I appreciate you sharing your perspective. I hope it helps others who struggle with judgement and grace.
    I admire how vulnerable you are in writing your blog and sharing your life especially in pictures. I have a new found respect for the work you do.
    Be Blessed! 🙂

  23. I have just recently found your blog, I enjoy your clothes picks even though they don’t fit my life (I’m 76years old) It is so nice to see younger women when they dress fashionably and in good taste. I just finished ready both Marie Kondo’s books, and it pushed me to start cleaning and purging. You are correct in that all of a sudden things look so much improved in my bedroom. I have a long way to go. It took me 4 weeks to do my closet and dresser, but I am giving myself as long as it takes to complete the whole house. You just keep going and don’t worry with those negative comments. When you get to my age you know what is important, family and faith in GOD.

  24. Your bedroom is looking fabulous, so restful and calm! As a keeper of a part time blog 🙂 I completely understand how much time and effort that you expend on your blog. It is a passion but it is also a big commitment and takes a lot of time. I often have people ask me to post more regularly and I patiently explain that my blog runs on the work I do, no time for work – no blog, so I keep it on a post as I have something to say basis and even that seems too much sometimes.
    I just want you to know that you have made a positive impact on my life through your writing. I take it as my own responsibility for keeping within my personal budget not yours and if I try something you write about and don’t find it works for me that is not your responsibility either. We are all different in how we view things and what will work for us. I appreciate that you are providing options.
    I sell my art and often have people who express their dislike for my prices. These same people may be clothed in designer duds with a handbag made in China that cost hundreds but they think a piece of art should be cheap? My take on it is that we all have our priorities and spend our money accordingly. I hope you do not take these comments seriously, I have learned not to.

    1. That is a great example – your art. Everyone has different priorities. 🙂 Thanks for your kind words. I honestly do not take rude comments seriously. I have a pretty thick skin. But I thought the idea was important to address. It’s something I think about often, and I wanted to put it out there. 🙂

  25. I learned this early in my marriage from my wonderful Christian mentor, my pastor’s wife, who taught us that EXCELLENCE honors he Lord. There were other Christian women who inspired me to honor and glorify the Lord with the way they dressed, cared for their families and took care of their homes. I think there is much to be learned right in our churches if we would not write off the more mature women who have years of experience and time-tested strategies to be wonderful women who make God’s honor and glory a priority in everything!

  26. I finished the book about a month or two ago, but I haven’t started the “purge” yet. With working full time and having an active teenager, I’m having trouble finding the time to start – especially since she says start with the closet first! I think I’m just going to have to take a couple days off from work and just do it.
    As for watching the game? I will be grocery shopping while it’s on. It will be the only time the store will be practically empty! 🙂

  27. Amen sister!! You just do your thing and ignore them! I love your blog! It’s my quiet time to sit and read on the weekend. Every Saturday and Sunday morning when my family is sleeping, I wake up early, 7 am the latest, sad I know! I come downstairs, make my coffee and sit and read your posts from the week. Then I go online and shop and a few days later my packages start coming in! LOL my husband is like, oh no…more packages?! You’re really loving that fashion blog! But he admits that my style is so much better! He even gets Bombfell and the Men’s trunk club! Now a bedroom makeover, that might take some convincing….

  28. Good morning Jo-Lynne!
    I agree and support you in your honesty.
    I have been able to broaden my fashion horizons greatly since I’ve been reading your blog.
    At times I’ve bristled at the prices of some items but that is where my reality begins and your’s needs to take the back seat!!! I’ve been able to purchase many really nice items of clothing through your insights/sharing.
    You have been very clear and straightforward in presenting anything to us. So that is something I just wanted to say to you.
    I’m 55 and truly appreciative of ANY tips and ideas;). Have a super Sunday girl!

  29. I love to read your blog because I can relate to your fashion choices, etc! While I would love to be in a position to own multiple $$$ handbags, shoes, etc, I am content to live with more reasonably priced items and perhaps give that extra money to church, charities, etc. Having said that, I refuse to judge others for what they might have. I say bravo to you for keeping it real and reminding us to use care when judging others:)

  30. Keep doing what you’re doing you do it great! Love th bedroom colours. Do you know if The Trunk club ships to Canada? I love the box they ship it in. Have a great day!

    1. I inquired, and this was her response: Unfortunately at this time Trunk Club does not ship to Canada but I am sure one day in the future we will.

      Sorry! Hopefully they’ll expand soon. 🙂

  31. Hooray for you! I love how real you are in all of your blogs. Your bedroom looks so peaceful. You have done a beautiful job decorating, and I’m sure it brings you much joy. Finally, I have always been good about tidying up (making the bed, putting things away, etc.), but we have way too much “stuff” in our home. I am going to purchase the book and start on my journey. Thank you for all that you do, and for bringing so many people together in this wonderful community that we have.
    P.S. I loved your comment about cleaning before the cleaning lady comes. I do the same thing, and people think I am crazy. 😉

  32. My mom just gave me that book and bought one for my sister in law. It’s fun to read and really gets you motivated. I also watch The Tidy Tutor on youtube. She also has great ideas.

  33. You are inspiring! You help each of us become better people. Your blog might address fashion, decorating, a new recipe, or even just your positive attitude about life. Your blog brightens my day. Since following your blog for a couple of months, you have changed my life. From purging my closet to organizing my house, I feel (and look) so much better! (Think how many families have benefitted from our clothing donations alone!) My husband has finally quit asking me why I’m dressed up when it’s just us at home! He even asked the other day if I was getting some of those fancy jeans! If I do or not, it’s a very individual choice. Don’t let unkind people bother you. There are so many of us that are inspired by you.

  34. Great coffee talk, keepin it real girl! Haters gonna hate….. But love that you are doing your thing ! Your decor looks fab!

  35. Price per wear is the name of the game a la Clinton Kelly. I finally jumped into premium denim after reading your blog for several months–I had stayed away due to the price tag. And although I think my Target jeans are a close second, my new premium denim jeans are like wearing jammers so the price per wear will surely be spot-on. Just keep PPW in mind when you see a rude comment–we appreciate all the advice, expensive or not.

  36. great post. Thanks for sharing. I read your blog first everyday as my son naps and love it! It is my favorite out there and has inspired me in different areas! Keep up the good work ????

  37. I have been blessed with great readers who leave fabulous comments. It truly is hard to put yourself out in the cyber space for all to criticize. I try to live by the rule, if I have nothing nice, to just say nothing. Of course more times than not, I just can’t think of anything to say. Your blog is great and I am always inspired to do better. Thanks for the time and effort you give to all of us.

    1. I feel the same. So grateful for mostly gracious comments. The rude ones are few an far between, and I would’t have given this one air time except that I’ve been sort of wanting to address the issue for a while, so I figured this was as good a time as any. 🙂

  38. Well said, regarding running your blog & the clothing costs. Like you said, everyone has different budgets & ideas of what expensive it! My husband once mentioned about me blogging, since I was telling him about following you & Cyndi, as well as another non-fashion blogger. No way, I told him, it’s a lot of work! And we’ve got grandkids. I can tell you put a LOT of time & effort into your blog, not just a 9-5 job, I suspect! And to the person that left that not so nice comment, you can only feel pity & pray for them as they must have some self image issues going on. I call it building themselves up, by tearing someone else down.
    Your bedroom looks very calming & chic! In love with that wall hanging & pillow that resembles it. Our bedroom is a light sagey green & I’m ready to update the bedding and move out the floral wreath, that was in style years ago! Yet another look of yours I’d love to copy! You make it so easy, so I don’t have to shop around for my own ideas! LOL! Have a fun day with family. And that game, well, our family is a football family and even though their team isn’t in the Superbowl, it’s an excuse for a family gathering!

  39. As a blogger I’m with you on putting ourselves out there, and I’ve been really lucky to have mostly positive experiences, but it is really interesting how people will be willing to type something they would never say out loud or to the person’s face. People don’t “have” to read a blog, so why waste your time if the blogger is not your jam?

  40. I think you are awesome and I appreciate your honesty on clothing prices. As a former pastor’s wife, I have felt first-hand the sting of judgment about your personal budget and spending decisions. So you go, Girl! Shake it off and move on. You are certainly appreciated by many! Keep shining your light and doing your thing! ????

    1. I’m sure you have. My grandmother was a pastor’s wife, and when I asked her for advice (my husband is a seminary grad that never ended up going into pastoral ministry) her answer was: “Develop a thick skin.” Thanks for your kind, encouraging words.

  41. The leather jacket is definitely a keeper, but I must say, the Vince cashmere sleeveless sweater is absolutely stunning! Would you please let me know which size you ordered? I am trying to decide between two sizes. Thanks for your blog- I look forward to your posts every day!

  42. So sorry that you have to deal with such rude comments. Some people can’t help themselves I suppose. I guess I look at it like this – I like reading your blog. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t. And they should do the same. ????It’s none of my business or anyone else’s how you budget your money, what items are perks of your business, etc. I’m sure those folks wouldn’t like it if you questioned their spending habits. As you state, each of us are different people, have different budgets, different priorities and so on. I appreciate all the time and effort that you put into your blog, with the detailed explanations, prices, alternatives and taking into consideration some folks do like a budget option. That info arms your readers with some quality info when we get ready to make choices. Especially those who may prefer or are required to order items. And even at that, there are always many other alternatives and price points to be found. For example, you have shared with the readers your love of premium denim. I don’t want to spend that much on jeans because I don’t wear them very often so I choose other options. You wear jeans often so you buy what you like and feel good in. ???? I spend quite a bit on shoes…they are weakness and I prefer good quality, comfortable, leather shoes. ????????But that’s what makes America great – we have choices. ???????? Anyway, sorry you have to deal with that stuff. Another blogger I follow was considering shutting down her site because of cruel people. Thankfully, she reconsidered but still……..people just need to move on. Have a blessed week!

  43. Hey Jo-Lynne,
    Just have to say GO BRONCOS (we live in Denver)!!!!!
    Loved your trunk reveal. Just watched it last night. I’m thinking I may need to sign up 🙂

  44. Love this new post and as always, you are so on point! I’m excited b/c I just bought Marie Kondo’s books today and am having so much fun re-organizing my entire home and choosing to only keep things that give me joy! I just boxed up 3 boxes of clothing to donate to children in Appalachia (where our rescue dog came from) and it felt so good, and I am updating my bedroom as I write this! Goodbye 18 year old bed skirt and shams, even though they once gave me Joy! Also, good for you addressing comments about cost; it’s all about what gives one Joy, not about what price and to each her own!

  45. Love reading your blog and appreciate all the price points you offer for styles. Curious if you followed the KonMari method to the letter and applied to your whole house and how long it took you? I also read her book recently and have begun, but doing a big purge all at once while juggling everyday life at the moment seems difficult. I’ve started and am still working on clothing – now working on children clothes.

    1. We didn’t quite finish the whole house. 🙂 When it gets warmer, we will finish the attic. I still haven’t done my momentos, but there aren’t tons. I will do spring/summer clothes when I get them out this spring. So I have pieces left to do, but I’m looking forward to finishing up. It didn’t take us that long, but we worked on it over winter break. So maybe a week?

  46. Well said. And please keep blogging!!

    There’s not much to add to the excellent comments above, except that I KNOW I’m spending smarter as a result of following your blog. Even if an item is out of my particular budget, I learn from the way you put things together. And a more expensive item often triggers a thought about how something already in my closet might look in a different way!

    THANKS for putting yourself out there!

  47. I did make a comment once about an item you featured that was outside my budget. You responded in a very positive way. I think a lot of us come from the mindsets that we aren’t SUPPOSED to buy premium clothing. I’m getting over that, while trying to still remain conservative. I am starting to collect some pieces I know I won’t donate after a year or so. I was on the fence about Trunk Club before your post. After I saw it I went ahead and completed my profile. I’m very much looking forward to getting my first trunk. Again, the comment I made was in no way intended to offend. I love your blog and make sure I view it every day.

    1. Those types of comments don’t bother me. 🙂 I totally get that we all come from different perspectives. The comment I deleted was out-right rude and insulting, and even so, I might have put it thru moderation, but there was no name on it. I just feel that people should at least put their name on their words. 🙂

      Let me know how you like your trunk!

  48. I am sure the rude comment was not your first time. People don’t consider their comments before sending. I love all that you share with us. Have a great day!

  49. I love your blog. I have begun a clothes purge this year and have found it fun Some items I have I think oh why did I ever buy that . Cut, quality and fit now play into evrything I purchase . I will be trying the trunk thing as well, just curious what someone would pick after a personal conversation.

  50. Jolynne,
    I think you do fine job of picking out budget friendly items as well as let us know in advance if something is spendy. I agree with you 100% that know one should judge how other spend there money, you worked for it you can use it how you please. I think its great that you and Cyndi have opening my eye to some new store that i didnt think were possible. I am now concerning trunk club.
    Thanks for all you do

  51. Love your posts! I just purchased the Marie Kondo book on Friday and now I’m ready to get the whole house organized!!

  52. I very recently discovered your blog and Pinterest posts, and just wanted to say “Thank you!” I really enjoy reading your posts and seeing your pictures. On this particular matter, I’ve owned this book for serious but haven’t picked it up to read it, but I will now. Again, thank you for sharing!

  53. I agree with the importance of not judging each other and our spending. I think it is important to note that companies that make higher quality, more expensive clothing often provide better conditions for garment workers, while cheaper clothing is often manufactured under appalling factory conditions in other countries. I also don’t have a large clothing budget, but I like the concept of having fewer, but higher quality things, if that’s all I can afford. And of course waiting for sales always helps!
    Having said this, I understand that many people have no choice but to shop at cheaper clothing companies. No judgement in my comments! I just think it is worth noting the dangerous, if hidden, consequences of “cheap” fashion. For me it’s all about trying to make more conscious (even if more expensive) fashion choices. And of course, as you have mentioned, part of that is donating the excess!

  54. Oh I still have the red and khaki going on in my home. I just don’t even know where to start with changing it — it’s a bit overwhelming. You’ve sparked my redecorating cord though 🙂 Now maybe I just ease my husband into it….

    Rude comments have no place on your blog. I think of this as your “home” and I am not going to come into your home and be rude. I agree with you 100% – if you’re going to be blatantly rude, own it. There is a big difference in stating an opinion vs being unacceptable.

  55. I don’t know why some people think it’s okay to be rude and hurtful just because they’re behind a computer screen. Sorry you have to deal with that. Anyway I just wanted to add my vote for the LBD and the leather jacket. The dress looked awesome on you. Very flattering! The jacket is timeless and good quality so it will provide many years of wear so definitely worth the splurge. I personally didn’t care much for the vest. It kinda reminded me of Maude. Please tell me you remember that sitcom?? I may be dating myself lol. I appreciate you listing the sizes and prices for the items you style. It gives me a “heads up” before I click and see if my size is available. It’s easier to say ‘no’ before actually logging in on the Nordstrom (or wherever) site lol 🙂

  56. I have been reading you blog for some time and am now just commenting. I love your styling and your honesty. And I totalyy agree….if you are going to be snarky…own your snark or be prepared to be deleted. A friend took me shopping when we were just out of college (she was a model so had a great sense of style). I need some professional clothing. With her guidance I bought some pieces that were pricey (at least to me at the time). Her comment…..you get what you pay for. And so true. Those pieces washed and wore so well. I got tired of them before they wore out. I got a pair of jeans thru Stitch FIx that were $65. WAYYYYYY more than I would actually prefer to pay. BUT ….these jeans fit SO well and still look new. So……you do get what you pay for. Have a great day!!

  57. I love the throw pillows you chose. Hubby works 3Rd shift so it feels like there’s always someone in the bed so I rarely make it. It would probably be worth doing anyway though. My daughter is getting better at playing independently so it might be time to tackle my closet. I feel like my drawers are always full yet I wear half my clothes straight out of the wash, sounds like a sure sign of too much to me.
    Also, I’m now convinced my daughter must have caused the issue with me not seeing all the images when I use my feedly. When I use it on my phone they’re all there!

  58. This is a great post in so many ways! I think those of us on the other side of the computer screen sometimes forget (or need to be reminded) that bloggers are real people, with families, commitments and feelings. Because we get a peak into your life through your blog, we think we know everything about you. I appreciate being informed about the business of blogging (i.e how fashion bloggers don’t always keep the clothes they style, some of it is gifted to them, etc.) because it’s easy to think that an endless parade of new clothes to style would be a great job to have. I think it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there like you do every day. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have strangers comment on your personal decisions, but I imagine it is just a part of the job description. It is so disheartening to see or hear of anonymous rudeness. This is the exact reason I’ve avoided Instagram…..seeing unkind comments on the Instagram feed of another blogger (about her children no less!) makes you wonder if all this connected-ness is really worth it.
    That said, I appreciate the work that you do to make your blog current, relatable, worthwhile and informative. I read it every morning and always find it to be a positive and fun start to the day.

  59. You go, girl! I love your blog, and I enjoy finding things I can afford, things for which I can bargain-shop, and things I can aspire to! I am thankful to live in a country where, if I want to live at a higher level, I can find ways to work harder/smarter and do so. I love to be motivated and inspired. I find ridicule, disdain and intimidation a wast of time and energy. Judging others for what they spend is a slippery slope. Find peace with where you are, inspiration for where you are going, and joy in every minute! Keep inspiring us to be better, brighter, in style and lovin’ life!

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