March Blues #CoffeeTalk


Is it Friday yet?

Isn’t it weird how some weeks fly by and others seem to last forever?

I’ve been up since 4:50am. I couldn’t sleep because of this nasty cold I’ve managed to contract from my daughter, so I got up, made coffee, and watched two episodes of Gilmore Girls. Hey, if you’re gonna be sick, do it right.

We’ve all taken our turns being sick this week. We have some nasty respiratory virus spreading through our house like wildfire. The only one who seems to be immune is my son, which is odd, considering how he used to be the one to get sick at the drop of a hat and ended up on nebulizer treatments almost every fall of his young life. I guess he finally built up his immune system.

My older daughter is home with me today. I had to take her to the doctor yesterday because her asthma is so bad, and my younger daughter was home sick with this crud earlier in the week. Then Paul and I came down with it yesterday. Good times!

I don’t usually get this sick. I forgot how miserable a common cold can be. I never got this sick when I was running. I guess that’s one more reason to be cranky that I can’t run anymore. Add it to the list.

Our lovely spring weather has also disappeared this week, and winter is back with a vengeance. It’s been too cold to get out and walk, and tomorrow it’s supposed to snow, which I suppose is fitting seeing how it’s the First Day of Spring. Yes, this is March in the great Northeast. Ain’t it grand?? 

We are all counting down the days until we leave for sunny Arizona. Twelve more days until I get to put on a swimsuit and lounge by this pool. It can’t get here fast enough.

hyatt gainey ranch pool

Speaking of bathing suits, my sugar detox isn’t going so well this time around. I’m having a hard time sticking to it. Instead of getting down about it, I just ordered a cute new bathing suit coverup from Zappo’s. I will only have to take it off if I decide to get into the pool, right??

In other news, my foot is actually feeling better. I almost hate to say it. I am not superstitious, but so far, every every time I’ve thought I was on the mend, something else has happened. I’m so glad I didn’t get that injection, and I REALLY hope I’m not jinxing myself by saying so.

I’m terrified of doing something to set me back or further injure myself, so I’ve been taking it super easy and trying oh-so-gradually to get back to walking so I will be able to keep up with the family when we’re in Arizona in two weeks. I can now walk a half mile without pain. Yay, me!

It’s hard to imagine I was running 8, 9, and 10 miles without a care in the world just two years ago. To be excited about walking — not running, but WALKING — a half a mile seems ludicrous, but that’s where I am, so I’ll take it.

If I sound down and out, I’m not. I’m feeling pretty optimistic about life in general at the moment. The weather will turn around eventually, this virus will pass, Paul and I have a date night planned for Saturday night, I get to go on vacation in a couple of weeks, and barring any unforeseen complications, I will be walking like a normal person and wearing cute shoes. Oh, and the cleaning lady comes today. So life is good!

What’s going on in your neck of the woods?

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  1. I am also sitting here sulking about tomorrow’s snowstorm. I need to get some cleaning down, but I am fighting with the aesthetics of my blog too.

    Maybe we won’t get any snow tomorrow………..yeah, I know, denial!

    Hope you feel better so you can enjoy your trip.

    1. Denial is a beautiful thing sometimes. Ha. It’s snowing now, BUT the kids went to school so at least they won’t have to make up another snow day. Small blessings!

  2. Dreary here in Chicago too. My diet isn’t going so well either, but I keep trying. I’m in the used to be a size 4, now my 6’s are a bit tight and 8’s are a bit big club. I was full of optimism and resolve when we had sunshine and warm temps last week. This too shall pass. On a bright note, wonderful news about your foot. Plus you have a vacation to look forward to as well. Life is good!

    1. Ha, I hear ya on the 4s, 6s and now 8s. I think that the nice weather last week was also invigorating me, and then it got cold, and I got this cold, and my lovely little monthly friend visited, and…. yeah… minor setback, that is all. 🙂

  3. Yes, it got colder here, but MN so we expect it. No snow thankfully. I tried on jeans yesterday to motivate me to get to the gym and move. I am with Lena on the size thing. So glad to hear your foot is better. I did not think mine would ever be better and it is! Hope you feel better soon and have a great weekend!

    1. I keep thinking that hopefully, in a few years, I’ll look back on this year as a “blip”. But as I’m sure you know, when you’re going thru it, it seems like it will NEVER be better.

    1. YES!! I can’t wait. I love AZ. I’d move there if I could. It’s been too long since I’ve visited. AND I get to go back next month for a blogging conference. So I get to go twice in 2 mos!

  4. Bring lots of sunscreen with you, it has been unseasonable warm here in Phoenix lately. You will have a wonderful time!

  5. I know I invite a lot of hate here but I’m a New Englander stuck in California and we have had precious little precipitation in the past 3 years due to drought. Every day the sun comes up, the sun goes down. Nothing ever happens, no wind, no rain, no pretty clouds, and very little change in the seasons. Boring! I know March in the northeast gets pretty long (and muddy) but the grass is always greener—–just saying….

  6. I was feeling pretty down in the dumps on March 19th, too. I even wrote a blog post about how sad I was feeling, without even really knowing what had me feeling that way. And then, just as quickly as I had become gloomy, I kind of snapped out of it. I have a wonderful life and a cleaning lady who comes on (every other) Thursday, too, and a great husband named Paul, so I need to focus on the good and accept that my occasional case of the blues will pass. Glad to find that I am in good company!

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