Menu Plan Monday

I’ve never participated in Menu Plan Monday before, but I realized this morning that I need to plan my menus if I’m going to implement all of Dr. Weil’s assignments this week.  So here it is!  ‘Cause you know I can’t do anything anymore without full documentation on The Blob.

I’m supposed to eat fish twice this week, replace at least one serving of meat with a soy food, and make a conscious effort to eat an extra serving of fruits and vegetables with at least one meal this week.  It’s hard to fit all of that in!  But I think I did it.

Monday — Vegetable Stir-Fry with Tofu with brown rice.  (I’ve programmed the number for pizza takeout in case I need a back-up plan.  See, I should have been a Boy Scout!)

Tuesday — Chicken burgers (compliments of the Trader Joes frozen foods section) on whole wheat buns with lettuce and tomato, honeyed baby carrots.

Wednesday — Grilled marinated tuna steak (once again, compliments of the Trader Joes frozen foods section), fresh steamed green beans, fresh steamed corn on the cob.

Thursday — Grilled chicken marinated in Italian salad dressing, fresh steamed corn on the cob, fresh steamed broccoli.

Friday — Grilled salmon marinated in Teriyaki sauce, brown rice, fresh grilled asparagus.

Saturday — Dinner out.  (The best kind.)