Menu Plan Monday

I’ve never participated in Menu Plan Monday before, but I realized this morning that I need to plan my menus if I’m going to implement all of Dr. Weil’s assignments this week.  So here it is!  ‘Cause you know I can’t do anything anymore without full documentation on The Blob.

I’m supposed to eat fish twice this week, replace at least one serving of meat with a soy food, and make a conscious effort to eat an extra serving of fruits and vegetables with at least one meal this week.  It’s hard to fit all of that in!  But I think I did it.

Monday — Vegetable Stir-Fry with Tofu with brown rice.  (I’ve programmed the number for pizza takeout in case I need a back-up plan.  See, I should have been a Boy Scout!)

Tuesday — Chicken burgers (compliments of the Trader Joes frozen foods section) on whole wheat buns with lettuce and tomato, honeyed baby carrots.

Wednesday — Grilled marinated tuna steak (once again, compliments of the Trader Joes frozen foods section), fresh steamed green beans, fresh steamed corn on the cob.

Thursday — Grilled chicken marinated in Italian salad dressing, fresh steamed corn on the cob, fresh steamed broccoli.

Friday — Grilled salmon marinated in Teriyaki sauce, brown rice, fresh grilled asparagus.

Saturday — Dinner out.  (The best kind.)

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20 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Oh, sorry. I would’ve loved to come to dinner but I suddenly have plans every night this week. Let me know when your fried chicken, fettuccine alfredo or WT pizza make it back on your menu. We’ll be free!! 😉

  2. I’d eat all that. I had tofu (although I didn’t cook it myself – it was in Chinese take-out) and you know, I came really close to enjoying it. Hey, at least it doesn’t look like TRIPE, right? Good luck – I’m cheering for you!

  3. That actually does all sound good. That’s pretty much how eat in our house. But, I’d have to leave out the tofu and brown rice. We just don’t eat rice at all. If I make Chinese I will just eat a little white rice, but that’s rare. I’ll eat just about anything in the brown catagory but rice. I hope you have a good week!

  4. Welcome to the MPM wagon – LOL! Your menu sounds quite good. I’ve never eaten tofu – I’m anxious to know what you think of it! I do like brown rice though, and everything else sounds like stuff I’d eat! So can I come eat at your house instead of cooking this week? My menu can keep till next week! ;o)

  5. wow u r making me hungry! that sounds all good and healthy! i like tofu a lot….i went on a tofu diet once…when i worked for PETA (don’t ask) and when I tried to fit into some lingerie from pamperedpassions (dot com i think).<-They actually have a contest to the bahamas now and i'm hoping I win and then maybe I will go back to my tofu diet....i lost a lot of weight on that thing! anyway, good luck with the dinners! they sound yummy!

  6. Sounds nice and healthy. How I wish I could get a bit healthier with cooking around here. Why is it so much cheaper and easier to eat crap?? Looks like a good menu. Good job planning it out!

  7. what time is dinner?? I’m on my way..
    Thursday menu has me drooling.
    Welcome to the menu plan monday(LOL even though I haven’t done it in a few weeks)

  8. So what is tofu like? I’ve been to scared to try it! I LOVE Trader Joe’s – I’ll have to look for those chicken burgers! Thanks for the ideas and inspiration. Your blog is pretty neat!

  9. I need to get back to menu planning, it really helped keep the grocery bills down. All sounds yummy to me!

  10. Oh you people with your organization. Ya make me sick.

    Not really. Just jealous. Your menu looks very yummy and healthy!

  11. Have you tried Amy’s frozen meals? They’re great for a quick, easy, healthy lunch. They’re all vegetarian, use brown rice, tofu, the works– and they’re delicious!

  12. i have to agree with Rebecca. Amy’s meals are great! I am so impressed with your meals. I would love all of them but how do your kids and hubby like them? My kids and hubby tend to be on the picky side and trying new foods gets to be an ordeal at times. Any suggestions??

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