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(Ha! I took that picture of a print at a coffee shop in Gettysburg last weekend. I knew it would come in handy!)

So I got a FitBit a few weeks ago and finally started setting it up last night. I was poking around online, trying to figure out everything it does, and I noticed the alarm feature so I set it for 5:30.

I miss my early mornings. I’m always so scattered and cranky when I wake up with the rest of the family and don’t get my time alone first.

Oddly, I slept well and woke about 5 minute before the alarm went off. When my wrist started vibrating, I tapped it a few times and it didn’t stop. So I got out of bed.

It stopped.

Does it know that you get out of bed because of your movement!?? I thought you could turn it off by tapping on it.

At any rate, I’m up. I’ve got my coffee, and my email inbox is marked ‘all-read’.

It feels good.

Ever since I bared my soul here in the I Miss Me post, I have been feeling much better emotionally. I believe it has a lot to do with making myself a priority and getting dressed and fixed up every day, but it’s also that my attitude that has changed. I am not allowing myself to dwell on the past or look too far forward. I am concerned that my leg and foot don’t feel right, but I’m trying not to borrow trouble and focus on what I have right in front of me. I’m in PT and weaning off the brace so I suppose everything will become clear in its own time.

I’ve also been getting out more. I made a lunch date with a few friends this week, I went out last week with another friend, and of course our Gettysburg trip was a nice pick-me-up. I’ll be posting about that later today.

Yesterday I made a spontaneous appointment for a mani/pedi at my new favorite pampering spot, Eden Day Spa. Now I’m all festive for Valentine’s Day. 


(Yes, I am holding a jar of Hershey Kisses. They gave it to me to snack on while my pedicure dried. Gotta love THAT!)

I also scheduled another facial (I had one there a couple of weeks ago) for March. I’m going to try to get on a regular schedule with that. My skin is starting to look old. I don’t want to go down the road of botox and such, but I want to ramp up my self care in this category. I’ve never spent a lot of money on spa treatments and such, but I think my time has come. And the regular pampering is bound to help my overall outlook on life.

So yeah, for the moment, it’s all good.

I have some fun blogging projects in the pipeline, and while the weather doesn’t feel much like spring, I know that it’s coming. Or, at least, it will come. I don’t mind the cold too awfully much. I can’t run anyway, and we have had just enough snow to keep things pretty, but not so much that it’s inconvenient.

Kimberton Mill

That’s why I like it here in the mid-Atlantic region. Although, I surely wouldn’t mind living a little further south where spring arrives, well, SOONER. You can take the girl out of Virginia…

I’m super excited about my Valentine’s Day Dinner Out post going up tomorrow. It’s a different look for me. And there are some amazing sales going on this weekend! I’ll be featuring my faves in my Weekly Fashion & Beauty Digest. If you don’t already subscribe, and you like my fashion picks, you can sign up here.

We had our romantic dinners out last weekend, so we are planning a quiet Valentine’s weekend at home. I will make a nice family dinner tomorrow night, and on Saturday we are getting together with friends.

That’s enough about me. What are you up to this weekend? How is winter treating you this year?

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  1. I can relate with you…I had my second foot surgery on 12/17 and have gained weight, clothes are all tight or don’t fit and sitting on the couch ALOT feeling sorry for myself. You’ve inspired me…I’m going to get a facial and join some gals this weekend that I wasn’t planning on doing but I’m going to push myself a little and join the group!
    Thank you –

  2. Hey there…..I enjoy reading your blog and was curious what u think about your fit bit…..I’m on the fence about buying one. I’m just wondering if it’s really worth the money. I feel like I would use it mostly for the motivation of getting my steps in for the day. What r your thoughts so far on it? Thanks! Georgia

  3. Well you know I love that sign!! There really is something about getting your day going isn’t there? I am not a morning person by any means but I find on Saturdays the longer I sleep in the more “off” my day actually becomes so it sorta defeats the purpose of sleeping in. We might go to Calgary for Valentine’s just to get away together for the day. Always enjoy that!

  4. You totally must come back to Virginia then! You know, the place where if you don’t like the weather, stick around for ten minutes, because it’s sure to change. 😉

    I’m all about my manis, pedis & facials! And I’d love to see a post on your skin care regimen. Or have you done one of those and I’ve forgotten? Totally possible. 😛

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