Mystery Disease

I saw my PCP this morning regarding the “episode” last week.  He is a very kind man and was very understanding.  He said that I am having a vasovagal reaction to something, but to what he has no idea, and we may never know.  He said that typically in these situations, he refers to all the appropriate specialists to rule out all the scary stuff, and if that all checks out fine, I might just have to live with it, not knowing what is causing it.

I already have a referral to a GI doctor, and he gave me a referral to a cardiologist.  We ruled out the allergist, neurologist, and endocrinologist last winter.

He is also running a test to rule out carcinoid, which is a diagnosis that two doctors have suggested as a possible explanation of my symptoms.  I was doing okay until I looked it up on the internet.  (Note to self: Google is NOT always your friend.)

My doctor did say that he expects the carcinoid test to be negative, but he will test for it just to be sure.  I am trying not to worry, but I’m having a hard time keeping my fears at bay.

The PCP seemed a bit concerned about my anxiety over this and told me to be aware that my anxiety could worsen as we continue to seek answers without  finding any.  At this point, I seem to be able to control my anxiety with mind-over-matter, and I hope that I will not need medication, as that is likely only to complicate everything.

At this point, I am praying that this carcinoid test comes back negative (it will be over a week before I receive the results, as the test can’t be done till Tuesday) and that we can find an answer to what is causing this, hopefully one that is not serious.  But most of all, that whatever lies ahead, God gives us all the peace and faith to trust him.

Now we’re off to have Christmas with the in-laws!  As if we didn’t get enough food and presents last weekend.