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Singing The Blues…

Honestly, I’m doing anything BUT singing the blues this morning, but it seemed like a good title for this outfit. Why am I not singing the blues? Because after having a couple of rough days with my vertigo, thinking it was getting worse, I woke up this morning and it seems to be gone. This is exactly the 3-week mark since it started, and it tends to run a 3-4 week course, so… I am cautiously optimistic! Meanwhile, I shot this spring look on Monday and thought I’d better share it before anything starts selling out.

Best Transition Shoes for Spring

There are several questions I’ve been getting a lot lately, and one of those is about the best transition shoes for spring. Yes, despite the frigid temperatures outside, it is indeed springtime! I figure, if I can’t wear short sleeves and cropped pants just yet, at least I can start switching up my footwear! So I’ve rounded up what I think are the 6 best transition shoes for spring and some good options at various price points.

26 Days of Spring Fashion Recap

Well, we did it again! Today Cyndi and I are recapping our 26 Days of Spring Fashion. I’m always amazed at the end of one of these style series that I actually pulled it off — especially the spring ones. Coming up with 26 outfits and shooting them all on location during the most fickle month of the year is no small feat.

My Favorite Spring Shoe Trend

Well, friends! It’s hard to believe that 26 Days of Spring Fashion is already over, but I have plenty of spring fashion left to share, and today I’m talking about my favorite spring shoe trend… if you guessed white sneakers, you were right!

Spring Weekend Style

Cheers to Friday, friends! 🥂This budget-friendly spring weekend look is perfect for wearing from the tee-ball field to the grocery store to an outdoor picnic with friends, and you aren’t going to believe where it’s from.

3 Accessory Trends for Spring 2019

Adding a few on-trend accessories to your closet each season is the easiest (and least expensive) way to update your wardrobe, so I’m excited to team up with Nordstrom and talk about 3 accessory trends for spring 2019 that you may want to add to your closet.