Yes, I know it’s Sunday.  But I’m gonna rewind for a minute.

Before we had kids, and I was a working gal, I loved Saturday.  It was the only day of the week I had to gallivant around town and do whatever tickled my fancy.  If you’re thinking that the gallivanting probably included traipsing around a mall, you’re bang-on, Sistah!

Now that I’m a stay-at-home-mom, I hate Saturdays.  Because now Saturday is the day dedicated to chores and home improvement projects.  And guess who is in charge of chores and home improvement projects?

The Husband.

So where does that leave me?

With the kids.  Just like EVERY OTHER DAY OF THE WEEK.

As much as I love my kids, sometimes I just want to go somewhere, ANYwhere without an entourage.  Mothers of the world, do I hear an amen?

So every once in a while, when the togetherness gets to be more than I can take, and the bickering and blathering is on my every last nerve, I beg, plead and otherwise cajole until my husband says to GO!  And I get to go out and gallivant.  ALONE!  Yesterday was one of those Saturdays.

I started my day by taking a very long shower.  And then I took my grand ol’ time gittin’ ready.  To go to the mall.  By myself.  Yes, I realize I need to get a life.

After making the rounds of all my favorite haunts without spending a dime (pat me on the back!), I wandered into Sephora.  Because yall.  I’m 35, but my face.  It’s 40.  Seriously, my skin is a big mess of wrinkles, acne scars, pores, and flaky skin.  LURVLY.

I was planning to purchase the Dr. Brandt’s Pores No More that I recommended last week.  My free sample was gone, and I was ready to take the plunge.  But I was also looking for something to, well, turn back time, basically. 

And the really cool thing about Sephora is that they will fill these handy little sample containers with their miracle potions and let you try them before you buy.  (Oooh!  Look at that!  Poetry!)  They also have a money-back guarantee if you don’t like your purchase for any reason.  So it’s win-win!

And today I left with three little vials of potion to try.  I’ll tell you about them as I try them out.

So after I had my fill of boutiques and makeup counters and jewelry departments…  And oh, speaking of jewelry, how much do you love these?

I love me a hoop earring.  And these are different enough and interesting enough to be, well, not just another hoop earring.

ANYway.  After perusing all those stores I don’t dare enter with a couple of energetic little girls in tow, I returned home and made these.

I was careful to follow the instructions to the T.

And I had the help of these two wee elves.

They were every bit as good as Stie said they would be.  Although I cooked them for 8 minutes and 33 seconds because they didn’t seem quite done after 7 minutes and 33 seconds.

They were fabulous, and I had at least a half dozen, NOT counting the dough I snitched while they were baking.  The kids gave them their seal of approval, but my husband isn’t a fan of the oatmeal, which delighted my kids to no end, because in my son’s words, "Now I can have dad’s share of the cookies.  That means I can have at least eight of them!"  And there you have it.

By the way, thanks for all the great suggestions for my iPod.  I am going to go through them all this afternoon and make a great Treadmill Playlist!  I didn’t get back to the gym this week, I’m sorry to say, but tomorrow is another day.

Oh.  And one more thing.  Can I just say how absolutely GLORIOUS it is to wake up to SUNSHINE at 6:45AM?  I know it’s still the dead of winter out there, and the frost is on the grass to prove it, but the sun, yall.  The SUN!  I’m so happy.

I’ll leave you with a bit of biblical encouragement on this sunny Sunday morning.

Come unto Him, all ye that labor, come unto Him that are heavy laden, and
He will give you rest.  Take His yoke upon you, and learn of Him, for He
is meek and lowly of heart, and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

~ Matthew 11:28-29

Have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. AMEN on the home projects and Saturdays. I LOVE football season. Because Dh is content to sit on the couch. I’m not on kid duty all day while he paints,fixes,sprays or whatever and I also don’t feel guilty that I have no desire whatsoever to join him in “ProjectLand.” Now the beautiful days are starting to come back,football is gone and he is getting antsy. SIGH. Back to work.

  2. Amen sister!

    I know what you mean about not getting anything done yourself on a Saturday, beacuse of dh’s grand plans for what HE needs to get done!

    A day off is so good, makes me a better mum, as I am not just so frazzled, and more fun to be with. However I tend to end up looking in shops for things for them, not me! But the luxury of not have kids in tow is such a treat!

    Looking forward to seeing your ipod list – when I shared mine with you, I realised
    mine needs a bit of a revamp.

    Have a great sunday.

  3. Preach it, sister!

    I usually manage to get some time to myself on Sundays after lunch, but I always end up running errands. Those earings are darling!

  4. It was a pretty sunrise today. I’m sorry to say that I saw it (rather be sleeping). I can TOTALLY relate to the Saturday thing. Although at least on Saturdays I do get to take a real shower.

  5. That’s so true about Saturdays becoming like any other day when the hubs does projects. That’s a hard call because it’s nice to get honey-dos crossed off, but then the kids…
    Glad you wriggled some solo mall time–I couldn’t imagine going with 3 littles.
    I must try those cookies soon!

  6. AMEN Sistah! I have to always laugh at my hubby because he seems to think that it is perfectly acceptable to leave on a Saturday morning to go to Home Depot and come back hours later. And his rationale is that he ‘has things he has to get done’ and he doesn’t seem to understand why I don’t want to tug 3 kiddos around with me to various stores. LOL I love being home with the kids, but it is so true that we also need to have a little time by ourselves!

    BTW, have you tried ProActive?? I had a friend who had this on auto-ship and they had an overstock of it, so she let me have one! I love it so much!!

    I’m anxious to see your iPod list. I so need some new songs!

  7. Frost on the grass? Know how I know we still have winter? Because it’s just snowed for two days again and we have at least a foot or two of snow on our grass! LOL!

    It sure is nice to get out with little ones just to refocus ourselves and be able to think. I’m glad your hubby gave you the time. Maybe you can wing a “first Saturday of the month” deal with him. And I love those earrings by the way. So did you purchase those or just drool on them at the store?

  8. Susanne – I just drooled. After the ring I got for Christmas, I can hardly ask for another expensive piece of jewelry for Valentines. I’ll be drooling over them for a while, yet, I imagine. 🙂

    And I would do just about ANYTHING for two feet of show. We’ve had no more than a flurry all winter, but it’s been plenty cold of course. BAH-HUMBUG.

    This is quite the international comment section. I have comments from Ireland, Quatar, and Canada. What fun!

  9. I am so happy to see some of that dough sneaking across your lips! Good girl, you followed the recipe. That is one of the most important steps. And thank you for adding the 33 seconds. It’s just not the same if it’s 30 seconds or 35. It MUST be 33.

    Happy weekend, friend!

  10. Amen to not liking Saturdays. The week days are filled w/ appointments and playdates but Saturdays are tough trying to keep the kids entertained. The only good thing is Hubs usually will get up with the kids in the morning so I have a few extra minutes to sleep in!

  11. AMEN !! I just stumbled upon your blog and your Saturday musings could’ve been a view from any Saturday afternoon in my life !! I look forward to checking back often.

  12. I love to make oatmeal cookies with (a)butterscotch chips and a dash of cinnamon, and (b) white chocolate chips and dried cherries or “Craisins” (which are dried cranberries). While both are yummsters year-round, Option A is good in the autumn, and Option B is good for festive Christmas-time cookies.
    I’m gonna try Stie’s recipe next time I play Betty Crocker. :o)

  13. Amen, sistah-girl! Hubby and I were having a discussion earlier about the expectations of mom vs. dad. I have to ask him to watch the baby so I can take an uninterrupted shower while he’s home. But he never asks to take a shower. He just does what he wants and expects that I’m being responsible. (Of course, I am, but still…) I’m always on baby duty when I’m in the house, whether he’s around or not.

    Hope you’re having a blessed Sunday!

  14. I can’t wait to find out about your samples from Sephora. I really love the Pores No More. It really does make my pore seem so much smaller and it makes my skin seem soft and smooth.

    I have acne scars and wrinkles so I am very interested in your new products.

  15. Honestly, I am a little jealous that your husbands like to do projects around the house. Dh and I are alike in that we both want to be lazy bums on the weekends. We usually drink our coffee and watch TV for a couple of hours while kids watch cartoons ( I know great parenting skills, right?) and then we try to think of something productive to do. We very rarely do house projects. He will spend hours updating our computer though. hahaha

  16. You said: “As much as I love my kids, sometimes I just want to go somewhere, ANYwhere without an entourage.”

    I hear you! I think all mothers can relate to that! I’m with you about the whole “Saturdays are not so sensational” anymore thing. No more sleeping in, organizing around the house, gallivanting around town, etc.

  17. “Because yall. I’m 35, but my face. It’s 40. Seriously, my skin is a big mess of wrinkles, acne scars, pores, and flaky skin.”

    Because yall! I KNOW this woman personally and ma proud to call her a friend. Despite being a lovely devout Christian woman, she is a complete LIAR. Or she is delusional. Or she had a magnifying mirror that she spends too much time in front OF. (ending with preposition now approved) Anyway, this woman may be 35 but she looks 30. AND as you can see from the photos, she is gorgeous!

    So ignore her. On this one, I mean.

  18. I remember our first Thanksgiving after my son was born. I turned to my husband & said, “Moms don’t get holidays, weekends or sick days, do we?” Stink.

  19. I just found you from Gentle Art…great blog!

    I am usually the one to do weekend projects so I can get out of the kid watching! Everyone needs a break! It’s great when we can sneak away for a while!

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