Sun Screen for Little Towheads

You’ve all seen pictures of my little R.  She is as fair as they get.  And unfortunately, she is as stubborn as they get.  And she refuses to wear a hat.  And she is outside.  A lot.  The area of her scalp where her hair parts gets quite red.

And to make matters worse, next week, we are taking our annual family trip to the beach, and I want to protect her head from the dangerous UV rays.  Is there a product I can buy that will protect her scalp? 

Sometimes I use the spray-in sunscreen on the top of her head, but I don’t know if it goes through her hair to her scalp, and I also don’t know if it’s very good for her hair.  I have this reoccurring nightmare that it will cause all her gorgeous blond hair to fall out, and she will be bald for her second birthday.

So is there such a product?  If not, I should invent one.  I bet I’d be an instant millionaire!

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  1. Yes. baby Blanket makes it, it is called scalp spray for babies, and you can get it on Drugstore.com for about $5. I’ve never seen it in a store…

  2. Here’s a link to the Baby Blanket Tender Scalp:

    Since my babies’ hair is CLEAR, I just sprayed their whole doggone heads. The stuff washes out with baby shampoo and I never noticed any negative affect on their hair.

    Gadget man and Baby Redneck each have a bottle of their own. Her hair’s still coming in, and his is on its way out. ;~D

  3. My kids have accepted their nerd status by not complaining about their UV-resistant Columbia sun hats, complete with hugely awkward bills and neck flaps.

    On the bright side, they haven’t been burned yet–and they’re easy to spot in the pool.

  4. I spray the spray-on sunscreen on my kids’ hair/scalp all the time – especially my little guy. He has a 3 inch scar just above his hairline that I spray or rub the stick sunscreen on almost daily. No ill results yet! 😉

  5. There was, a few years ago (around the time of a very bad burning incident I endured) a hair/scalp sunscreen by…Coppertone, or Banana Boat, or one of those there companies that makes the regular stuff. It was for adults and babies alike. I can’t remember the brand, but I know they make it.

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