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Good morning! I hope you’re enjoying the last few days of the year. This is when I like to reassess my closet, do a good purge, and get organized for a new year. I’m also hoping to clean out some drawers and cupboards in my kitchen, and we’ll probably be taking down our live tree today, but I’ll leave up the artificial tree in the living room for a while longer. How about you? Do you use this time to purge and organize?

Last Thursday, I rounded up the top ten products from my blog and social media channels this year, and today I’m sharing my top ten posts. According to my Google Analytics, these are the ten most highly trafficked posts that I published this year.

A lot of these are posts that I do every year, but there are some new ones in here as well. I’m listing them in typical Top Ten order, with the most popular post at the end. Let’s dive right in!

Rule of Thirds in Fashion: make a better outfit by understanding rule of thirds #10. Understanding Rule of Thirds // This is a post I wrote a few years ago, and I updated and republished this fall. This concept is key to creating flattering outfits.

#9. What Boots Are In Style for 2021? // I did a bunch of these types of post this year, and they all did really well on Pinterest — especially the ones from the spring. I think Pinterest changed their algorithm soon after that, and it really affected my blog traffic… and not in a good way. Even so, this fall boot post did well enough to come in 9th place.

2021 Swimsuit Guide: Swimsuits for Women Over 40#8. Swimsuit Guide for Women Over 40 // This is a post I update and republish year after year, and it always does well, but I have to say, it’s not my personal favorite. I think that’s because don’t feel passionate about swimsuits, and I don’t try on many of these styles because I have a very specific set of requirements for my own suits. But I try very hard to make this a useful resource, so I’m glad you all like it.

#7. Two Ways to Wear Knee Boots This Winter // This post went gangbusters for a few days earlier in the month. It looks like most of my traffic came from Google. I love these boots, so I’m glad to see the post was well-received. I wish I knew what search terms brought in the traffic.

#6. Spring Wardrobe Essentials // I find it interesting that my Spring Wardrobe Essentials was so much more popular than the Fall version this year. Usually it’s the other way around.

Top Handbag Trends for Spring 2021#5. Top Handbags for Spring 2021 // As you can see, I really kept on going with the trends for spring posts! I figured I might as well ride that train as long as it was working for me.

Shorts can go really wrong when they don’t fit well so, so here are my dos and don'ts for wearing shorts over 40 and looking your best.#4. Dos and Don’ts for Wearing Shorts // This is another post that I do annually, and it always ranks in the top 10. My usual follow-up post, Alternatives to Shorts, did not rank this year, but that’s a good one to look at if you don’t care for shorts.

Shoe Trends for Spring 2021#3. Shoe & Sandal Trends for Spring 2021 // As I said, all the spring trend posts were huge this year! I think I will divide this up next year, and do shoes and sandals separately.

#2. What Jeans Are In Style for Fall 2021? // This post was first published in February, and the title was simply What Jeans Are In Style for 2021? It was so popular that I decided to give it an update for fall and republish it in August. By then, I had a lot more personal examples of the styles I was referring to, and I thought it would be more helpful with current products and newer pictures.

And the post that came in First Place this year is…

#1. Spring Fashion Trends: What’s In and Out for 2021 // I guess it’s appropriate that the post about ALL the spring trends was #1, although this post almost tied the one in the #2 spot, but at the end of it all, this one won out. I guess I’ll have to update all of these for 2022.

That’s it for my top ten in 2021 posts, but I’ll be back tomorrow with my Year In Review, and I’ll post my best and worst purchases sometime next month. I usually like to let a little time pass before diving into those.

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19 Responses

  1. I imagine the spring posts did so well this year because everyone was itching to update after a year of sweatpants! Will be interesting to see if that holds true moving forward too.

    1. Yes, that makes sense. We were all so ready for Covid to be behind us… and with the vaccines rolling out, travel opened up and people were getting out more. So many factors to consider. But Pinterest did change things after that, so my traffic fell and never quite retained the same traction. Every blogger who relied on Pinterest for traffic is feeling it. Social media is a fickle beast! 🙂

  2. Isn’t it interesting that none of the posts were actual outfits, but rather what is in or out now? I look forward to what you plan for 2022. Thanks for all the help you give us ladies!

    1. Yes, I find that interesting as well! I think it’s because the advice posts are more likely to get found on Pinterest and Google, so they end up getting more traffic than a single outfit. So these posts aren’t necessarily JLS reader favorites, although I think the regulars like these too. I don’t spend a lot of time analyzing data b/c I’m usually too busy working on the next post, but I probably should.

  3. I was thinking the same thing regarding the popularity of the spring posts as we all had those high hopes of getting out more! Unfortunately once again we find ourselves being cautious to plan anything due to the turn around with this virus!
    I’m looking forward to what you have planned for us for the new year! Holding out for better things in 2022!

  4. I love the countdown-style posts. It’s always fun looking back through the year…but I’m also looking forward to what you have for us in 2022!

  5. I really liked most of these posts, but I am with you on the swimsuit one, and for the same reason. I haven’t even worn a swimsuit in several years, since I quit tanning probably 20 years ago now. I’ve never particularly liked the water anyway.
    I am really looking forward to your post on your best and worst purchases of the year.

  6. I wonder if it was the fact that in the spring, we were all thinking about coming out of hibernation from the disaster that was 2020 and hoping to be in public without an understanding of how to look current?

    1. Yep, I think that was a lot of it. It’s funny to think back to feeling that way, it seems like a long time ago. I’m working on my Year In Review right now, and I forgot how locked down we were last winter and early spring.

  7. What’s trending and How to Wear are my favourite posts. Anything on health & beauty also appeals. I love Coffee Talk!
    I’m trying to be more conscious about what I buy, so try on hauls I skim through. Many blogs that I have been following I’ve now deleted. IMHO The constant Try On Hauls are just an attempt to get us to buy more. What I like about your’s is that you explain why a piece works or not and you are showing clothes that are quality.
    I’ve gained weight over the last two years and need to make a concentrated effort to lose over the new year. Any posts on eating healthier, exercising at home ( our gyms are closed), low calorie recipes, etc. would be appreciated.

  8. For me, the Spring transition is always the hardest. I think most people struggle more with it. Its easier to go into Fall, its easier for styling. At least for me it is. With us still trying to do our family Christmas, I won’t be taking down Christmas and purging until later next week. Just feels so strange. Can’t believe its New Years Eve already Friday night. Enjoy your day.

  9. PS I appreciate that you style quality clothing and not just going with the other bloggers and styling so much from Amazon. I have only ordered one clothing recommendation….sweater….. from Amazon and its very low quality and itchy and its not even wool. I understand its easy/fast to order and return with Amazon to style and post, but I’m trying to keep things in my closet that will last. 🙂

    1. I agree with you Kathy on the Amazon focus with other blogs. I quit following them because much of what they were presenting was poor quality.

    2. That is good to hear. I know the prices are good on Amazon, but I don’t like to wear clothes that don’t feel good on, lol. And I also worry about the working conditions of those making these items.

  10. It’s always fun to see your recap. I wanted to be sure to echo the sentiments of others who appreciate your showing us quality items. I do feel like other bloggers will post anything and it comes across to me as, “here, buy this!’. I don’t get that feeling from you at all. Keep on doing what you’re doing, we love you!

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