Top Ten in January

Good morning on this rainy February morning! I hope those of you who got ice and snow yesterday are safe and warm.

Today I’ve got my Top Ten in January, where I round up the most popular posts and products among the JLS community from the previous month. I always find it interesting to see what resonated with you all.

Top 10 Posts in January 2022

Based on Google Analytics, these were the 10 most popular blog posts that I published last month. These posts are listed in typical Top Ten order, with the most popular one last.

#10. 5 Ways to Style a Grey Sweater Redux // I’ve been updating some of my old 5 Ways to Wear posts to help us get a little more mileage out of our winter wardrobe essentials, and this was the most recent one that I did. As you all know, I love a grey sweater, so it was fun to play around with some new styling ideas.

#9. Are P448 Sneakers Worth It? // These shoes are definitely a splurge, so if you’ve been debating a pair or are just wondering if they’re worth it, I broke down all the important things to know about quality, comfort, sizing, styling, pricing, and durability in this post. I also included tips on where to find them on sale, as well as some lower priced alternatives.

#8 What I Wore Lately Vol. 72 // I did two of these posts last month, but this was the only one that ranked in the top ten. Dressing this time of year can get pretty repetitive, and I’m definitely getting tired of all the neutrals. I’ve been gravitating to pink a lot lately, and I recently picked up a few pieces in shades of periwinkle and lavender.

#7. Late Winter Try-On Haul // All four of my try-on hauls ranked in last month’s top ten. These area definitely the most popular posts that I do. This one was mostly from LOFT, and I also played around with styling off-white denim.

#6. Best Fashion & Beauty Buys of 2021 // This is a highly anticipated post every year, where I round up my best fashion and beauty purchases.

#5. Try-On Haul: Athleta, P448, Amazon, Naadam, Jenni Kayne & J.Crew // This try-on haul included activewear from Athleta, a few budget-friendly options from Amazon, cashmere joggers, and some new styles from P448. I also tried the cult-favorite Jenni Kayne fisherman sweater so I could see what all the fuss is about.

#4. My Worst Fashion Purchases of 2021 // This is probably the most requested post I do every year. I don’t know why people like it more than Best Purchases, but they do. Remember, these aren’t bad purchases, they just didn’t work out for me. At least, not on a cost-per-wear basis.

#3. Winter Fashion Try-On Haul: Evereve, Amazon & Nordstrom // This is a random assortment of Nordstrom orders, new spring arrivals from Evereve, and a couple of random Amazon fashion finds.

#2. Winter Fashion Try-On Haul: Denim & Sweaters // This was mostly a roundup of jeans and sweaters. You know, basically what I live in this time of year!

5 ways to wear black pants (1)#1. 5 Ways to Style Black Cigarette Pants Redux // This post went gangbusters last month. Apparently the traffic came from a Google search, but I don’t know what the search terms were. Anyway, I’ll take it!

Okay, moving on to popular products…

Top 10 Products in January 2022

These were the 10 most popular products across my blog and social channels last month. They’re listed in typical Top Ten order, with the most popular one last.

I found the top ten this month very interesting. Usually it’s a lot of tops and sweaters, but this month was heavy on shoes and pants.

#10. Veja Espalar Sneaker // I’ve had these for a while, but I’ve definitely been reaching for them more lately. I love the way the black logo ties into the other black components in my winter outfits.

#9. Marc Fisher Zala Block Heel Pump // These are my go-to pumps for pants, jeans, and dresses. They’re comfortable, sleek, and stylish. The block heel keeps them walkable, while the pointy toe still looks dressy.

#8. Amazon Women’s Brushed Plaid Shirts Long Sleeve Flannel // A bunch of you loved this flannel shacket when I shared it. It’s pretty thick and soft, and it comes in a bunch of colors.

#7. Nordstrom Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater // This has long been my go-to cashmere for under $100. It’s super soft and holds up well over time. A sweater stone keeps it pill-free.

#6. Jamison Bailey Pointelle Pullover // This pink pointelle knit is like a breath of fresh air amidst all the winter neutrals. It pairs really well with grey and blue denim.

#5. Frame Le High Raw Hem Crop Straight Leg Jeans // A bunch of you hopped on these when they went on sale a couple weeks ago. I’ve been wearing them a lot, especially in milder weather. I like them best with mules and sandals. There are a few sizes left, and they run true to size or size down if in between.

#4. Fidelity Cher High Waist Ankle Slim Jeans // This is a similar style to the Frame pair above, but with a traditional hem and more of a grey wash. Both are really flattering and great quality denim, but these are a little thicker and softer.

#3. Gym People Legging // My trainer turned me on to these under-$30 leggings. They have a comfortable high rise, and they stay put. They also come in lots of fun patterns and colors.

#2. LOFT Stripe Shoulder Button Sweater // I’m definitely feeling the pink sweaters lately! This is a nice choice for those who can’t wear wool.

And the winner is! Drumroll please . . . 🥁#1. Vince Crop Leggings // I’m honestly surprised to see these in first place, given the price point. They’re definitely an investment item, but the quality is amazing, they’re super flattering, and I love that you can dress them up or down. I managed to get mine on sale on Black Friday weekend, but I haven’t seen them on sale since. I will definitely let you know if I do.

And that’s it for January! February is a weird month for fashion. I plan to start covering spring trends next week, but I’ll still be styling some winter looks. Let me know if you have any specific requests.

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6 Responses

  1. Pretty crazy when it’s 22 degrees in San Antonio Texas and in the 50’s in Philly! But the good news is, we haven’t lost power yet. And I’m excited to wear a nice warm turtle neck sweater today that I rarely get to wear. I enjoyed this post and was also surprised about the number one item. They remind me of my Spanx perfect black pants and I thought those were a splurge lol

    1. So did I! 😬 Honestly, I never expected to keep the Vince. I just wanted to try them, and I almost didn’t share them b/c of the price. I was surprised by how much I loved them, so when they went 25% off, that sealed the deal.

      I’m so glad you haven’t lost your electricity and that you get to wear some winter outfits!

  2. I have the spanx black pant and got them on sale. They were splurge for me. Lol. I like to hear your weather forecast. We are cool and cloudy with sprinkles… NW Oregon. The sun is suppose to be coming back tomorrow also. The Winter storms hitting others is crazy snow. You’ve done so much work for this blog and it shows in this post review. Thanks for all you do. It’s fun to read each morning.

  3. Love your blog. Question….I go through my clothing on a regular basis (every month). I struggle with what to keep in my rotation as to whether it is still in style. I follow you and others for insight,,,,,but still struggle!!! Thoughts???

    1. Yeah, it’s hard. I think a lot of times it’s a gut check. I mean, do you REALLY love it? Do you have the lifestyle for it? Do you have 3 ways to wear it with other items in your closet? When in doubt, I put things away for a while and see if I miss it.

  4. I think I’d find myself reaching for outfit number 5 the most (but: with that unique and adorable plaid “shacket” as a cover-up if it was really chilly!).

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