Three Things . . . Or Seven

We interrupt our regularly scheduled musings for these important announcements . . .

1) I thought it might be fun to write up a little F.A.Q. page for my blog. I saw this somewhere else and decided to shamelessly copy the idea. I have a few that I can put on there from previous “Ask The Housewife” posts that I did, but it’s been a while, so here’s your chance. Ask me anything. I can’t promise I will include your question on the F.A.Q. but I’ll be sure to answer you, either way!

2) And also. This only applies to a few of you, but maybe others will jump on the bandwagon if you know it’s available. I recently switched over my email subscription service from Feedburner to Mail Chimp. If you’re an email subscriber, you probably noticed a change of format. My emails may also be going to your spam folder, so be sure to check!! (Yes, I realize that those who really need to know that are the ones who aren’t going to see it, but this is the best I can do!) And if you would like to receive daily email updates (basically it means my posts, in their entirety, will come directly to your email inbox!!) feel free to sign up here!

3) While I’m at it, I am going to start sending monthly email newsletters (yeah, like I need another thing on my to-do list!) that will basically be a recap of posts and giveaways and info and things from the month. Sometimes there will be special offers just for subscribers ’cause I’m sneaky like that. I hope you’ll sign up! I promise not to send more than one a month (and knowing me, it’s unlikely that they’ll get sent out that often) and you can easily unsubscribe at any time.

4) Okay, while I’m on a roll with the announcements, please consider supporting my online food drive. I would SO LOVE to meet my goal of raising $3000 worth of food for The Cluster — a food bank in Pottstown. The plan is to deliver the food in time for the holidays, but I can’t do it without you!!

5) And also, my Holiday Gift Guide giveaway has been extended till Monday night (tomorrow) at 5:00 PM, so there’s still time to enter to win $300 worth of toys for your Christmas gift giving (or charitable giving) pleasure!!!

6) In addition to that, I have some awesome giveaways going on right now — FREE WINE and also a pair of Dansko shoes, winner’s choice!!

7) And finally, I want to thank Nolan Painting for sponsoring my blog this month! You’ve probably noticed their ads at the bottom of many of my posts. Nolan Painting is a local family-owned painting company serving Pennsylvania’s Montgomery, Chester, Philadelphia and Delaware Counties. They are known for outstanding service, quality of work and customer satisfaction. If you’re in the market for a painter, check them out. For small jobs, look into their affordable Painter For A Day service. I’m actually going to be trying this out. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!

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  1. I have been loving the new emails, and the way they are laid out. I do have one issue though, it doesn’t let me get to the actual blog post here via the email. Though I would give you a heads up on that.

    And woman, another thing for your to-do-list….lol…you are nuts. =) But I can’t wait to see it!

  2. Questions:
    1. What does your “daily routine” look like? Do you set specific hours for blogging and other projects?
    2. What are your three favorite recipes of all time?
    3. If you could only shop for clothes (for you) at three stores, what would they be?
    4. Tell us five bloggers you admire and why.

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