Tying Up Loose Ends and Yet Another Fashion Question

So the delurking post was fun!  I’m so glad some of you decided to come out of the woodwork and make yourselves known.  I know there are more of you, though!  That’s okay, lurking is perfectly alright.  But any time you want to join in the fun, please don’t hesitate.  And maybe some of you who commented for the first time will start to make a habit of it.  The more, the merrier!

Also.  Thanks for all your votes and comments on the fashion poll.  93 people voted!!!!  What a hoot.  And evidence of the many, many still lurking, Ahem.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

29 of the 93 would NOT wear short sleeves with boots, that’s 31%.  So I will admit that it’s more of a risky fashion statement.  Thanks, Lisa, for being such a good sport!  You know I love you, girl.

Oh, in other fashion news, I have decided, after watching another episode of Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style, that I have no problem wearing jeans and t-shirts every day, in spite of the obvious loathing fashion professionals have for "the uniform". 

But instead of buying multiples of the same boring, solid-colored t-shirts, I think I should try to invest in fewer, more interesting t-shirts.  And maybe a little less black and chocolate brown. 

So today, I set out to find exactly that.  And I came across this.  What do you think?  With jeans (of course).  Yay or nay?

Oh, and that wagon?  The spending one?  I tried to get back on.  I did.  I have the skinned knees to prove it.  But it just took off without me and left me in the dust.

Oh well.  Tomorrow is another day.