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And the clever post titles just keep coming!  Do you have any fun weekend plans?  I’m actually going OUT to do something FUN for a change!  My friend over at blackbelt oma is having herself a little birthday gathering tonight and I plan to indulge in lots of Chinese food and girl talk.

Meanwhile, I’m spending my Saturday playing catchup around the house and in blogland.  I’m avidly following the tweets and blog recaps of the Mom 2.0 Summit.  I wish I were there.  But as I read the recaps, I’m overwhelmed by all the talk of online communities, branding, monetization, self-promotion, marketing, influence, blah blah blah…  And I feel the pressure to have a strategy, to promote my blog(s), to build my community.

And then I think, I JUST WANT TO BLOG!  Am I the only one?

I don’t even know why I’m still talking because for some reason Feedburner isn’t updating my feeds, so no one is going to know that I’ve posted, but if you’re hear by some miraculous reason, please go right now and read THIS POST by Missy.  It’s AWESOME.  I had to giggle when she said she almost can’t wait for her daughter to disobey tomorrow, but I feel EXACTLY the same way!

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  1. Well, I guess I’m here by some miraculous reason. 🙂

    Anyways, it’s been a while since I’ve been by to read. Now that I’m working on catching up, I remember why I like your blog so much–it’s so authentic. I love that! Keep on “just blogging”, your community will follow.

  2. Me too. I just want to blog. And I read that 100 hits a day was nothing. It made me smile. It is great to have a community who just become friends and who I can chat to! I hardly ever look at stats anyway. I will write, no matter who reads!

  3. It’s a miracle. I’m here!!! HA! I stop by daily so I’ll read no matter what kind of mess feedburner makes of things.

    I’m hosting a Premier Jewelry party tonight. Good food, great bling and lots of laughs. FUN TIMES! Enjoy the mexican food. Sounds yummy!

  4. I agree, I just like to blog too, no pressure. Your’s is very entertaining just the way it is. I enjoy it. My friend Terra recommemded it to me. Enjoy your night out..sounds great, I’m jealous.

  5. I swear – I was thinking this to myself today – after checking out my traffic #s in WordPress’s stats tracker. “Why do I care? I just want to blog.”

    Then I shut down that stupid page. {wink}

  6. Have fun at your birthday party. We are doin’ nothin’ around here. Hubs and I are both sickly with colds! ICK!

    And no you are not the only one, I also “just want to blog…” : )

  7. Mom 2.0 was great – but I know what you mean about just wanting to enjoy creating whatever content you enjoy (blogs, vlogs, etc.) … once it becomes a business with a strategy it can lose some of the joy, which is something I’ve struggled with myself. I think when all the biz talk gets overwhelming that it’s good to just step back and reconnect with whatever initially drew you in. 🙂

  8. I go back and forth between SERIOUSLY trying to promote and worry about SEO and blah blah blah…and then just wanting to blog for myself. I think a healthy balance is what I’m striving for.

  9. Each Sunday I vow to work a little harder at promoting my blog, but I just want to write. The contacts and friends I have made are great, but I want to blog! It is a constant battle to get it all done!!

  10. You are SO not the only one! I sort of felt that way after Blissdom, and I decided I would take one step at a time and not pressure myself too much. It’s hard, though.

  11. Thanks Jo-Anne! And can you believe that she has been so good the past couple of days I have hardly had a chance to use it?

    I did start to last night and she replied with, “I still love you when I’m mean Momma.” I told her ditto 😉

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