Weekend Wrapup

So are yall having a fun, relaxing holiday weekend?  If not, well why not?  Go on.  Turn off the computer and go enjoy the last official weekend of summer!  That’s what we’ve been doing.

Yesterday we decided at the last minute to join some friends at their campground.  The kids were in heaven splashing in the creek, romping in the woods, playing on the jungle gym, and basically having free reign of the place.

It wasn’t all fun and games, though.  R took a couple of tumbles, but she’s no worse for the wear.  The biggest casualty of the day was my foot.  We were traipsing through the woods, and I was wearing the antithesis of sensible footwear — my white plastic flip flops.  Hey, I never said I was Nature Girl.  The concrete jungle is more my speed, but let it never be said that I’m not a good sport.  When The Fam wants to go to the campground, I can grin and bear it.

So as we were tromping along, I stepped on a stray branch with a huge thorn.  I’m serious, this was no little prickle.  This thing was the size of a dart, and it was lodged in the ball of my foot.

In my typical melodramatic fashion, I yelped and then hollered, “OW!  Thorn!  In my foot!  Thorn In My Foot!  THORN! IN! MY! FOOT!” until Paul realized that I needed him to remove the thorn, as I was carrying R on my hip and couldn’t exactly maneuver myself into a squat position without losing my balance and risking pushing the thorn in further.

Paul popped the thorn out with a gush of blood, and I hobbled back to the cabin where I treated my gaping wound with Neosporin and a Band-Aid, and we all live happily ever after.  Okay, so there might be some slight exaggeration in that last sentence.  Hey, every family needs a drama queen, right?  Well, I’m just the girl for the job.

So anyway.  A couple of games of Clue and a pizza dinner rounded out the day.  We brought the kids home thoroughly worn out and with six of the dirtiest feet I’ve ever seen in my life.  (Note to self: Crocs do not keep out dirt.)

All three little cherubs fell asleep in the car, and when we arrived home, I carried a limp 4-year-old C upstairs, staggering under her 35 pounds of dead weight (and that’s no exaggeration) and placed her in her bed.  She opened her eyes long enough to say, “Mom can I listen to that message again?” and then fell promptly back to sleep.

Today promises to be a full day with Sunday morning worship, followed by a birthday party, followed by a laid-back dinner with the in-laws.  Dinner that involves pizza.  Yes, again.  Fortunately my family has never met a pizza we don’t like, and we are perfectly happy to indulge two nights in a row.  So much for optimum health this weekend.

This week has not been as productive as I’d hoped, but all is not lost.  I never got around to scrapbooking.  BUT.  I did manage to stay away from the mall and can honestly say there was NO frivolous spending this week.  YAY ME!

Alright, go on, now!  Go enjoy what’s left of the weekend.  Happy Labor Day!

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  1. Oh yes, Crocs. Crocs don’t just NOT keep out the dirt, they compound the dirt. And then they themselves get filthy dirty.

    When I was nannying this summer in CA, we went to Utah for a trip to see some friends of mine. I grabbed a thing of baby wipes for any mess emergencies (because while I myself am messy, I HATE not being able to clean it up). The girls discovered that their shoes were filthy, and so were their feet, and spent over 100 miles (over 90 minutes) cleaning their shoes and feet with baby wipes. It was the quietest, happiest backseat I have ever heard. (They were 9 and 4 – so I think both of your older ones could do it)

    So – if you ever need some peace and quiet, turn them loose with some baby wipes and their Crocs. OH – and don’t forget to casually remind them to weave the baby wipes in and out of the holes…

  2. We our pizza ’round here too. It’s my dietary downfall. Well, that and chocolate. Oh and I’m so sorry about your paw… Are you being extra good to Mr. Androcles today? 😉

  3. Okay, I am laughing so hard here about your foot..that is so YOU! Haven’t you had a lot of foot issues in your lifetime? Like at Kim’s wedding, for instance. I’m sure there are more, but I just can’t remember right now.

  4. We don’t do Crocs – but I have done the baby wipe trick! It does work. 🙂

    Hope you have no lasting issues with your foot – that does not sound like fun!

  5. owie. That sucks. But, that would be me. No nature girl here, either!!

    Pizza helps me power through lots of pain, though. 😉

  6. I would have been such a baby if I’d stepped on that thorn!

    This reminds me of when we went hiking with my SIL, six kids and two dogs. It was interesting, especially when the 11 yo nephew came up out of the river staring down a Water Moccasin.

    You’re a good sport!

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