What I Wore Lately Vol. 108

Well, good morning! It’s another Wednesday, and I’m sharing what I wore lately. We’re picking up right where we left off last time, at the beach!

As you may recall, we spent a week in Ocean City, NJ with some of my husband’s family. It’s always a good time, and we had a beautiful rental property this year, which made it even more enjoyable.

We booked through Tara Cruser-Moss at Berger Realty, and she found us the perfect place. It was in our desired location, there was plenty of room to spread out, it was clean and new, and the decor was lovely. If you’re looking at Jersey shore rentals, I highly recommend reaching out to her.

But this is not a travel post! This is about my daily outfits, so let’s jump right in with this casual look. This was only day I did not go down to the beach. It was the day the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Online Preview dropped, so I worked all day at the house.

This matching set is comfortable, and I like how it looks like a romper.

LOFT tank (S) // LOFT shorts (S) // Dolce Vita slides (8) // Lagos earrings // similar pendant

The next day was the 4th of July, so I dressed in red, white & blue to go to the beach for the day.

Tommy Bahama cover-up (M) // Sea Level one piece (8) // KUT shorts (6) // Tory Burch Millers (8) // Mar Y Sol tote // Lagos earrings // DIFF sunnies

And then I put this on after showering and getting ready for the evening. The plan was to go to the boardwalk and watch fireworks, but I never made it. Long story, but I looked festive, anyway!

LOFT sweater (option) // AG shorts (29) // Dolce Vita slides (8) // Kendra Scott earrings // Yurman bracelet

This was the only day during the whole week that I actually got a decent picture of my outfit… if you can call this an outfit. Paul just took this on my iPhone on the Portrait mode.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. We did the photo shoot for Talbots, and then I wore that outfit out to breakfast, so there’s that!

Miraclesuit one piece (8) // Sea Level cover-up (M) // Dolce Vita slides (8) // Mar Y Sol tote // Lagos earrings // DIFF sunnies

Here’s that breakfast outfit. It’s hard to see here, but this dress is a lightweight slub knit fabric, and it has a pretty detail around the neck. There are better pictures in this post.

Talbots dress c/o (S) // Talbots slides c/o (8) // Talbots crossbody c/o (option) // Talbots earrings // Talbots bracelet

And then there are just a few more outfits from the week… I put this on after breakfast to go to the beach.

Sea Level one piece (8) // Anthro wrap (options) // Dolce Vita slides (8) // Mar Y Sol tote // DIFF sunnies // Gap Factory hat

And then that afternoon, after showering off, I wore this basic white tank and denim shorts outfit.

Michael Stars tank (S) // Kut shorts (6) // P448 sneakers (39) // Talbots earrings // Talbots bracelet // Gap Factory hat

Simple black and white… this linen tee is from last year.

LOFT tee (option) // 7FAM shorts (29) // Tory Burch slides (8) // Lagos earrings // Yurman bracelet

I don’t know why I brought two pairs of white shorts for the week…

Sanctuary tank (M) // Fidelity shorts (option)  // Tory Burch Millers (8) // Lagos earrings // Yurman bracelet

This was an early morning run to the grocery store, before it got hot. I thought I’d wear this sweatshirt more in the evenings, but it didn’t really cool down much, and it was verrrrrry humid. I also wore this the day we drove home. In fact, I think this picture is from that day.

Sundry hoodie // Kut shorts // P448 sneakers //similar bag // Lagos earrings // Yurman bracelet

Okay, back at home! I wore this casual dress to church.

Eileen Fisher dress (S) // Vince Camuto sandals (8) // Dragon Diffusion tote // Talbots earrings // Talbots bracelet

And I wore this casual look to get together with friends that night. I love the stripe tank. The colors are so pretty, and they look great with blue jeans.

It said the model was wearing the small, so I ordered a medium, but I with I’d tried the small because this felt a little big around the arms. I ran it through the washer and dryer, so I’m interested to see if it fits better.

Evereve tank (M) // MOTHER Insiders (28) // P448 sneakers (8) // Talbots earrings

I don’t think I did much with myself that Monday, but on Tuesday I got all gussied up to go shop the #NSale! This Frame silk tee is old, but Quince has something similar.

Frame tee (S) (option) // MOTHER Hustler (29) // similar sandals // Dragon Diffusion tote // Lagos earrings // Lagos bracelets one & two

I had a photo shoot the next day, and this is what I threw on afterwards to go to a doctor appointment and then back home to work.

As soon as I saw it, I KNEW I had to buy this tee!!!

Evereve tee (S) // KUT shorts (6) // Sam Edelman slides (8) (I also like the brown) // Lagos earrings // Lagos bracelets one & two

I wore this on another day at home. Everything is pretty much sold out except the shorts, which I’ve linked a gazillion times.

And then we went out last Saturday night to see our daughter and some of her friends play in a band. I first pulled on this outfit, which I love.

Frame tee (XS) // MOTHER Roller (28) (option) // Kork-Ease sandals (8) // similar belt // Amazon clutch // Amazon earrings // Madewell necklace (option) // similar VE bracelet

But then I thought it might be a bit much for the venue, so I changed into straight ankle jeans and flat sandals, and I was glad I did. I felt more comfortable in this version of the look.

Frame tee (XS) // similar Frame denim (29) // Vince Camuto slides (8) // similar belt // Dragon Diffusion tote // Amazon earrings // Madewell necklace (option) // similar VE bracelet

I was running late for church the next day, so I threw on this old outfit, but I don’t like it very much. This top was one of my favorites last year, but it feels schlumpy to me these days. Also, I decided that I like it better paired with black jeans.

Roan + Ryan tank (old) // MOTHER Dazzler (29) // Dolce Vita slides (8) // Lagos earrings // similar pendant // Stella & Dot cuff

I wore this comfy outfit to visit my chiropractor and then to get a mani/pedi on Monday.

Zella tee (S) // Vuori crops c/o (M) // Birks (39) // Lagos earrings

I had an appointment that night, so I threw on my new Ciao tee and jeans.

First, I grabbed the MOTHER Dazzlers that I bought from this year’s #NSale. As you may recall, I sized up to the 30 in these, but now I’m wishing I hadn’t. They look good in this picture, but as I moved around, they felt heavy and a little too roomy, like they were sliding down. I also took a look at the back view (no time for a photo) and the rear pockets definitely look low and saggy.

Evereve tee (S) // MOTHER Dazzler (30) // Birks (39) // Lagos earrings

By way of comparison, I pulled out my old MOTHER Dazzlers in the size 29. They felt so much more comfortable, and while they may look more like a skinny than a slim straight leg jean, I do believe this is the right size.

These fit much better though the rear, too. I just wish they weren’t quite so snug in the waist, but that’s just the reality in this perimenopausal season of life, I guess! When I get back from Italy, I’m making it a serious goal to cut carbs and get more movement in my days.

Evereve tee (S) // MOTHER Dazzler (29) // Birks (39) // Lagos earrings

Okay, finally, this is yesterday’s outfit. Yes, the same Ciao tee! I got together with friends last night, and I knew they’d get a kick out of it.

You can also probably tell that I got my roots touched up yesterday. My hair dresser always flat irons my hair. I also got a spray tan yesterday morning, and I hadn’t yet showered off the bronzer.

Evereve tee (S) // AG shorts (29) // Tory Burch Millers (8) // Lagos earrings

Alrighty! That’s it for this edition of What I Wore Lately. The next one will be all about what I wore in Italy!

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25 Responses

  1. Hope you and your family have a wonderful time and make great memories together! We all will enjoy seeing (when/if) you have time to post on IG)what you’re wearing to be fashion forward in Italy! 😀

  2. Safe travels and blessings to your family! Enjoy your trip and look forward to hearing about it once you are back!

  3. Have an amazing trip. Ive followed along on your packing and purchases as we head for Germany on Friday for 16 days (no carry on only for me lol). Today is my day to finalize my clothes, shoes and accessoris and get the esims set up on our phones…I’m currently procrastinating. I promised myself I would pack light but now that its here i’m not so sure lol. I overthink so much as to what I will want, what my feet will be best in (picky feet) and will I actually care that my purse matches and if so, which one do I take as my 2nd purse to the Travelon Anti Theft one I am taking (it is practical but not particularly attractive – do I care? I’m not sure). Looks like a fair amount of rain and chilly evenings in my travel forecast which is also making it a tad more challenging.
    Ok I ramble…..I am looking forward to following along on your Italian adventures while I enjoy my German ones.
    Have the best time….and good for you for taking a blog break. I”m sure you need it and I’m also sure your family will appreciate it. 10 days – just enjoy and put work out of your mind.

  4. Are the vince camuto sandals comfortable? Are they the walnut color? True to size? I love the look of those! Have so much fun on your trip!!!

  5. Still interested in the Madrid Birks, have been reluctant to try wondering if it has enough forefoot support for me. Do you find that the Cognac pair sole feels different from the other birks? The ivory ones on the Aniversary sale also have the same looking sole. My favorite pair have the extra soft sole but they are Arizonas.
    Thanks, Nancy

  6. Have a wonderful and safe trip! I’m not on Instagram, so I will have to wait until you return to hear about your travels and to see the great outfits you wore, I can’t wait.

  7. Have a WONDERFUL trip! My best Italy tip is to not try to go on a US schedule. Beat the heat and get everyone up early and do your touristy things until lunch time. Have some lunch and then go back and cool off in your airconditioned hotel. Rest & recharge. Figure out plans for dinners or sightseeing and then go out for dinner or additional touring when it cools down a bit. This was huge for us and prevented lots of arguments and hot cranky family members.

  8. 1) safe trip and travels for you and family.
    2) love the Tommy Bahama cover up outfit….could do that with tank under it for a hot casual summer day 🙂

  9. Have a safe and wonderful trip! I really hope that we don’t hear much from you while you’re gone. I’m a real estate broker and have always taken my laptop with me and worked while on vacation. When we went to France in 2021 for three weeks, I not only had a colleague take care of my clients, but I deleted my work email from my phone! It was really weird, but I am so glad that I did that. My clients were fine with it, and I had such a good time not thinking about work for once. Those of us who are self-employed are kind of always working, as you know, so I hope that you just unplug and enjoy!

  10. Have a splendid trip! I will be watching you on Insta for sure!! As for the larger size in jeans (I go between a 30 and 31) sometimes the larger size will feel a little loose and I just add a belt. Solves that problem every time!! I love seeing what you wore to the beach since we’ll be in Myrtle Beach in August and I love going full-blown beachy vibe!
    Ciao Ciao!!!!

  11. Have a wonderful and safe trip to Italy with your family! I’ll be watching for your posts on instagram when you get a chance.

  12. Enjoy your fabulous trip!
    On a side note, you were the one who started me on my IF journey in January 2020 and I want to thank you for that! I am still fasting, reading and listening to podcasts three and a half years later. I have had times where I’ve been lax but always feel so much better when I get back to what I know. The first year I went from 155 pounds to 140 and have been able to maintain that and feel good about myself on so many levels. I am now 59 and IF is the only thing I’ve ever tried that conquered my menopause issues. I’m sure I’m not the only one that you influenced and if you decide to try fasting again I know you would have an army of support. I’m sure I speak for others who think you look incredible at every stage of life! Thank you for all you do for us.

  13. Hope you have an amazing time in Italy with your family! It will be fun to follow along on Instagram.
    I appreciate all the travel/packing tips – they will come in handy on my family trip to Ireland in August. Safe travels!

  14. I loved every single outfit you wore in this post! The wide leg jeans with the white top especially! Have a wonderful trip 😊

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