What I Wore Lately Vol. 99

Every other week on Wednesday, I round up my daily outfits, and here we are again! This time of year, I feel like my outfits are so repetitive, but I’m the habit of taking pictures, so for better or for worse, here you go!

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually wear a small in tops and dresses, a 28 or 29 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

What I Wore Lately: Two Weeks of Everyday Outfits

I wore this first outfit to run a few errands and work from home. I love this pink pigment dyed SUNDRY thermal with raglan sleeves paired with light or medium wash denim and fashion sneakers. The colors play well together, and the fit and proportion is on point. The thermal is on sale, by the way!

SSUNDRY pullover – 25% off! (size 1 = Small) // MOTHER The Dazzler (29) (also at Saks, Neimans, & Anthro) (budget option) // P448 John sneakers (39) // VE earrings c/o

I wore my Z Supply quilted jacket on top. I love this lightweight jacket for transition season.

The next day, I had a strength training workout, and I took a quick pic of my gym outfit. I grabbed another pair of my favorite leggings while they were on sale, and I love this pretty teal for spring.

I went with a size Small and I actually really like the fit. I usually wear a medium, but these work too, and they don’t crease as much in, um, unfortunate areas… ahem.

Vuori hoodie (M) // Vuori tank (M) // Vuori leggings – 20% off (S) // On Cloud running shoes in White/Sand (8.5)

This was another casual day with a couple of appointments, but mostly working from home. I think I had a photo shoot that morning, too, which explains the hair and makeup.

Evereve hoodie (S) // MOTHER Tomcat (29) (option) // P448 sneakers (39) // VE earrings c/o

This is what I wore around the house and to walk the dog on a chilly weekday.

Vuori hoodie (M) // Zella performance top (S) // Athleta Altitude Tight in Polartec (S)  // On Cloudflow running shoes (8.5)

And I was back in this cozy hoodie again that Saturday to go to a nail appointment.

Evereve hoodie (S) // AGOLDE Riley Long Jean (also at Bloomingdale’s) (29) // VEJA Esplar (39) // J.Crew cashmere socks

I went with a light neutral look to church the next day. This Vince sweater was a Saks OFF 5th find last summer, but I linked a similar one in the same color below.

similar VINCE sweater in White Sand (S) // MOTHER Weekender (also at Shopbop) (29) (option) // Marc Fisher booties in Cloud Suede (8) // YSL belt (option) // similar necklace // earrings

I topped it off with a neutral plaid coat from last year.

I met a friend for coffee on Monday, and I pulled on an outfit I could wear to walk the dog later in the day.

Athleta vest (S) // Zella turtleneck (S) // Athleta Altitude Pant (S) // ON Cloudflow running shoes (8.5)

I got myself dressed in real clothes to go to Bible Study the next day. I love a light neutral look, in case you couldn’t tell!

Jenni Kayne sweater (S) (option) // MOTHER Hustler (28) (option) // Aquatalia boots (8.5) // similar earrings

The next day, I picked the same jeans up off the floor and put them on again, this time with a cozy half zip sweatshirt. #keepingitreal

similar sweatshirt // MOTHER Hustler (28) (option) // P448 John sneakers (39) // similar earrings

Just another comfy, casual outfit for errands and working from home…

Everlane sweater (S) // MOTHER The Dazzler (29) (also at Saks, Neimans, & Anthro) (budget option) // similar mules // earrings

And another repeat outfit… I warned you it was getting repetitive! This time of year, I just want to be comfortable and get through these blustery, often dreary days.

SUNDRY pullover – 25% off (size 1 = Small) // MOTHER The Dazzler (29) (also at Saks, Neimans, & Anthro) (budget option) // VEJA Esplar sneakers (39) // earrings

That brings us to last Friday night, and we had dinner plans with friends. I finally got to wear my new PAIGE silk blouse, which I snagged on sale at Evereve! Unfortunately, there’s only one size left, but I found it full-price at a few other stores.

PAIGE Jodelle blouse (also at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s & paige.com) (S) // PAIGE denim (also at Bloomingdale’s) (29) // booties (option) // belt (0ption) // earrings // necklace

We went to my daughter’s Indoor Drumline competition the next day, and I wore my band tee.

Band Tee (no link) // AGOLDE Riley Long Jean (also at Bloomingdale’s) (29) // VEJA Esplar sneakers (39) // earrings

Sunday was church, of course, and I threw on one of my favorite “dressier” sweaters with dark wash bootcut jeans. These are my favorite black pointed toe heeled booties for wearing with full length bootcut and flare jeans, and they’re 60% off with a lot of sizes left.

Naadam sweater in Berry (S) // similar MOTHER denim (28) // Marc Fisher booties – 60% off (8) // Yurman earrings // similar necklace

And once again, I wore that pretty washed red hoodie with the stripe detail on the sleeves! At least this time I paired it with different jeans. 🤷🏻‍♀️

hoodie (S) // MOTHER The Insider (28) (also at Bloomingdale’s) // P448 sneakers (38)

Yesterday, I grabbed that Everlane cashmere boxy crew again, but this time I decided to try it with the MOTHER wide leg jeans. They’re 30% off and still pretty well stocked at mother.com.

Everlane sweater (S) // MOTHER The Roller – 30% off (more sizes) (29) (budget option) // Kork-Ease clogs (8) (also at Zappos) // Madewell earrings // old Tory Burch handbag

This is definitely a look that’s a bit “out there” for me, and I admit, I felt a little self-conscious wearing them at first. But I reminded myself that I’ve felt that way a lot over the years when trying a new-to-me style, and then I find myself totally embracing it. The MOTHER Insiders in the look above is a prime example.

I was drawn to them for some subconscious reason I couldn’t quite articulate at the time, and I brought them home and hemmed and hawed and finally decided to go for it and wear them out. They’ve become the most-worn jeans in my closet. (They are probably the pair I’ve had the longest, at this point. I’m going on my 3rd season with them.)

All that to say, I have a feeling The Roller is going to be the same way. The biggest difference is, I need a heel with these, so that makes them a little less versatile, but we’ll see… I have a lot of cute heels in my spring/summer closet I’m excited to wear!

Okay, that’s it for this edition of What I Wore Lately… Next week will be Vol. 100, how crazy is that!?! I feel like it requires a celebration of some sort… a giveaway, maybe??? Stay tuned!

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42 Responses

  1. How many of us have done this and don’t admit it?
    “ The next day, I picked the same jeans up off the floor and put them on again, ”
    Great, honest post!

  2. Love all these looks. The Mother jeans are really nice. My favorite looks are the bootcut jeans….I know how much you loved your skinnies but you really look amazing in bootcut and flare styles. Mother jeans are pricey but I may have to splurge!

    1. I did love skinnies but I also loved bootcut back in the day. I’m so glad they’re “back” and feel modern again… and with a higher rise, so even better! 🤗

  3. How about a LIVE video like you use to do once a week to celebrate your 100th. You could do the give away then? Just a thought. I can’t believe its the 100th. I really do enjoy them and see what you wear on a daily. PS If you do the LIVE, could you be sure and post it on your blog for those of us without other social media outlets? I like the outfit choses you had for your week. I’m so in a rut wearing leggings if I’m staying home.

  4. Well I will say it again, already said it about 5x to you, but i love the Roller jeans 🙂 I got the black ones also – the Mother website had them really marked down a while back. And I think I need that red sweatshirt, it’s so cute.

    1. I believe you were the one who first told me about them, I can’t believe I didn’t find them first.😂 And I probably wouldn’t have even paid attention because I didn’t realize I would like the water like styles. After wearing them all day yesterday, I can confirm that they are as comfortable as you said they are.

  5. I’m not one that thinks “boutique” label workout clothes are (typically) really sooo much all that better than what I get at Target or Walmart — *BUT*: I do love the colorways, style, and fit of Vuori’s line! The outfit combination, also, with the Mother flares and berry sweater is gorgeous.

  6. Good morning and thanks for the great post!
    To celebrate the 100th episode how about having a Facebook live or Instagram live and let us submit questions in advance?
    I always enjoyed your Facebook lives-you kept me company during a lunch break a few times. I had started back to work full-time and only had 30 minutes in my car and it was enjoyable to think about fashion and listen to you rather than thinking about my hectic workday! 😀

    1. Oh, that is so nice to hear. I did enjoy those but they take a lot of time and energy and these days I can barely get through everything I have on my plate. I do like the idea for celebrating the hundredth What I Wore Lately, and it’s also my 16th or 17th blogging anniversary.

  7. You’ve enabled my Mother Denim addiction but that’s not bad. I love those jeans plus the fit and feel is SO good. Thanks for being my enabler ☺️ As for the 100 What I Wore Lately – it would be fun to see comparisons to your first WIWL. It’s nice to see how you’ve progressed and a fun trip down memory lane. Geez, what year was your first WIWL? Cheers

  8. Love the outfit with the coat. You wear flared jeans so well, but I agree they really look best with heels.

  9. Thanks for keeping it real! It’s nice to know that, you too, have some pieces on repeat. For this spring/summer I am committed to only having tops in my closet that are colors I love to wear. I really don’t like having a stuffed closet because that is when I struggle with deciding on what to wear.

  10. I love your style but going to have to rethink following your posts. Your price points are just too high for me. I wish I could afford a 325.00 sweater or 200.00 pants etc.
    thanks for reading

    1. I understand exactly what you are saying, Linda. I mentioned to Jo-Lynn last week that I could never afford her skin care regimen and she immediately answered me and said her dermatologist suggested CeraVe Products. I looked them up and they really are a complete skin care line and a zillion bucks less expensive – who knew? I would love to try those P448 sneakers but can’t justify it yet, if ever haha. I wear my Cole Hahn white sneaks constantly and love them. Have to love Jo-Lynn’s style and it gives me something to maybe mimic.

    2. I figure I can at least get good ideas, and then shop for something that is similar but more in line with my budget.

    3. This is why I try to provide lower priced options. But if my posts aren’t serving you, that’s okay. There are so many fashion blogs these days, there’s something out there for everyone! 😊

  11. I love your “out there” look with the Mother The Roller jeans and the Everlane sweater! I was hoping Everlane had the same sweater with a V-neck because I love the length. But alas, no. It seems as if V-necks are far less present right now, which is a bummer for those of us who have sworn off crew necks.

    1. I know what you mean, I really prefer more open neck lines, but crewnecks seem to be ruling the day.

  12. I also miss your Facebook lives. And, the comment on posting an early What I Wore Lately is a good idea too!

  13. I really love your What I Wore Lately posts. I think they are a good example of you’ve figured out what looks best on your body type, your personal style, what works best for your lifestyle and cost per wear. So while you may think it’s the same ‘look’ over and over again, it’s really an example of the work you’ve done for yourself, and that you have favorites. There’s nothing wrong with wearing the heck out of your favorites! I do too – especially the picking the favorite jeans off the floor and put them on again! That made me laugh!

  14. CHEERS to 99! 🥂🎉 I love some of the other ladies’ ideas to celebrate! I’d love to see outfits from the beginning to present representing the most “you” looks at the time or the outfits that you remember just loving or getting big responses to. What a great scrapbook! And I love the Mother jeans! I’m tempted but am concerned I’ll also have to wear heels… and that just won’t happen 99.9% of the time.

  15. I think I’m going to have to splurge on those Mother Roller jeans. 🙂 Put me down as another vote for a comparison between your 1st WIWL and now, too! Maybe a timeline of pics to see the evolution of your style?

  16. Love the Mother the Roller on you! Love that you’ll take fashion risks too! I was wondering about sizing on these particular jeans. In the “Spring haul” post you said you tried them in the size down, and loved them, but in this post you are wearing your regular size?

  17. I ordered several pairs of denim last week to try (thanks for all the links you provided as well as Shelly T!) I have to tell you that I think my favorites are the Veronica Beard and of course Paige (which I already own some and love). I had never tried VB before and wow, so good! The style I ordered is just like the Mother Roller jeans and I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep them!

      1. I’m keeping the Veronica Beard “Beverly” (they’re a beautiful jean, well made, classy looking….I won’t be wearing them to teach in!) also keeping pair of , Paige Laurel Canyon in a lighter wash than a pair I already had, and a pair of Mother Tomcat in a mid wash. I am thinking I might reorder a size down in the Tomcat because they feel pretty stretchy and I hate when they bag out which is a problem I’ve had before with Mother jeans. I’m in between a 27 & 28 these days so it’s hard to pinpoint sizes sometimes. Anyway, thanks for all the suggestions and links in the Facebook group!

  18. I love all the flares. I like flares and wide leg jeans but they do look better with heels. For that reason I haven’t worn my wide leg jeans yet. It’s easier to wear ankle straight legs for me so I can wear low heels or sneakers. I love the black athletic outfit too. You look great in all the photos. You look taller than 5’5 even in sneakers.

    1. I’ve seen them work with sneakers, and it can work, but it’s definitely harder to pull off.

  19. I’ve also been loving ALL the flared, high rise, and wide leg looks lately – balances out my wide shoulders and makes me feel tall!

    1. Yes, this! 🙂 I always loved bootcut jeans back in the day, although I embraced skinnies whole-heartedly when they were trending. But I’m loving the variety of denim styles available right now.

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